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"The Office Pool Wk 3 Scores/Wk 4 En..."
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Scarlett O Hara 3424 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

10-07-09, 08:40 PM (EST)
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"The Office Pool Wk 3 Scores/Wk 4 En..."

Week 4 ~ “Hungry for a Win”

Watch out swimmers – we’ve lost two players this week! Sorry to tell you Taffnic and 5cats have sunk to the bottom and are out of the pool for making the poor choice of picking Ben, last week’s bootee. Sorry! Thanks for swimmin’ in the pool this season!

High scorers this week included Newbies pepperz and AddieRacer! Nice going you two! Also, agman, and Past Winner DearAbby did very well too. Keep it up!

The Week's POINTS:

+10X the number of Confessionals for Hit-the-Nail-on-the-Head Bonus: AddieRacer and DearAbby - 50 points each for NO confessionals.

Bonus Points:
+35 First to speak in the Episode: Jaison
+25 Title Quote: “It’s Called a Russell Seed”: RussHell
-25 Last to speak before Tribal Council: RussHell

Confessional Counts: I count each time the survivor is shown in a confessional. If a survivor is in a confessional and is talking and the camera goes back and forth showing others and then back to the original survivor talking, I will count that survivor in confessional multiple times.

NO Confessionals: Kelly, Natalie, Liz, Brett, Yasmin
1 Confessional: Jaison, Monica, Russell S, Dave, Ashley
2 Confessionals: Ben, Laura, John, Erik
3 Confessionals: Mike
5 Confessionals: Shambo
13 Confessionals: Russell H.

RankPlayerWeekly ScoreOverall ScoreSurvivor you may not pick this week
1DearAbby 54 129 Kelly
2 agman 56 108 Jaison
3 Molaholic 17 94Russell S.
4 bystander 22 81 RussHell
5 Flowerpower 6 72 Erik
6 Kircon 13 67Dave
7 CTgirl 24 64 RussHell
8 AddieRacer 51 62 Natalie
8 dreamerbeliever 20 62 Mick
9 pepperz 58 54 Jaison
10 Vince3 1852 Shambo
10 Mjewel 19 52Mick
11 ohmyheck 7 48 Liz
12 Corvis 9 46 Laura
13 Max Headroom 10 45 Laura
14 Haunted One 11 39 John
15 Survivor Maniac 15 38 Russell S.
16 suzzee 12 33 Liz
17 vennui 14 28 Monica
18 iatovttotx78 8 26 Brett
19emydi 5 25 Erik
20 Wallflower 2 24Kelly
21 Kermit the Vixen 3 -15 Yasmin
22 Taffnic 25 63 Ben
23 5 cats 16 64 Ben

The Week's BONUS Points:
+35 Your Survivor is the first to vote a tribal council
-25 Your Survivor is the last to vote at tribal council

The Official Survivors who can be picked:

Now remember, get your entries in now. Any survivor may be picked twice this week. Put your survivor's name in the Subject Line with a “1” or “2” behind it. Never pick the same survivor two weeks in a row! If your survivor is voted out or otherwise leaves the game, YOU will be eliminated.

ALL PICKS MUST BE MADE BY 7 PM EST ON THE DAY THE SHOW AIRS. This game is still open to any new players who want to play. Just make a pick in the Pool!

Good luck all!

Read me.

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Table of Contents
  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 The Office Pool Wk 3 Scores/Wk 4 En...   Scarlett O Hara     10-07-09       
   RussHell 1   emydi     10-07-09     1  
   RussHell 2   pepperz     10-07-09     2  
   Natalie 1   Survivor Maniac     10-07-09     3  
   Shambo 1   MJewel     10-07-09     4  
   Liz-1   Max Headroom     10-07-09     5  
   Shambo 2   bystander     10-07-09     6  
   Liz 2   vince3     10-07-09     7  
   Erik-1   CTgirl     10-07-09     8  
   Laura #1   dreamerbeliever     10-07-09     9  
   Laura 2   kircon     10-07-09     10  
   Erik-1   ohmyheck     10-07-09     11  
     Make that Erik-2   ohmyheck     10-07-09     12  
   Russell S. 1   iatovttotx78     10-07-09     13  
   Mick - 1   AddieRacer     10-07-09     14  
   brett 1   vennui     10-07-09     15  
   Yasmin - 1   Molaholic     10-08-09     16  
     Yasmin - 1   Molaholic     10-09-09     23  
   Dave 1   suzzee     10-08-09     17  
   Natalie - 2   DearAbby     10-08-09     18  
   Russell 2   Corvis     10-08-09     19  
   yasmin 2   agman     10-08-09     20  
   Monica 1   Kermit the Vixen     10-08-09     21  
   Monica- 2   Wallflower66     10-08-09     22  

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