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Conferences The Mole Clues & Spoilers Forum (Protected)
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mole theory
when the blonde thought that kate was the mole she answered all her questions about kate and got kicked off you gotta remember that. i think the
0 messages
11-10-00 01:19 PM
Are They All Gay???
Was anyone surprised by Jennifer's lover showing up and being not only female, but as ugly as Jennifer? I thought one of a gay/lebian couple
8 messages
11-11-00 07:45 AM
Chat with Wendi this Monday Feb 19th
Chat with Wendi from The Mole this coming Monday, Feb. 19th! It will be 7pm PST/ 9pm CST / 10pm EST You can access the chat through
0 messages
11-11-00 08:16 PM
The Mole Will Premiere Tuesday Jan. 9 at 8PM EST
Details of the players have been released (though doesn't seem to have them) See:
1 messages
01-09-01 07:56 AM
Anyone else think the player titles are lame???
Jennifer -- "The Jock" Kate -- "The Investor" Afi -- "The Future Doctor" ...and the worst: Manuel
0 messages
01-09-01 08:14 PM
"Road Rules" For Grown-ups
...I can see the sales pitch in Belgium now: "It's just like that American MTV 'Road Rules' show -- only we'll use some older people, a
0 messages
01-09-01 09:31 PM
Anyone notice Jen & Kate got no attention this week?
Anyone notice how next to no screen time was devoted to Jen or Kate.... humm.
1 messages
01-10-01 10:29 AM
I found myself being sucked in.
This show is obviously a take off on the whole Survivor thing. I really enjoyed that show and will watch the Australian one. This one has some inter
0 messages
01-10-01 05:24 PM
Does anybody remember Manuel's commentary before quiz?
Before the quiz they showed many people saying who they were gonna pick and answer questions about, does anybody remember what Manuel said? Who di
4 messages
01-11-01 09:47 AM
Why do the contestants look so much like Survivor 1 contestants?
Just look at their pics or watch the TV commercials. They have people who look like Stacey, Ramona, Greg, Gervase, and Rudy. There might be ot
Aaron Leavitt
8 messages
01-11-01 11:50 AM
Where is She?
I really thought this was going to be an biography of Cindy Crawford. I feel let down that this is just another one of those silly "reality" show
0 messages
01-11-01 12:42 PM
Who is the next to leave?????
Gang I just found a website that runs a contest to see who can name the next person to leave the show. If you are right, you have a chance in
0 messages
01-12-01 00:41 AM
No clear possible mole leader...
Just looking over the The Mole Poll results from the main home page -- we were going to call it "The Mole Pole" but didn't want to get th
0 messages
01-12-01 00:45 AM
Complete Episode Guide
I spent hours developing a total episode guide for those who either missed the show or wanted to go back over the clues. http://www.r
5 messages
01-12-01 09:17 AM
I don't think Kathryn is The Mole... *possible spoiler reasons *
It's not much to go on, and it's very early, but I'm getting the feeling Kathryn is not the Mole... possible minor spoilers from the premie
12 messages
01-13-01 01:25 PM
Who Will be next???
Does anyone have any ideas as to who will be the next to go???? My feeling is that it may be either Kate or Afi. I don't know why, but I r
3 messages
01-15-01 03:07 PM
Execution List
Well, I just posted my suspicions on the Mole, here are my suspicions on the execution order: 1. Kate - she thought she'd be gone l
0 messages
01-15-01 03:18 PM
My Picks for the Mole
My picks for the Mole. From the person I think LEAST likly to the one I think the MOST likely. 10. Manuel - I'm pretty sure about th
9 messages
01-15-01 11:08 PM
No one has mentioned the Napkin
Remember, at dinner, the napkin that had the note from "The Mole"? Why did Steve try to pass it off to the person at his side (Kather
Drive My Car
4 messages
01-16-01 00:11 AM
Episode 2 spoiler article
Here's an article from the Houston Chronicle, and it contains some spoilers for tonight's episode:
1 messages
01-16-01 01:02 PM
Anyone notice Henry's scene shown twice?
Anyone else notice: Everyone had little cut away scenes where they were asked if they were the mole. Henry just looked at the camera and gave a la
2 messages
01-16-01 03:52 PM
Dry Host
Anyone else think that the host of The Mole has absolutely no personality and brings nothing of interest to the show? He's so dry he's like Fri
shanana banana
8 messages
01-16-01 04:11 PM
And the Mole is......
I was on an airplane about 6 months ago and spoke with a women about a new show that ABC was developing. She was very close to the Execut
rapid randy
11 messages
01-16-01 06:34 PM
CNN "quickvote"
CNN has a quick vote for the mole. The percentage spread is rather interesting. It would be even more interesting if they kept this available for th
0 messages
01-16-01 06:46 PM
OK, we're doing our live chat right now, right after the east coast show airing:
0 messages
01-16-01 09:26 PM
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