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"S35 | Confessionals"
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10-01-17, 10:04 AM (EST)
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"S35 | Confessionals"
LAST EDITED ON 10-01-17 AT 10:13 AM (EST)

This season, Jiffy started his mantra and continued all the way to the opening statement: 39 days ~ 18 people ~ 1 Survivor. So, there will be no division of pre-intro and post-intro confessionals. This premier was also only an hour long, as are most shows.

episode | 1 | total
Alan hero| 5 | 5
Ryan hust| 5 | 5
Ashley hero| 3 | 3
Mike heal| 3$| 3
Ali hust| 2 | 2
Ben hero| 2 | 2
Chrissie hero| 2 | 2
Joe heal| 2$| 2
JP hero| 1 | 1
Desi heal| 1 | 1
Devon hust| 1 | 1
Jessica heal| 1 | 1
Katrina hero| 1 | 1X
Lauren hust| 1 | 1
Patrick hust| 1 | 1
Roark heal| 1 | 1
Cole heal| * | *
Simone hust| * | *

$ = Money Quote, million dollar quote

After Jiffy proclaimed, 39 days, 18 people, 1 Survivor, he then introduced the tribes, and then started by picking out people. Are these people that he picked significant? In the immortal words of Rudy, I dunno....But, they exemplified the theme of the season. Ben the hero, Cole the healer wilderness guide, and Mike, the healer sex doctor, then Ali the hustler personal assistant.

So: peeps chosen by Jiffy to talk about what they do and how it validates the tribe they are on:
Ben, Cole, Mike, Ali

There were 2 people that got confessionals during the explanation of the tribes, and they were Chrissie, who had the first confessional of the show, Dr. Mike, then Ryan. Note Mike was called out, then had a confessional about it, and what's more interesting is that first confessional of his, was a MILLION $$ quote!

As per usual, we will start with the biggest counts working downward. There were two stars of the show and they were Ryan, as he found the secret advantage, and Alan, who was the drama on the hero tribe.

Alan gives a great confessional, and has priceless facial expressions. We haven't seen eyes like those since Eliza played in Vanuatu. His first confessional came when we visited the hero tribe on their beach, and Alan notices the flirtatious banter between Ashley and JP, and he notices them going everywhere together.

His first confessional is an admission that he's playing fast and furious...I played in the NFL for 9 years and after you play for a while you can see whoís a tempo setter. And, just now I got a sense of how people are playing the game. And, Iím definitely going to play the game, which for me is a full out sprint out of the gate. See him talk to Ben...

Later, he spies on Ashley and JP...

Iíve been watching those 2 for a while and I honestly think Ashley and JP are working together so I want to make them believe that Iíll work with them, but this power couple, or whatever it is they got going on, is OVER. He says this with emphasis! The next confessional is more of the same, but takes place the next morning, whereas we are watching JP and Ashley at night...I know there is something going on between JP and Ashley. Thereís red flags all over the place between those two. I need to let everybody know those two are stronger together right now than we all are as individuals.

Next confessional reveals his plan to place targets on their backs: I donít know if they had an idol but I didnít actually see anything, I just threw it out there. I know I look like the crazy man, but now I got some fishing going on. I just put a target on their back if it worked the way itís supposed to work.

Next confessional takes place post IC...Ashley and JP think I am in the core four with them, but I donít trust Ashley and JP further than I could throw them. See JP and Ashley walk off. So, whatever they trying to do, Iím blowing it up.

Alan is playing fast and furious, and he's definitely blowing it up. It appears that Ben is with him, but will Ashley and JP be able to get past his wild accusations? If he doesn't calm down, he could become the target very quickly, or will he be the one they want to take to the end? Time will tell.

Ryan's confessionals all centered around him finding the idol, with the exception of his first. His first confessional was while they were on the boat and Jiffy was singling out people to talk about what they do. It followed Ali talking about what she did as a personal assistant. His confessional summed up what he thought of his tribe...Just looking at our group, I hope they are strong and macho, see Devon, hopefully they know how to build a shelter, they know how to crack a coconut, see Patrick. Iím just going to defer to them. I am a 125 pounds soaking wet. I donít drink and I donít have a girlfriend....come on, who wants to align with me? We hear Ryan's strategy right from the start, he wants to align with a strong physical player, one that will complement him, as he lacks strong physical prowess, one that can build a shelter and provide for him.

The next clip just noted, "OMG, I look over and see a small package labeled secret advantage!"

