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"American Idol -- 08/06/02"
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katem 3315 desperate attention whore postings
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08-07-02, 02:15 AM (EST)
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"American Idol -- 08/06/02"
LAST EDITED ON 08-07-02 AT 10:24 AM (EST)

Well they had to do it. They had to let Justin back in this thing. The judges and the producers conspire to save Justin's pompous ass and give him the opportunity to sing "Big band", just when he needed it the most.

The last six sang tonight, here are my reactions:

Tamyra. Girl is fabulous, through and through. She looked spectacular and sang that way as well. See you next week shortcake.

Kelly. Ditto. Best singer in this competition, bar none.

Justin. Takes third place tonight. I gotta hand it to him. They gave him the opportunity to get back in it, and he did. The two ladies above are clearly the best ones, but the horny, lovestruck teenage girls are the ones that vote. He could still win.

Nikki, RJ and Christina. They were all flawed, very flawed, they will be the three in the hotseat tomorrow.

Nikki, was good, but out of her range, and she knew it. RJ was in range, but just blew it, he was visibly nervous and he forgot the lyrics. Christina had a terrible arrangement to a good song, if she would have sang it as it was meant to be sung (like the ballad that that song is) she would have been fine.

OUT: Nikki
Second to last: RJ

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sticks 1165 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

08-07-02, 08:32 AM (EST)
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1. "RE: American Idol -- 08/06/02"
I was locked out of my apartment for a little bit last night; I only saw RJ and Kelly.

RJ- um, yawn. I've said it before; how can anyone have an opinion on him. He's just fine. He's OK. He's allright. That's really all you can say about him. Granted, that makes him better than most of the others in the competition.

Kelly- was spectacular last night. She is my favorite by far. She has so much personality; she's not just a robot like some of the others in the contest. I can't even say what I like about her; granted she is a fantastic singer, but she also has something about her that makes her great.

I think Nikki will be gone with Christina being number two.

They should have kicked off everyone except Tamyra, Kelly, and Justin at the beginning because it is obvious they will be the final three anyway.


PackMan 1207 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

08-07-02, 09:44 AM (EST)
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2. "RE: American Idol -- 08/06/02"
Katem, I can't disagree with anything you've said, really. I think I said last week that Justin would definitely pick a more upbeat song this week.

As for Kelly, the girl had the whole package - the way she sang, the way she dressed the part, the way she played to the audience. I just love the way she sings.

Ms. PackMan really loves this show, and I'll offer this: she called in a few times to get her votes in for Justin and Kelly. With Kelly, it a about an hour before she could get through. With Justin, it was more like 10 minutes.

I'm on the fence as to whether it will be Nikki or RJ. I really want RJ gone, but I think he may have too many young fans. Christina should be in the bottom three this week, and may go just because she doesn't spark a lot of interest one way or the other. She may lose out due to sheer apathy. Either way, look for Simon to sign her to his label - he really wants her to do well, but he realizes she's not going much further (or is it farther - I can never remember)

My pick: Nikki
Second: RJ

"When the only tool you own is a hammer, all problems begin to resemble a nail." - Abraham Maslow
This quote space for lease because the current quote offends a certain smack-talkin' poster. Where's my hammer?!


Draco Malfoy 10525 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

08-07-02, 10:57 AM (EST)
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3. "RE: American Idol -- 08/06/02"
Can I do a PTTE for American Idol?

RJ- keeps failing, but somehow the fans love him. The dream ends tonight. Sympathy only gets you so far.

Nikki- No one knows what to do with her. Could be great in the "angry lesbian rock" genre, but that's not what this contest is for.

Christina- My personal favorite, but her voice is too plain to make it all the way. I love the untrained quality she has though, and her natural vibrato is just so much more beautiful than any of the "trained" ones we've been seeing.

Here's where it gets tough.

Tamyra- In the closest vote yet. She is unbelievable, and regardless of where she finishes, she'll catch on somewhere, just watch.

Justin- He's learned to play the game. He knows that his actual talent is only mediocre at best, so he's learned the other tricks of the trade- playing to the crowd and false modesty. Hey, look how far that's gotten Garth Brooks. Personally I hate him, but he's gotten a reality check the past couple weeks, so we'll see if he turns it around. The girls love him though, and that's carried him a lot farther than he probably should have gone.

WINNER: Kelly. The total package. She's got talent and she can play the crowd like no one else in the competition.

It's interesting watching this show. Mrs. Malfoy is blind, so she has to go SOLELY on vocal talent. Trust me, if that's what they were going on, this competition would be a whole lot different.

The Artist Formerly Known As DarkLotus



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