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"Biggest Loser 2, Episode 7: The Lost Summary"
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MTW1961 4029 desperate attention whore postings
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11-03-05, 04:38 PM (EST)
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"Biggest Loser 2, Episode 7: The Lost Summary"
Welcome to my summary of the Biggest Loser – Episode 7: The Lost Episode. No, the episode really wasn’t lost, but I just didn’t have the time to write the summary until now. I’m really sorry, and hope you’ll read it anyway.

A Blast From the Past

Time for a glimpse of Aaron, from season one, a year later. Sorry, I’m not all that impressed. He doesn’t look as good as he did at the finale – no upper body muscle tone, and the clothes he’s wearing look like they’re designed to hide something. Has he had a slight relapse? How shameful! I would never let that happen to me! Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve gained back 10 of the 20 pounds I lost last year and I feel HUGE. I really need to stop eating so much candy!

The Game Changes

The episode begins with the men in the Temptation Room, waiting for the women to arrive, less one member. When the ladies file in, they see that it’s Jen who has been eliminated. Mark walks our angrily, as Jen was his favorite of the girls. She was the only one who liked to work out with the men, I think. He comments that the women are stupid and eliminated their strongest player. He tells Andrea that they )the women) are the stupidest people he knows. Umm, Mark? Shouldn’t this make you deliriously happy instead of angry? Won’t that improve YOUR chances of winning? I honestly don’t understand the drama.

Later, Caroline gathers the remaining contestants in the Elimination Room and tells them it’s time for the game to change. They are disbanding the current teams. Instead, they will be placed into four duos – three male/female duos and one male/male duo. The duo with the lowest percentage weight loss for the week will be put up for elimination and the other duos will have to vote which of the two to eliminate.

Mark comments that he doesn’t want to team up with any of those “dirtbags”, referring to the ladies. He says he has to deal with dirtbags everyday on his job. Wow. This comment is just unbelievable. I think he’s digging a very big hole for himself. He better hope he never needs to count on the ladies votes to stick around. I think they would mercifully vote to spare him from dealing with their dirtbag selves if given the chance.

One of them will earn the chance to select the teams. There are seven covered platters on the table. One platter awards the power to select the teams, but the others have a food item. If they decide to participate and don’t choose the lucky platter, they MUST eat the food item on their platter. All except Jeff and Shannon decide to participate. Jeff vowed never to partake of a temptation and Shannon doesn’t want to make everyone mad at her if she has to select the teams.

Pete ends up being the lucky winner of Power of Selection. Seth must eat two donuts, Suzie has a couple of twinkies on her platter (and doesn’t even like twinkies, sadly), Andrea has a huge hot dog, Mark has a slice of pizza, while Matt must down a very tempting plate of raw carrots.

Everyone thinks Pete will do a good job of selecting teams. He truly seems to have earned the respect of everyone in the house. Matt and Seth tell Pete they would like to be a team, while Mark says he’ll take Suzie as if he was doing her a favor. After much deliberation, Pete pairs Matt with Shannon, Mark with Andrea, Seth with Suzie, and pairs himself with Jeff. Well, Pete said he would be selfless and think what was best for everyone, but he did make sure he was part of the only guy/guy team, which seems like a bit of an advantage. Mark is excited to be paired with the dirtbag, Andrea Of all the lowlife dirtbags still residing in the Biggest Loser house, he thinks she’s the best!
Seth gives a truly backwards pep talk to Suzie saying" I don't know WHAT he was thinking, but let's not complain." Matt at least says to his partner Shannon "If I had to pick a girl, it would have been you".

The trainers come out and find out about the team switcheroo. They are a little confused about how things will change and agree that they will work together to train whoever wants to be trained.

Immunity Up For Grabs

This week’s challenge is a Survivor style political challenge, where the individuals fill their opponents buckets with water until the team member holding the bucket off the ground can no longer keep it elevated. It's a good time to gang up on a team and reveal any possible hidden alliances or pent-up acrimony. The challenge is very important because the winners receive a trip to Hawaii, but more importantly, will be exempt from elimination at the next weigh-in.

Pete and Jeff are the first to be eliminated by the others. Is this revenge against Pete for setting the teams the way he did? Mark and Andrea are eliminated next, leaving only Matt and Seth trying to keep their water buckets airborne. Finally, Matt’s bucket hits the ground, so Seth and Suzie are the winners. Yay! They are my favorite team. Seth is from my hometown, and Suzie has such a beautiful face I have to cheer for her.

Later, Matt learns that his uncle has died – due to a heart attack at a relatively young age. Matt is crushed, but his Dad wants Matt to stay because his uncle would have wanted that. You know, I think that’s great, and I certainly don’t want my death interrupting anyone’s earthly plans, but wouldn’t it be nice to hear the opposite just once? ”Your uncle would really want you to drop your individual pursuits and honor him at his funeral.” I think that would be funny! Anyway, Matt takes his father’s advice and stays. He’ll focus more than ever on his weight loss, especially since his uncle died of a heart attack and that’s where he was heading before becoming a Big Loser.