Third confessional was him gushing about finding the secret advantage...I found an advantage on the boat. Nobody knows about it. Itís in my pants, Iím dying to know what it is. For the first time someoneís dying to get in my pants. I kinda just wait for the perfect moment to get away. Itís just going to the jungle by myself, Iím super excited! Iíve never had a secret advantage my entire life, Iím a hustler, hustlers donít get advantages, and the hustler got an advantage!

Fourth: This confessional is broken up by the group asking Devon what he does...the first part: These first impressions are crucial and I really like having Devon in this group because heís different than me. It continues after the scene where Devon tells the group "I teach kids how to surf...I donít make a lot but it pays my rent." See Ryan shake his head yes. (I think that heís channeling his Stephan Fishbach vibes when he spies JT, the good ole country boy).

Ryan's fourth confessional continues after the scene: he seems like he is someone who is looking for someone that is more strategic...more strategically sound. So, I am waiting for the perfect moment when everybody's cleared out of camp, so I can build a connection. Then, we see the scene where he shows him the advantage and tells him he will play it for him and they bond.

Finally, his last confessional is what to do with the secret advantage after his tribe does not lose the challenge: I found this super immunity idol. Itís only good for the first tribal, so I now have to give it to a member of that losing tribe. I can give this to someone that is in the minority, see Chrissie, and save them tonight and they could take out some one who maybe a threat, see Ashley and then Alan, and maybe change the game.

Ryan is a schooled player, it seems he is making wise choices, with a Fishbach move to align with Devon, and then later with singling out the weak link in the hero tribe with giving his advantage to Chrissie. Something I am sure he will clue her into later. Perhaps he's not only building a connection with Devon, but also with Chrissie and her associates. WELL PLAYED. Ryan capitalized on how to use the secret advantage, and he gets kudos for even finding it in the first place. He's a player to watch for me.

Two people had 3 confessionals: Ashley and Mike. Ashley was drawn into the cross hairs by flirting and sticking to JP. Her first confessional was about being in the hero camp...The qualities of being a hero are going to help in the game of S because the whole idea of being a hero is that you are putting others ahead of yourself, as she says this we see Chrissie and Katrina in the picture working. ....which makes for a really strong tribe. (Then cut to a pic of Alan working.)
But, game on, the hero cape falls off and automatically you are thinking alliances, see Ashley and JP walk off together. ...conversations need to happen, (as scene cuts to Alan, who is watching them go off together.) So, it will definitely start to get interesting.
We see that her thoughts and actions speak loudly and clearly. I am sure that the others noted it as well, not just Alan.

Second confessional is reactive to Alan and the drop trousers fiasco...Alan is starting to loose his mind. He had JP strip to check his pants for an idol. So, my mind is literally blown right now. HIs paranoia is like so bad, I mean where is this coming from right now? Cause, I trusted him and I thought he trusted me, but itís snap, just like that, trust is out the window. Moving forward with him seems like it could be a liability down the road....see JP by the fire, then Alan by the fire alone.

Finally, the last confessional creates doubt upon what the "core 4" will do...Alan created a spectacle out of nothing... (see the 2 moms get up and go get firewood),
In less than 12 hours , (see ashley laying next to JP,) everything went from nice, weíre solid 4 to there (see Katrinaís back walking away....then a quick glimpse of Chrissie) really is no trust.
With her stating this, we question whether Alan, and perhaps Ben, will vote with them, or against them...

Dr. Mike had 3 confessionals. He was chosen to tell his profession to the group when the healers were talked about by Jiffy, and he got the second confessional of the show as well, Winning Survivor is like the biggest dream of my life. My wife thinks I am crazy for doing this and my kids are worried I am going to die. But! I am going to rise to the occasion and win! $$ QUOTE - ding, ding, ding.

Second confessional: My son told me to look for the idol. Heís 10 years old and he watches Survivor. If my 10 year old son knows to look for the idol, I should go looking for it. See MIke looking at the map. And, so should everybody else. My biggest fear is to be voted out first but this is a crazy game. But, I did not come out here for an adventure. I am out here for a million dollars, see him run to the shore...and be the best survivor player ever. ($$ quote.) And, so I am willing to do what it takes to win this game. See him picking up drift wood... He's determined and he knows the game. But, immediately after this confessional Joe is seen telling Desi and Roark that when Mike comes back he'll ask him to draw a map to the idol because he knows where it is....interesting how the heroes and the healers have those that are paranoid and bullish about it, Alan and Joe, we are seeing the same themes play out. But, I had more empathy and sympathy for Mike, than I did for Ashley and JP. editing?

