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Fantasy Football 2022
Hey, Nutzy! It's preseason already and we're ready to play, commish!
0 messages
08-12-22 04:35 PM
Messi, can he win the America's Cup?
If Messi fails to win the Americaís Cup this time, is there no chance? Messi has won multiple UEFA Champions League and La Liga title
1 messages
06-27-21 11:08 PM
Fantasy Football
Survival football has just claimed its first victim. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh's loss was Nutty's second strike. Please bring me you
2 messages
06-15-21 11:03 PM
0 messages
06-03-20 01:03 PM
2016 Baseball Hall of Fame vote
With the final vote for 2016 about to be announced, I thought I'd update what used to be an annual tradition here. Here is my ballot (which I d
11 messages
04-20-20 08:36 PM
Fantasy Football 2019
Yahoo football games are open! Survival football: ID = 4654, pwd = bebo Pro Pick 'Em: ID = 8079, pwd = ayak%
3 messages
11-04-19 03:22 PM
Football 2018
If you were in last year, Yahoo has notified you by email. [b]Regular League[/b] - draft time Aug. 31 at 8 pm (Friday). Ema
2 messages
08-16-18 02:52 PM
Anyone here bet on soccer/football?
Hi! I'm curious if anyone here bets on sports?If so I have a quick question... Do you pay tax on betting? I was under the impressio
0 messages
08-15-18 06:58 AM
March Madness '18 [View All]
Reserving a spot here, waiting for the March Madness bracket group invitation to be posted. I've been following college ball this fall and I'm
27 messages
04-03-18 02:19 PM
Week 6 Survival Football Update
Hello folks, it's your snarky neighborhood commentator Bebo bringing you the updates from Survival Football world. Nine [s]know it alls[/s
0 messages
10-16-17 09:30 AM
Fantasy Football games now open!
[b]Regular football - SBOT Ball Busters [/b]- live draft time 8pm September 4th - Monday ID: 704654 Invite: e-mail me at bball
4 messages
10-16-17 09:13 AM
March Madness Bracket Challenge
If you're interested in playing Yahoo's Bracket Challenge, the group ID# is 141277 and the password is rtvw. I've sent invites to past playe
15 messages
04-11-17 08:59 PM
Swimming for fitness
Hi, Iím not sure if I can ask this here. Iím not good at sports, but I love swimming. The funniest thing is that I donít swim. I tried many
1 messages
03-10-17 02:54 AM
Condolences to Moley.
It should be some consolation that the long suffering Cubs, the team that everyone (but me) has little shred of sympathy for, made it.
0 messages
10-24-16 02:40 PM
Fantasy Football?
Is someone going to set the leagues up for this season? (I forget who manages them.)
15 messages
09-09-16 05:12 PM
Super Bowl picks
I was unsure about which team to pick for the Super Bowl but after seeing this, I think Denver should be the favorites... [center]htt
0 messages
02-03-16 05:51 PM
2012 Baseball Hall Of Fame ballot. [View All]
I'm copying the list from the BWAA website because it provides last year's voting percentages plus the number of years already spent on the ballot
25 messages
01-26-16 04:40 PM
Oh those Jets!
I believe the loss today kills their playoff chances? Fitz had some good moments during the season, but he's inconsistent. Whic
3 messages
01-07-16 10:02 AM
Congrats to Moley
...for another NL west pennant win. The consensus is that the win was due to you being in the stands.
5 messages
10-23-15 00:23 AM
Fantasy Football 2015
Are we doing this again this year? Haven't heard anything about the league renewing from Yahoo.
14 messages
09-08-15 04:09 PM
"Guilty." "Not Guilty."
"Probable." 5/05/investigative-and-expert-reports-re-footballs-used-during-afc-cham
13 messages
09-04-15 01:07 PM
The Big One in the TdeF.
I lost interest after the doping investigation fiasco and dual standards judging, but this caught my eye. 20 or so involved in a massive pile up,
5 messages
08-30-15 11:03 AM
2015 NHL Playoff Pick'em
Sticking this here until the playoff matchups are set and with the hope that we'll get a few more participants this year. Pick the winnin
15 messages
08-05-15 03:46 PM
Women's World Cup
I'm thrilled that the FIFA Women's World Cup, for the third time in its short seven-event history, is taking place in North America. This tim
19 messages
07-15-15 11:15 AM
Barry Bonds turns his attention to cycling
The enthusiasm is flowing through his veins. The [i]intention[/i], however...
2 messages
05-15-15 06:43 PM
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