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"Flavor of Love"
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nazpink 1058 desperate attention whore postings
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02-20-06, 07:59 AM (EST)
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"Flavor of Love"
Figured I would start a new thread for this show since the last one has become so long.

Well, the first thing I have to say about this show is the fact that it's absolutely ridiculous how these woman are behaving and all for what? The affections of some obnoxious guy or the "glam life" they think he can provide for them!!! Not worth one's dignity in my opinion, especially considering how much of a pig Flav can be.

Last night's episode showed Flav spliting the girls into pairs and taking each pair to an all day date topped with dinner and a stay at a hotel/spa.

First up was Pumkin and Hoopz (the slutty party girls of the bunch)who graced Flav with their presence to a spa where they disturbed fellow spa goers and the staff. First on the schedule was a bit of yoga and a bit of Flav imitating sexual positions on the girls. After all the dry humping they decided on a mud slinging fight where Pumkin not only removed her own bikini top but decided to pull the strings on Hoopz. After the girls were finished mud wrestling and Flav got his lil' rocks off they were escorted into a shower where Hoopz was pushed to the back of Flav while Pumkin (the biggest slut) worked Flav over. Nothing like PDA's, poor spa woman came in to suggest they dry off and rub oil on each other only to find Flav's eyes rolling around in his head and Pumkin sucking away at his neck and ears. After the orgy was almost done the trio decided to take their PDA's to the spa pool where innocent bystanders were subjected to watch the orgy come to an end. Wow, I bet the spa got a lot of complaints that day. As the day came to an end Flav joined the ladies for a "romantical" (Flav's word for romantic) dinner. Hoopz made the wrong choice by not peeing before she got there giving Pumkin the chance to pour her heart out to Flav through her letter, which stated that she seriously wanted a chance to get to know him aside from the making out. So, Flav decided to cut dinner short and take Pumkin to his room which I'm sure much deep and thought provoking conversation took place <added sarcasm here>. I'm sure Pumkin assured herself a cheap clock around her neck by giving Flav some sort of sexual favor. I am also sure that Flav won't pick her because she is far too easy. After all, it seems his only interest in her is sexual.

The second date was with Goldie and NY. Goldie was a little concerned about how she would fare on this date having to share it with NY who would more than likely dominate Flav's time. Of course NY, who was a bit more than p!ssed that Flav didn't choose her first, was also very confident that the night would be all hers after all who would want a chunky girl with a wonderful he she looking woman around? Flav being the "romantical" guy that he is decided on a wildlife habitat for his date proving that wild animals are more civilized than he is. NY acted like she was actually interested in the animals while Goldie took the chance to lay down a bit of groundwork by cuddling up to Flav. After the "safari" ride Flav escorted the two ladies back to the hotel where they could wash the stench of Flav, I mean animals, off and get all glamed out for their dinner with him. Thankfully, we were spared of Flav's poor table manners as the producers focased on Goldie's coming out of the shell, as she lay a big fat kiss on Flav's gold mouth. Goldie was also allowed a private date with Flav where he was more disappointed because most of the kissy touchy feely crap ended and the start of Goldie's just want to be friends with you Flav conversation began. Once again NY showed what a psycho she can be by griping to herself as well as the poor camara man, who I hoped got paid extra, on how Flav could possibly pick a private date with a fat girl. They're all b!tches!!!!!!

In the end Goldie was left with no clock because not only did she not put out but she just didn't have any "romantical" feelings for Flav, which who could blame her!!!!

But the whorefest continues next Sunday and it looks as though it could be the best episode yet. From the teaser of a preview they showed what appears to be Pumkin getting her hair pulled and eyes scratched out by NY!! I really can't say I blame NY for this, after all Pumkin is a lil' slutty trouble maker, but then again aren't they all?!! And let's not leave out the meet the parent's session, where Hoopz mom looks to be warming up a spot for herself in Flavs heart? Pants?

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