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Original Message
Posted by woeisme1 on 01-11-12 at 10:59 PM
You might enjoy this one and Sam might, too, kids love it!


This was originally my sisters “recipe” (if one can call it a recipe as there are absolutely NO measurements) and it is NOT a “hot” salsa. I use to make it by the gallon as I always had a “salsa” garden growing, everything you see here except the salt and pepper I can’t tell you how much of any one thing to use, it is more according to how much you want to make but I will give you the amounts of the items I did use for this batch.

9 Roma tomatoes (Though you can use any large tomatoe, these were just the least expensive that day)
7 Tomatillos
1 Large onion (Here you can use any type of large onion also, I chose the yellow as it is hotter to add a “bite” since I can’t really have “hot or spicy”)
1 “Bunch” of Chinese Parsley (Mainlanders call it Cilantro but it is, in fact, Chinese Parsley)
˝ of a “head” of Garlic (I forgot to count the actual “cloves”)

I find it easiest to de-skin and chop the tomatillos first, along with the garlic, this way they can be on low heat and “reducing” while you chop everything else.
As you chop the tomatoes, throw them into a strainer/sieve/colander so the juices can run off until you are almost ready to add the tomatillos. When you are nearly ready, transfer to a bowl, add the onions, then the “reduced” tomatillos and cilantro last. Salt and pepper to your liking (I sometimes will throw in some garlic salt as well). Get out your chips and watch it disappear! Also good on eggs or any time you would add salsa to something.


Skin tomatillos:

Tomatillos and garlic into skillet:

Strain chopped tomatoes:

Chop cilantro:

Chop onions:

Added to chopped tomatoes:

“Reduced” tomatillos, will have consistancy of oatmeal, sorta:

Add to tomatoes and onions:

Add cilantro last, salt and pepper to your taste:


It is vital to drain tomatoe juices off as it will become liquidy when refridgerated, just drain this off as well, it doesn't affect the flavor at all.

Okay, I'll stop sliding recipes in. I promise.


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