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"S36|Ghost Island|East Coast Spoiler..."
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Flowerpower1 2795 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Howard Stern Show Guest"

02-28-18, 09:19 PM (EST)
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1. "Ghost Island ~ Here we go!"
See Eric, then Jason, then James
35 seasons Survivor has challenged players, see
1 bad decision can haunt you forever

20 Americans face the same challenge beginning an adventure that will change their lives
This season a twist, ghost island, graveyard for bad decisions
bringing back the actual idols and secret advantages
This group must find a way to reverse the curse, or they will face the same bad results
39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor

They disembark from the two boats

Jiffy: Survivor is great social experiment, 1 bad decision can haunt you forever, welcome to ghost island


this season you will have the chance to reverse the curse of some of the worst decisions in S history

Kellyn, first confession fear is making a bad decision

Everything in your game rests on making the right dec at the right time

Orange = Malolo, select one person to represent your tribe = Brendan

Brendan as a teacher and coach I am relied on, so if I can win it I will
Purple elects Chris, that was instant, they saw good qualities in me and I will take the challenge

decide who runs who is most qualified to do the physical part of the challenge, orange picks Michael, then must pick puzzle part, he picks Laurel

Purple, picks back left, Sebastian to do the physical, and handle the puzzle he picks

Morgan ducks, don't pick me

Chris picks front left Desiree,

Why did you choose me, puzzle are not my strong suit

First person races through obstacles to dig up keys, then puzzle solver must solve puzzle

First this will be waiting for you at camp, a machete a pot, rice, much less rice than any previous season and a n extensive fishing kit, the winning group gets a massive shelter building kit, axes, etc. the loser loses the fishing part

if you think your puzzle is not going to finish you can forfeit them and then you keep the fishing gear...

eggs, and flint...for winner

hope you chose the right leaders

Our first challenge , ready go....

both guys whipping through, Seb has it, and Michael has it....then they head back again, michael is winning, then look for second key......has it, already brutally hot out here, Michael is now struggling, Sebastian in lead....Seb has key....then Michael.....Michael knocks his head on the wood....they are the puzzle girls are goingdesiree is working, and Laurel goes they stay in and risk losing their fishing gear...have to gage what your person is doing in relation to what the other is doing, we are getting down to it now, not all of of sand left....Chris forfeits for his tribe, Milalo saves the fishing gear so the orange tribe wins.

Mill old will go back with all the stuff. Dominic raises his hand, he would have made a different choice.

Orange goes,

Naviti goes

One bad decision can ruin your game and right out of the gate Chris made a bad decision gave a huge advantage to other tribe and need to put a stop to it before it bites us in the butt....

Orange tribe is cheering...let's get names

Michael: we took home the reward, he's 18, won't tell anyone my age, kills credibility, he totally feels like he can win

Jacob says there are a lot of abs here

Jonathan and Stephanie G...grew up in puerto rico, y ou would think super girly girl, they say wait a minute there sis more to that girl

Jonathan walking with Laurel...from kentucky, so excited that I am playing Survivor...asks her if she is married...he tells her that it's the first time out of the country, James he's exotic, it's mostly caucasian where I am, look at me I am not the most brainy, if you are too weak, they will get you out here

Purple tribe: Sebastian says he's a fisherman, Wendal, Chris from NY, Kellyn, before S I was living my life, I said this is not the life I want, got divorced finished grad school, this will be in sane journey

Dominic gives Sebastian a nick name, Sea Bass

He's a construction person...supervisor, my job blah blah

Dominic says he likes to party, my life I have seen some adversity but when my first daughter was born, time for me to step up....leaving my wife and 3 kids behind was hard, but I have to bring home the bacon...

Sebastian and Chris go off on a you and I we need to team up and get each other to the merge....they are both from the best friends in the sandy hope says Sebastian, talk about gunning for Dom first....he will be the one that wants to cut me and you

When Jeff asked did I make the right decision, there was one person that said no he didn't, he's gunning for me, says Chris....I need to get rid of him...

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 S36|Ghost Island|East Coast Spoiler...   Flowerpower1     02-28-18       
   Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     1  
     RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   Bebo     02-28-18     6  
         RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   Sheldor     02-28-18     8  
             RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   michel2     02-28-18     22  
                 RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   Bebo     02-28-18     29  
                     RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   michel2     03-01-18     32  
                         RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   Bebo     03-01-18     36  
                             RE: Ghost Island ~ Here we go!   michel2     03-01-18     37  
   Post intro....   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     2  
   Camp dynamics...   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     3  
   Post IC win = Chrissy   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     4  
   TC....   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     5  
     RE: TC....   Bebo     02-28-18     9  
         RE: TC....   michel2     02-28-18     28  
   Part 2 of the Premier   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     7  
     RE: Part 2 of the Premier   Bebo     02-28-18     11  
   Pre challenge   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     10  
     RE: Pre challenge   Bebo     02-28-18     13  
     O.M.G.   Bebo     02-28-18     14  
         RE: O.M.G.   michel2     02-28-18     23  
             RE: O.M.G.   Bebo     02-28-18     30  
                 LOL!   michel2     03-01-18     33  
   Ghost island ~   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     12  
   TC....   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     15  
     RE: TC....   Bebo     02-28-18     19  
   Next time on Survivor....   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     16  
     RE: Next time on Survivor....   Bebo     02-28-18     20  
     RE: Next time on Survivor....   michel2     02-28-18     27  
   Congrats FP!   michel2     02-28-18     17  
     WOOOOT???   Flowerpower1     02-28-18     18  
         RE: WOOOOT???   michel2     02-28-18     25  
             RE: WOOOOT???   Sheldor     03-01-18     35  
   Who are You?   michel2     02-28-18     21  
     RE: Who are You?   Bebo     02-28-18     24  
         RE: Who are You?   michel2     02-28-18     26  
             RE: Who are You?   Bebo     02-28-18     31  
                 RE: Who are You?   michel2     03-01-18     34  

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