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The Real World
Why oh why oh why does this show have to suck so much? I mean the people are awful, from Mike I am a moron from Parma, to She man Nicole to Kew
13 messages
03-18-02 12:14 PM
RW/RR Challege: The Media Whores return!
Has anyone been watching BMP's latest desperate, pathetic rip-off on Survivor. Admittedly it is more interesting this time around, what with the
11 messages
03-26-02 08:44 PM
Dear Cara (RW Chicago)
You are in need of some serious help. Chris pinched like a millimeter of skin on you and you had a mental breakdown. It disgusts me because your bac
1 messages
04-10-02 09:05 PM
Real World with Real People?
I have not been a big real world watcher, but the chicago version is catching my attention. My big question is where do they find these people?
mocha madness
3 messages
04-27-02 12:42 PM
The Real World and 9/11
So the only reason I started watching RW was to see how they would deal with 9/11. Guess what? I was so pissed off at what they showed. I so di
0 messages
05-08-02 08:39 PM
Next RW/RR Challenge Info
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 07-23-02 AT 04:13 PM (EST)[/font] Contains spoilers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
0 messages
07-23-02 04:10 PM
Road Rules: Campus Crawl
Anyone else watch this show? This series is just the same thing with different people. I do think that it will be interesting to see how the new g
5 messages
08-22-02 01:58 PM
Photos of 'Real World: Las Vegas' cast discovered on
Check out the news submitted by JBBO3314: t.php?sid=552
2 messages
08-29-02 12:07 PM
Real World Las Vegas Cast Revealed Tonight
The Real World Cast show is coming on tonight on MTV. It airs at 10p.m. est. The show is titled: "Welcome to Sin City/Real World." Descript
1 messages
09-04-02 12:27 PM
Unofficial Road Rules Summary Ep. 12 & 13
I've decided to take the plunge and attempt to write my very first reality tv summary. Those of you that have seen the last two episodes of Road Ru
15 messages
09-18-02 01:10 AM
Brynn is a Hottie- Real World LV
She might be trouble, but boy did she look good at the clubs, and also when they showed her getting dressed and was wearing her Bra and Jeans. %
0 messages
09-18-02 02:17 PM
Real World- Las Vegas
Did anyone watch the premiere last night? If I had a working VCR, I would have taped and summarized it. It was that snark-worthy.%0
5 messages
09-20-02 01:54 AM
Real world Las vegas- Unofficial Summary, Episode # 2
Number of Cast Members who got Drunk: 3 Number of Cast Members who were Naked during the episode:3 Number of Cas
6 messages
10-01-02 11:57 AM
Cara (RW Chicago) and Challenge update
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-01-02 AT 01:48 PM (EST)[/font] From [ /Archi
Mon Cherie
2 messages
10-01-02 08:40 PM
Real World Las Vegas Unofficial summary 10/15
Brynn is jealous Trashelle is a whore Trashelle and Steven sleep together in the confessional Brynn flips out and thr
9 messages
10-18-02 10:48 AM
Real World Boss Marc Fired! rw12marc.jpg Not sure if this has been posted anywhere else but that sleazy boss has been
2 messages
10-20-02 03:29 PM
RR/RW Challenge - Julie/Melissa
Since there has been a debate on it over in the other threads, I figured we could open one up for it.....whose side are you on? I personally am w
17 messages
01-16-03 06:27 PM
Real World
Since i haven't seen anything recent, i decided to make a form to discuss Real World Las Vegas. How does everyone like it so far? I am into it%2
9 messages
01-27-03 10:40 AM
Melissa (RWNO) does Jon Murray
In her latest diary entry at, Melissa writes about a conversation she had with Jon Murray of Bunim-Murray Productions during
5 messages
01-28-03 10:31 PM
What, no love for the RW/RR Battle of the Sexes?
I am savoring this season. With 2 fights, a pregnancy, a wedding, and the most volatile personalities from seasons past, this is going to be f
Mon Cherie
32 messages
01-28-03 10:44 PM
RR/RW Challenge, Week 3 Standings
Don't know if anyone cares but since MTV and BMP make such an effort to keep the point totals secret (not listed on the website or shown on the sh
12 messages
02-04-03 01:40 AM
Colin of Real World Hawaii
I am not sure if this is the board to put this on, but i guess it's fine. I was just wondering if any of you have been to Colin's website. If no
3 messages
02-05-03 10:52 AM
Real World LV Alton arrested
For the RW fans out there, Alton was a bad boy Saturday night at a Make a Wish fundraiser.
5 messages
02-27-03 06:09 PM
RW/RR Battle Of The Sexes Scoercard
Well Somehow I got sucked into the challenge, and I must admit I love it!! But anyway... I am really sick of the way they wont show t
20 messages
03-12-03 00:45 AM
Veronica's DQ gets her a big "0" and costs her a spot in the Inner Circle. Theo's DQ got him booted from the game so could be worse. Emily a
25 messages
04-01-03 03:56 PM
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