Time for the Official Weigh-In

It’s weigh in time, and Suzie and Seth are immune, so they will be weighed first:

Previous – 186
Current – 182
Lost – 4

Previous – 233
Current – 233
Lost – 0

Team Percent – 0.95%
Wow, good thing they are safe this week. They only lost four pounds combined, and less than 1% of their weight. Hopefully, they’re saving it all for next week.

Previous – 325
Current – 318
Lost – 7

Previous – 305
Current – 294
Lost – 11
Jeff is excited to have broken through the 300 pound barrier!

Team Percent – 2.86%

Previous – 191
Current – 185
Lost – 6


Previous – 287
Current – 273
Lost – 14

Team Percent – 4.18%

Shannon and Mat must lose more than 14 pounds combined to be safe from elimination this week and place Pete and Jeff in jeopardy of leaving.

Previous – 218
Current – 212
Lost – 6

Previous – 279
Current – 262
Lost – 17

Team Percent – 4.63%

This means that all the boy/girl teams are safe and it’s Pete and Jeff who will be up for elimination. Jeff immediately starts lobbying to go home so that Pete can stay. Jeff has made his goal of getting below 300 lbs and thinks Pete should stay since he chose teams that he thought would be best for everyone instead of stacking a team in his favor. He thinks that Pete would be safe if he had selected Matt as his teammate instead of him. However, it sounds like the other players, especially Matt, are now thinking about how they can selfishly advance their own interests.

Jeff and Pete reflect on their time at the ranch. Above all, Jeff wants to be able to go home and tell his girls he did the right thing. This is where The Biggest Loser is truly different from other reality TV shows. It’s more about personal growth and change than winning a pile of money. On any other show, I would ridicule the “integrity” involved with volunteering to go home or in any way not doing whatever it took to win the game (within the rules). Here, I consider it a non-factor.

So, Who’s Going Home?

It’s time for us to find out. Will the group honor Jeff’s request? Will Mark, who was especially vocal about the girl’s decision last week, believing it to be overtly political, vote to keep Jeff despite Jeff’s pleas or keep Pete, who is considered to be a bigger threat overall?

Sure enough, Matt, speaking for Shannon and himself, says they’ve decided to ”play the game”. Their vote is for Pete to go home. Jeff shakes his head in disbelief. On the other hand, Seth and Suzie have decided to honor Jeff’s request, so their vote is to send Jeff packing. It comes down to Mark, speaking for his team. Mark jokes that it would be easier just to vote for himself. This will prove to be the most shallow thing he could possibly say, given his next statement. As he tells us what a great guy Pete is, his vote is a stab in the back. Pete is going home! What a bunch of effing hypocrites, after all that “team” talk earlier in the hour.

Pete takes it graciously, consoling Mark and Matt, and congratulating all the ladies. He may not be The Biggest Loser tonight. He’s coming across like a Big Winner. Anyway, Pete tells us he’s looking forward to going home to his wife and making lifestyle changes that will help him continue to lose weight. The cameras follow him home and we get to see the tearful reunion with his wife. She screams in joy and amazement at the changes in Pete. He looks 15 years younger and she’s never seen him this size.

Finally, we get to see what Pete looks like today. Holy Crap! He has lost even more weight – an additional 54 pounds since leaving the ranch! He’s down from 401 lbs when he arrived at the ranch to 264 pounds now. It’s by far the most profound transformation of the Biggest Loser contestants for either season! I actually got chills seeing his after picture! In addition, his wife has lost 50 pounds and they are feeling healthy and ready to start thinking about becoming parents.

Wow, great episode tonight! I can’t wait for next week! Which, technically, was two days ago, but I haven’t had time to play it yet.

As for next week’s episode 8, which “popular contestant” will go home? No need to wait. Check out Volsfan’s summary here and get all your reality TV information at !

Handcrafted by RollDDice!

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motormouth 4507 desperate attention whore postings
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11-03-05, 08:18 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: Biggest Loser 2, Episode 7: The Lost Summary"
I agree that this was a really good episode. Pete's 'after' photos were really great and I was impressed with him and his wife. Thanks for the summary, MTW. Better late than never.

A totally rockin' RollDdice design

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Cyndimaus 3117 desperate attention whore postings
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11-04-05, 04:32 PM (EST)
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2. "RE: Biggest Loser 2, Episode 7: The Lost Summary"
The lost is found! And it was well worth waiting for! Great job! I enjoyed your blue editorial comments.

sig courtesy of Cygnus

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