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Original Message
"T-Time with the Lady and AnotherKim"
Posted by LadyT on 11-18-03 at 09:18 PM
LAST EDITED ON 11-18-03 AT 10:08 PM (EST)

It’s time for an oldie but a goodie. A long time ago, a poster named Kismet started what became cornertimes. They are interviews with posters to get to know them a little better. They even have their own forum. So read some old ones, anticipate some new ones. If you want to be a victim of a cornertime, or what I renamed them, a T-Time, email my inbox. You could be next...

LadyT: Welcome AnotherKim, I love the Savoy Hotel. You couldn’t have picked a nicer, more elegant place. I think we should order the most expensive things on the menu and charge it to Webby’s account. So tell me, How did you find SB?

AnotherKim: I have to admit that I thought Survivor was 100% pure trash TV. Being somewhat of a snob, I was totally appalled at the idea of some cheesy show where people were voted off some island. I refused to watch it. No way. But it was EVERYWHERE. **rolls eyes** Katie Couric wouldn’t shut up about it on the Today Show. People on the local news were following Gretchen. I decided to check it out, but by that time the end was almost near. The first episode I saw was the one where Sean won a family visit. I was hooked.

I was at my mom’s and read some article online about Survivor that mentioned websites devoted to the show. Sucks was one that was listed, so I checked it out. Frankly, honey, it scared me.

LadyT: Scared me too, continue

AnotherKim: I wasn’t sure WHAT to think about those people.

*LadyT wisely decides not to mention she was one of those people*

AnotherKim Registration was closed and somewhere on the board, there was a mention of SB. I checked it out and was amazed at the difference in attitude. I signed up, read some and then promptly forgot my username. I didn’t actually post until mid-S2.

LadyT: So then, how did you stumble across OT?

AnotherKim*giggle** Well, unlike so many of you SMART peeps, I didn’t find it immediately.

LadyT: Yeah, some of us smart peep...oh sorry, continue...

AnotherKim: I’d been at SB for months as a reader and sporadic poster. I think it was time for TAR or another show to start and I decided to see if there was a board about it at SB, too. It wasn’t until then that I realized that there were more boards listed once I scrolled down. I cannot tell you how incredibly stupid I felt, but at the same time I was quite excited. I posted there at once and was pretty much hooked from there.

LadyT: I know many things and you are not stupid. But we all know you had a brush with fame. We read your review, but tell us about it for the posters that are unaware of it.

AnotherKim: It was surreal. Honestly, an absolutely amazing experience. I’d only been as far as JFK and the Newark airports before, so I was overwhelmed by the city anyway. Then to be standing around just chatting with Mark Burnett or Richard Hatch?? Well, I still can’t believe it happened. My biggest regret is not getting to talk to Jeff, but he was totally AWOL once the show was over.

LadyT: I can’t believe that he missed an opportunity to talk to the fabulous AnotherKim. But because of your trip, how much do you love Webby?

AnotherKim: There are simply not enough words, even with my propensity to babble, to describe my gratitude and adoration.

LadyT: Who is your favorite Survivor?

AnotherKim: Hrm. I’ve never really thought of a favorite. I suppose from a player standpoint, it was Tina. I am fiercely loyal to my fellow Tennesseans unless they are whiney or pukey (Ryan Shoulders and Tanya). Unlike most of the Survivor world, I thought she deserved to win because, IMO, Survivor is just as much about alliances and behind the scenes as immunity runs and physical dominance. She controlled her tribe and kept that power all the way to the end. Of the other winners of Survivor, only Dicque and Brian had that kind of control. Plus, she wasn’t whiny or weak.

From an eye candy standpoint, Silas was yet another excellent Tennessee representative. I took him on a Basher cruise after I had his voicebox surgically removed and he was quite entertaining. Hunter is really hot and so is Ken. I was lucky enough to meet both of them at the finale. They are incredibly nice in addition to being HOT. Alex is too, FTR, although I loathed him on the show.

LadyT: I can’t believe you didn’t mention Colby. Which brings me to my next question. With your Kimpossible persona, who is your favorite superhero?

AnotherKim: I don’t think there is really any question, is there? I mean, you’ve seen Superman, right? How could anyone NOT find leaping tall buildings and x-ray vision really, really hot? The rest of the pretenders are merely action figures. There’s only ONE Superhero. **waves to Supes ** I told you, I am loyal to my fellow Tennesseans.

LadyT: So, tell us about yourself. Here you can tell us all about your family and children. What do you do for a living?

AnotherKim: I’ve been married to Mr. Kim for almost 11 years. Somehow he has continued to put up with my total lack of financial skills and complete ineptness at all things domestic. I keep telling him that one day I will write the Great American Novel and support him, so he keeps me around. He really wants an airplane or a tractor, you see.

I also have three little boys. My youthful appearance is totally deceiving. The oldest kiddo is 10. The little ones are 4 (he’ll be 5 in January 04) and 3. We are DONE in the baby department. Once upon a time I wanted six kids, but that desire has since been quashed by the cost of real life and the toll that children have taken on my mental and physical well-being.

LadyT: You are a world traveler, where is your favorite place that you have been? Where do you want to go?

AnotherKim: I absolutely adore London. It is an incredible city and I will go every chance I get. Paris was sort of so-so. I didn’t enjoy it very much when I was there, but looking at pictures from the trip, I realize that I really want to go back there again and give it another chance. I was there in the midst of the whole Us vs. Them hoopla, though, and I have to say that I saw no anti-Americanism from the people at all. All things considered, though, my favorite place would be Edinburgh. It’s simply fantabulous. I must return.
Ireland and Germany are the top two on my “must see” lists. I also want to see Budapest. I had a trip planned there for Thanksgiving, but the conference was cancelled, so my hopes were built up for nothing. Did you know that Budapest is actually TWO cities? Buda and Pest? How cute is that?

LadyT: That is very cute. And Go Ireland! Now comes the conclusion of T-time. Here are some quick questions for you.

Coke or Pepsi? Cool people drink Coke. I am nothing if not cool. Pepsi sucks.

Diamonds or Pearls? Divas wear diamonds. Period. I’ve seen the Crown Jewels three or four times and there’s a helluva lot more diamonds on them than pearls.

Steak or Chicken? It really depends on the restaurant and the mood, but I usually pick chicken.

Little bit country or a little bit rock and roll? Well, darling, I live in Nashville, what do you think? It has to be country. I am even the proud owner of a birthday card from Garth Brooks.
Most deserving Survivor winner (has to be a winner) Dicque. He set the standard and played the game in what was then a totally original way. Oh, he thinks I am funny.

LadyT: I just happen to have a pic of Dicque and your alter ego

Of course you are Akim. Thank you very much for this interview, and I have to jet off for my next one. Now, if you want to be next, email me!


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