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Original Message
"Tinkerbell's Cornertime with Kismet"
Posted by Kismet on 07-27-01 at 11:06 PM

Tinkerbell's Cornertime

<The scene opens with Tinkerbell hovering in the corner. Kismet walks toward her and begins speaking to the camera. Kismet is wearing a heavy antique medallion of a dragon around her neck.>

Good evening SB community. Joining us today is Tinkerbell. She is a relative newbie to the board, but has succeeded in winning over the hearts and minds of our people. It is unclear at present if she has used her fairy dust or just her natural charisma to do so.

<Tinkerbell sees Kismet and lands gracefully on the stool next to her. The timer on the wall reads 00:20:10>

You seem to have a very short sentence. How did someone like you wind up in here?

I am in the corner because of excessively spreading pixie dust around the bar and making people sneeze. JV told on

<Tinkerbell pouts>

Oh stop pouting. He only put you in here for thirty minutes. How did you find this land of looniness Tink?

I found out about SB in much the same way that everyone else did.through SS. I missed out on registration for the first Survivor over there and just read the boards until I discovered SB. I still read both through the beginning of Survivor II, but then after the sleazy boards came on I read SB exclusively. I stay here because this is the greatest, funniest fun bunch of people I have ever seen online. I read the boards mostly at work and it's really hard to explain why I'm always laughing! It is also a community that I am proud to be a part of. Everyone is so supportive of each other it's great.

So who are your favorite posters and why?

<Tink throws pixie dust in Kismet's face and the magic pixie dust makes Kis forget the question and move on to the next one. Suddenly the medallion that Kismet is wearing begins to glow and there is a bright flash of light. The smoke clears and Kismet is sporting an evil grin. Kismet add 5 hours to the clock.>

Oh come on, like I wouldn't take precautions against that. What did you think I would forget the night you took my evilness away and made me say nice things about everyone in the bar? Answer the frikkin question..

I would have to say ItzLisa because she helped me when I was planning a trip to NYC and she didn't even know me! I think I e-mailed her before I ever posted here! Being one of the youngest here I also appreciate my fellow "young 'uns" SurvivorChick, Survivorerist and of course Kismet. In addition I would like to mention everyone else. Every single person here contributes things that are funny and/or important. Without even one member, this whole place would be different.

I agree completely, why did you choose the name Tinkerbell?

I have been a HUGE Disney (mostly Mickey) for most of my life and after starting to work at the Disney Store became
a Tinkerbell fan. She kind of embodies my personality.sweet and innocent one minute and fiery and feisty the next! I also dressed up as Tink for Halloween the year that I was in Disney World (lime green leotard, satiny green skirt, wings, lime green ballet shoes, pixie dust and all!), and it was funny because I was the only adult dressed up as Tinkerbell. There were many children dressed up as her and parents kept coming up to me asking if I would take a picture with their little Tinkerbells. I
think it's weird that I am in many peoples scrapbooks and they don't know who I am! I have a picture of me standing
in front of "Tinkerbell's Treasures" somewhere. Maybe I will become a true attention whore and post it someday!

I would love to see that picture Tink and I hope you will post it someday. What special powers does your pixie dust have? I really want to know..

When pixie dust is sprinkled on someone I have the power to make them do ANYTHING I WANT! I can make them fly, or I can make them fall at my feet and worship me <evil grin>.

That could come in handy for me Tink. We will talk more about this after your interview. You are one of the youngest board members. Is it hard to relate to all of the old fogies?

I actually feel like an old fogie most of the time because I always miss the good stuff in the bar because I have to go to bed! Maybe someday when I get to be an "old fogie" I will be able to stay up past 10:00 p.m. and still be a viable human the next day! Am I the only one who has to work at 7:30 a.m. on this board??

You are not the only one who has to wake up early. Those of us who get up early just walk around like zombies making no sense whatsoever all day. That's why this board is so successful. You are also one of the few single women on the board. Would you ever hook-up with someone you met from here?

No, but it is fun to cyber-flirt! It's funny because I don't think of myself as single anymore. I know I'm not married but I am with the guy that I will be with for the rest of my life, so I just don't feel single!

That is wonderful Tink. Want to tell us more about your 'real Life'?

I grew up in Minnesota, and went to college in South Dakota. After I graduated in May, 2000 I found a job in my
college town. I work in PR/Corporate Communications at a large insurance company. I hate my job right now and I'm currently "pursuing other avenues" which really means that I'm stuck in my job until I find something that pays me more money. I am currently looking at applying at local advertising agencies or getting into pharmaceutical sales. I live at home with my mom and dad because it's free, although I am looking at other housing options right now. I have an older sister who is married and has two kids--my niece is almost 4 and my nephew was born on June 8th. Her husband is a complete asswipe and I hate him.

Tell us how you really feel. I have noticed that everyone on SB has one addiction or another. Do you have any?

I really think that I'm addicted to shopping! Maybe that's why I still live at home! Whether I'm bored, depressed or happy, Target always makes me happy--and they have white cherry Icees (I may be addicted to those too.)

Well I am all done with my questions. Is there anything else you want us to know about you?

I'm really glad that I stumbled upon this site. I know that I don't post much and when I do it's not very funny or witty, but I do truly enjoy being a part of this community.

Tinkerbell you underestimate yourself. People like you are what make this community a great place to be. Now I want you to return to the corner and think about your crime.

<Kismet winks at Tinkerbell and truns back to the camera.>

This concludes this Cornertime with Kismet

<Kismet turns back to Tink and seems to be haggling with her over something. She turns the clock back to show ten minutes remaining and leaves smiling happily.>


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