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"Media Interviews"
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07-08-08, 09:39 PM (EST)
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"Media Interviews"
Has anyone else seen and listened to all the numerous interviews with Jesse and Deanna today?

While they seem very smitten with each other which is great, I cant put my finger on it, but there is something wrong with the picture. Maybe its that it seems forced, or fake. Not Jesse, but Deanna. Jesse has turned out to be a real cool guy, nice, polite, and professional (even though his choice of vocabulary words wouldnt be my first pick). and I've decided he is the more level headed person in the relationship at this point.

Deanna's demeanor has totally changed... I noticed she is constantly hanging on him every moment they are together, and I dont mean just holding hands, or being subtle. I can understand she has a hard time containing her excitement, but I wonder if he needs some space once in a while, and if so, is she going to understand that? I also noticed that she talks very loudly, and is waaayyyy over the top giddy, if not a screaming grown-up woman acting like a 15 yr old, and almost appears hyperactive. In every interview todays she squeels "hooonnnnneeeeyyyyy" really loudly, its really annoying.
Meanwhile, Jesse sits there and acts alot more mature than she does and can actually carry on a conversation like a normal person. Quite a switch from the Deanna we all came to know on both seasons...

I was thinking about when they move to "Breck" as she puts it.. Jesse has roommates, or, should we say, had roommates. Can you imagine the first time Deanna goes to move her things into his place?? <chuckling> I'm sure the bossy, know it all, tell it like it is Deanna will surface again soon after the honeymoon period is over. I wonder if he will follow her Grandfather's advice - If she wants something, agree with her. OR was it if that she asks for something, agree with it. Either way, he seemed like a very smart happily married man. : )

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