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"S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Penul..."
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12-13-17, 09:56 PM (EST)
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5. "Chrissy's time to be in control of ..."
Post IC...

return to camp...ants, butterflies seen...ants all over the killed that chrissy...Ben: damn friggin puzzle, this one hurts, I needed it, I am 100% sure I am the target, being a marine, you never give up, those people are crazy for not following me...

They are all voting Ben
Ashley: tonight it would be great if we could all vote for ben and get out, I don't think he has one, but
Devon says he's voting Ben....scary, it could take just one vote
If he pulls a vote, should we split it between Mike and ben says Ashley? Yes, they will
if no one plays idol, vote out Ben

Chrissy says that she trusts Ashley the least so wants to get her home...Chrissy tells Ryan and Mike...Ben tells them that Ben is a ferocity that transcends this game....Ryan and Mike want to keep Ben. De

Devon says now chrissy pitches ashley before Ben, crazy, if Ben is in F3, none of us stand a chance

See Ben looking around and he finds the signal...finds the message...clue to a's tied at their a map to idol, picute of the idol, on their bed, in plain site of everyone. hoping no one is there

Ryan Devon and mike are there...Ben is going to lie down in the shelter, here comes chrissy....if I start digging around the base of the bed, and pull out a purple thing, they will know, time is running out, I can't see nothing...they are getting ready to go....I am not going anywhere until I get that idol....we don't see if he gets it or not....


Ben: was there any impact when you got back. things haven't changed, tight group, and then these 2 tight group...mike in middle
Ashley says I wasn't chosen, it wasn't just devon's choice, but chrissy
Miek how important to see the big picture...bEn is clearly the biggest threat int his game right now, not the only threat, the biggest...
ryan: it's the most powerful offer, the F3, it's telling you, you think we can beat you
they all have a final 3...Ben, do you have one, he says anyone....he's open for business, he'll take any of you to F3

Mike says that ben has told so many people so many lies. Mike: ben is very smart and tricky and I could see him getting his way tonight
Ashley: If someone switches tonight, that would be a blindside...
Ben says it's hard playing the game with people that aren't willing to make big moves, coasting along won't get you the million
Devon tells them hasn't everything been a blindside?Ben says thank you devon for keeping me in this game.
Deovn : Says I don't know what ben is tailing about...
Ben pulls out the HII, cause I am not going home tonight...
Chrissy says he's exaggerated
Ryan: the ben bomb has come back into the game
Devon: just because it's around his neck doesn't mean he's going to play it.
Ashley says she would play it
Ben says to vote Mike...if you want to go back to camp with me, vote Mike

Ben plays the idol....early

if you cast vote for Ben, it won't work
Mike: how unsettling is this?
Ben is sitting right between Ashely and Devon...time to vote...

Ben told them to vote for Mike?
We know that Chrissy wants Ashley
See Mike



See Chrissy...Ben hugs Ashley...I will see you, to Devon, and Devon goes to hug her, and she shrugs him off

Devon is smiling

Made it to F5, not been easy, getting to F3 will be even tougher...

WOOOHOOOO! Devon made it! YAY! Congrats for all the Ashley voters!

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 S35|East Coast Spoiler Thread|Penul...   Flowerpower1     12-13-17       
   Previously on Survivor.....   Flowerpower1     12-13-17     1  
   Ben gets up early searches for idol...   Flowerpower1     12-13-17     2  
   Ashley fuming she wasn't picked to ...   Flowerpower1     12-13-17     3  
   Devon, Ryan, Chrissy plan F3...   Flowerpower1     12-13-17     4  
   Chrissy's time to be in control of ...   Flowerpower1     12-13-17     5  
     RE: Chrissy's time to be in control...   michel2     12-13-17     8  
         Ryan....   Flowerpower1     12-14-17     14  
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