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Carrie Underwood on "So You Think You Can Dance"
I'd love to see it!
1 messages
05-31-05 11:37 PM
So you Think you can Dance?
I will watch once and wait for the Vols summary. :D ds/User_files/
33 messages
08-05-05 04:29 PM
SO you think you can dance narrows down this week
I think i posted last week that they were narrowing down to 16 last week but i watched and that didn't happen. I found out much later that its actua
14 messages
08-19-05 08:41 AM
So You Think You Can Dance?
I can't find any threads on this show. I know the season is over, but I loved it just as much, if not more, than Dancing With the Stars. Wil
0 messages
11-11-05 09:12 PM
So You Think You Can Dance
I decided to start a new thread since the other one is so old. I'm really surprised at how this show has been pretty much ignored here on
15 messages
02-17-06 09:43 PM
SYTYCD2 Week 1 thoughts.
By the way...I just love the smell of new forums. Take a big wiff folks! Ahhhhhhhh.... (Thanks Webby.) Anyways, on
37 messages
06-17-06 05:36 PM
So You Think You Can Dance
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-16-06 AT 01:08 PM (EST)[/font] Oopsie..hit enter before I posted. *blushes* An
40 messages
06-24-06 10:27 PM
Can someone please tell me which guy got kicked off? Grrr...
Can they not end by the end of the hour, already? My DVR didn't get the last part. I'm suspecting Ben got kicked off... if so, A
9 messages
06-30-06 01:38 PM
I think Natalie looks just like actress Brittany Murphy! And Alexandra looks just like ice skater Ekaterina Gordeeva!! Anyone el
6 messages
06-30-06 11:01 PM
Dmitry's Solo?
Does anyone know the title and artist of the song Dmitry did his solo to on Thursday??
2 messages
07-03-06 11:47 AM
Week 2 thoughts
Where is everyone? Am I the only one that watched last night? Benji/Donyelle were awesome! Musa made me have to fan myself. %0
24 messages
07-03-06 12:13 PM
Lil Kim - Celebrity Artist
Lil Kim gets out of jail today. She can now be the celebrity artist for the Hip Hop genre. I wonder if she is professionally trained or street train
Former CBSer
0 messages
07-03-06 12:40 PM
I am so blown away by the judges decisions last night! They finally had a chance to get rid of Ashley who is definitely a "one trick pony" in M
20 messages
07-04-06 01:05 AM
Kylie Minogue fighting breast cancer -07-05-minogue_x.htm?csp=27 [i]SAN FRANCISCO (AP) In her first TV inter
0 messages
07-05-06 11:46 AM
WEEK 3 thoughts
Sorry, just couldn't wait to give my thoughts this week as the dance near and dear to my heart was featured. HEAVY SIGH! I love Argentine
81 messages
07-05-06 07:09 PM
Can someone please tell me
Besides Nigel, whom we all know from American Idol: Who the heck are the other judges, and what experience do they have with dance?
5 messages
07-05-06 09:45 PM
I was not home tonight, and the VCR did not record the show. How did Benji/Donyelle do? Did Dmitri alienate yet another partner? What? W
Sagebrush Dan
8 messages
07-06-06 10:59 PM
dont understand this???????
this show is a good concept but can someone please explain to me how i know what the judges are looking for in the competition????
3 messages
07-07-06 09:06 AM
Jaymz needs to go!
Bad attitude. Icky performance. Ugh. I get tired just thinking about the guy. It's over, Jaymz. Please go home.
4 messages
07-08-06 07:01 PM
Of course, I was glued to the TV tonight, recorded the show, and have rewatched it once already (and for some performances, more than once a
42 messages
07-10-06 11:16 AM
Styles of dance
I wish they would lose some of the ballroom and hip hop numbers and do more contemporary/lyrical/jazz numbers. Why do we need two hip hop numbers
12 messages
07-13-06 05:31 PM
whos your favorites? singles or couples im not good w/ names but i really love the african-american w/ the monroe piercing shes
8 messages
07-14-06 11:04 AM
Missed the show, can someone help?
Our cable went out just as the show was starting and didn't come back on until two hours later! Ugh. I know about the spoiler restri
4 messages
07-14-06 12:18 PM
Week 5 thoughts
Well, it's going to be tough with HALF of the dancers going to be in the bottom three. Generally, I was impressed with the dancing and the chor
27 messages
07-15-06 06:37 PM
PTTE Should and Will
What is PTTE you ask...well its Picks To The End!! I host this game in Survivor and American Idol You make two lists of how you think
20 messages
07-19-06 03:41 PM
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