Mike's last confessional comes after Joe's confrontation with him...I donít trust Joe for one second. Heís told me that heís had man to man talks with me to essentially bully me into telling him that I went looking for the immunity idol. I mean like, who is this guy? It continues: But, at the same time it puts me at risk. Perception is 90% of reality. Right? Unfortunately, and with that you donít want to be having to fight perception. Mike is a smart guy, he gets it and will contemplate his moves more carefully.

Ali, Ben, Chrissie and Joe all had 2 confessionals. Ali was the first chosen by Jiffy to talk about what she did as a personal assistant, hustler. First confessional: Ali had this confessional after the red tribe lost the first RC...Judging from that horrible competition I was pretty pissed. I am hoping that our work ethic and strength alone can push us together and get it done. But, at this point I am very nervous. (See Ali pointing the way as the others paddle the boat!) I think that Ali is strong, competent, and a leader and will struggle to keep it in to hear her POV, and assessments of others. Makes me think she will be around for a while.

Her second confessional: My priorities from day one are to make sure that I connect with people and Patrick....seems like heís meshing well with the group from since the very beginning. See him trying to eat the bug. So, I kinda want to see where his head's at...then see Patrick yelp, oh, I forgot I had a crab in my pants....see Ali looking back over her shoulder. Continues: If we donít lose we really donít have to worry about an alliance but the way we looked in the first challenge, we should probably start talking now.

Ben seemed like a voice of reason on the Heroes tribe. Right now weíre looking at a core four and thatís me, Alan, Ashley and JP. Weíre all younger we're fit and then we got the 2 moms, see the moms aligning. Weíve named the 2 moms the mom squad. Winning is the most important thing right now for this tribe. When it comes down to it, weíve got each others back. Then see the two moms coming back...It ends on our boot, Katrina.

His second: If everyone had just calmed down and talked it out, weíd be fine. But, here we are, day 3, and weíve all just blown up. Continues: Yup, at TC tonight thereís two ways that Alan and I can go...we can go with the mom squad and go straight with Ashley, (see Ashley chop a coconut), or we can go with JP and Ashley and get Chrissie or Katrina out. Iím a little worried about JP and Ashley having something going on. But, as a tribe we have to stay strong, see Alan, to win, but the two older women, see them, are probably the weakest link in our tribe. Whether or not you go with strength, see Alan, or loyalty, in the long run itís about Alan and I. Who do we trust the most. This confessional is revealing as he confides that he's solidly with Alan. So, who is the real power couple now?

Chrissie was very interesting because she had the FIRST confessional of the show and the LAST confessional of the show. She is going to be a formidable opponent, I think. The first confessional of the show was after Jiffy had called on Ben to tell what he did and who he was, we heard a confessional from Chrissie: I definitely feel I belong on the Heroes tribe. I had a career, I had my kids, then I came back and got an awesome career. But, I need to really down play that because I donít want people to think she already makes a lot of money so we donít want her to win a lot of money. We hear a bit of her strategic approach to being on the heroes tribe. Later, I have to add, in the TC, Jiffy called on her and she flat out said, "No, I don't feel like I deserve to be on the heroes tribe..." We see her follow through on her strategy, a positive sign, imo.

Her second confessional was the last one before TC: I was getting ready for tribal and looked in my bag. I see a package. I have no idea what it is. She pulls out the idol, OMG! Reads: Some one has secretly chosen you to have immense power early in the game. OMG! This is an immunity super idol. This idol can be played after the votes have been read but it can only be used at tonights TC. Wow! How lucky did I get, she puts it on. I got the super immunity idol and it feels incredible. I think the decision of what I do with the super idol is extremely impt tonight. Especially since half the tribe is potentially on the chopping block. See JP, then Katrina. Katrina, me, Ashley, Alan, we donít know. Clearly, If itís me on the block, Iím using it to save myself. I just want to see what plays out and let the discussion at TC dictate what happens and for whom. Smart.

Joe. First confessional: I wanted to be in a tribe that I could easily manipulate. When you are a healer you have a big heart and when you have a big heart you donít really think with your mind, you think with your heart. I am a healer because my main job is rehabilitation. But, Iím not a probation officer when I am out here. I came out here to win and I am probably more strategic then everyone all together. So, they are just all my victims at this point. Hmmmm? Playing like Tony, like Sarah? $$Quote, over confident and cocky?

Second confessional: Mike is definitely a player and I am a tad bit concerned that heís running around and trying to find the idol. So, I think he went and looked for the idol and by now heís probably got more than one. Hear Desi defend Mike, "he's getting firewood". Joe continues: I have a great lie detector and I am thinking Mike is not a trustworthy guy. he a bully, is he a villain? I think so. Is he a RussHell? Time will tell...

Now we are left with the remaining castmates with 1 confessional sans Cole, who had none. But, we did hear Cole talking about being glad they were on a season with 3 tribes so if they come in second, they still don't lose. We heard Cole being spoken about from Jessica as well, and we heard Jiffy call on him at the beginning of the show, so he definitely had a presence.

JP: Alan is a crazy guy. He just all of a sudden gets this crazy look in his eyes just his drama and everything that he causes is, I think, not worth his strength. Just a loose canon like that kinda rocks the ship.

Desi: Iím fortunate to be a part of the healers tribe, first and foremost we can communicate. And, as long as we do that in camp life, everything will run smoothly.

Devon: Ryan tells me about this special immunity idol. He said that heíd be willing to use the idol for me. Ryan and I have the same ideas the same plans, the chemistry is perfect. Devon is the pawn to Ryan's king/queen.

Jessica: Cole is Tarzan. I like him alot. Heís trying not to be the tough guy but he is. I mean, heís ripped. He has beautiful tanned skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, I think I have fallen in love! Giggle.

Katrina: I donít feel totally safe, I donít have a good alliance on the team. I knew I needed to get people together, we need four people to vote for somebody...Right now I think I have a plan with Chrissie, Alan, and Ben. I have to put faith in 3 people that I am not sure totally have my back. Hopefully it works.

Lauren: Today we didnít win the challenge, but at the same time, letís not give up. See Patrick and Devon building the shelter...Being hustlers we are very hard workers and thatís just like kick it in gear and this is what we need to do the rest of this game. See Ryan. Cause really, if we play as a team we will be fine. If not, weíre gonna be screwed.

Patrick: Ali, sheís a very smart girl and we are vining really well but on an island where we can trust no one, I feel like I could trust her but this is Survivor, so, I feel good but Iím not certain.

Roark: As we row in we see the biggest fire that any of us have ever seen. And, it sets us up on the right foot....Healers are definitely a team based group in how we approach our careers, in terms of how we approach our lives and I think thatís really a distinct difference between us and the other two.

Well, a lot to process in a one hour premier. I would say the strongest players right out of the gate, or at least the one's to watch are Ryan, Chrissie, Ben, Dr. Mike, Roark, and Ali.

I would guess that we have had a confessional from our next boot. Which would make Cole safe.

I will make some guesses regarding my thoughts and risk status for next week. We see Cole and Jessica as a couple, and we know that that will attract notice from the others. Cole is strong and they need strength, so I think Jessica will be more at risk of the two. I think the wild banshee is Patrick, and I think that is misdirection, Patrick had one smart confessional, I think he is safe, and I think Ali, is a player to watch, she's safe. Ryan is safe and in good position, and he's with Devon, also safe. Roark was sound in conf. and we heard her commenting on the strategy of the IC puzzle, and she also was lifted to light the torch and win the fire making kit = safe. Ben + Chrissie = both safe, Alan safe in association...I put him at slight risk because of his drama last week? JP and Ashley were the couple in question, JP is valued for strength, so if either of these go, I predict Ashley is more at risk. She had a spike in confessionals, while JP had 1.

Putting Mike as safe, because I think he's one of the chosen ones by editing to watch. He had several money quotes, he's an astute player, and he's the hero to Joe's villain. I think Dr. Mike, will prevail. We also saw Desi stick up for Mike. 2 v 1 right there.

Desi's only confessional was fluff, she's expendable, at this point. We did hear her defend Mike to Joe. If Joe thinks Mike has an idol, perhaps he targets someone that could be with him?

Lauren: Slight risk if Red goes to TC, she's the older woman, good worker however. Fluff first confessional, expendable?

Joe for me had 2 confessionals, we got to see him, and his comments on building the tribe up when they landed, then in his confessionals admitting that he's a manipulator then going for the jugular with Dr. Mike. A good villain. But, did he come on too strong too quickly? I dunno?

Simone: Not seen at all, UTR boot?

Safe: Cole, Ryan, Patrick, Roark, Devon, JP, Chrissie, Ben, Alan, Ali, Mike

Slight risk: Alan, Desi, Lauren

At risk: Ashley, Joe, Jessica, Simone

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