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"S34: Game Changer Confessionals"
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03-18-17, 02:47 PM (EST)
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"S34: Game Changer Confessionals"
LAST EDITED ON 03-18-17 AT 03:40 PM (EST)

Really late to this party and for the double header I am getting the confessionals from the editing thread. I was late to watch that night, and no time to pain stakingly go through. Hope you understand! I am calling the show up to the first boot, 1a, then the second boot episode will be 1b.

        episode | I | 1a| total
Tony Mana | 1 | 2 | 3
Malcolm Mana | 1 | 2 | 3
Sandra Mana | 1 | 2 | 3
Cirie Nuku | 1 | 2 | 3
Brad Nuku | 1 | 1 | 2
Michaela Mana | * | 2 | 2
Ciera Mana | * | 2 | 2X
Debbie Nuku | 1 | * | 1
Andrea Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Hali Mana | * | 1 | 1
Caleb Mana | * | 1 | 1
Zeke Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Sarah Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Sierra Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Ozzy Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Troyzan Mana | * | 1 | 1
Tai Nuku | * | 1 | 1
Varner Mana | * | 1 | 1
Aubry Mana | * | 1 | 1
JT Nuku | * | * | *

Things to note. In the intro, which counts as the footage prior to the intro credits/theme song, we had 6 confessionals. In order, they were Tony, Malcolm, Sandra, Cirie, Debbie and Brad. However, the opening segment continued on after the intro, and jiffy questioned some and we heard from Ozzy, JT, Cirie, and Zeke.

Tony, Malcolm, Sandra, and Cirie had the most confessionals of the episode with 3. They ALL had an intro confessional. Tony talked about his prior game and just when you think you have seen it all, you haven't, and when he escaped to look for idols and no one followed him, so he decided to indeed look for idols. He then noted that everyone else was just talking while he was working. Same Tony, different game. Malcolm noted that he was a big move maker prior, but this season he didn't want to pull a "Tony" and thought he should get a foothold with alliances. Thank he notes that everyone is throwing out Tony and Caleb as targets, but he wants the person that is throwing those names out, Cierra. Sandra talks about winning the game twice and that it wasn't just luck, she's the queen, doing what she knows how to do. Then she notices that everyone is gunning for Tony, but they need strength, and they need him. She got the last confessional before TC, talking about how Michaela reacted when she found out she was the boot decoy, pouting etc, so if we need to take her out, we can and take Cierra out any time. Cirie's first confessional was about her, a bonafide couch potato, made it to the end, but the only thing left to do was to win. She then comments on Ozzy and how she didn't start the blindside with him; it was 8 years ago, maybe everyone can remain calm. Last confessional was about the war was going to start anyway, what difference would it be if it was today or tonight, there would be blood!

Brad had an intro confessional: to win this game you have to go big or go home. Then, his prior season was so difficult, Monica on one side, and then he was so aggressive on the other side, but this time, he's letting everyone come to him, and he says, WWMD, What would Monica do? She'd be slow playing this now, he's got a long way to go but he's off to a good start.

Michaela had no intro confessionals, but 2 post intro confessionals: This time around she wants to bite her tongue, but she can't hide her facial expressions. It's very difficult to lie. Then, Ciera's name came up as boot, and she's great with that, that is who she wanted...

Ciera also had 2 confessionals in her boot episode. No intro ones, however. First conf: I've played with winners before and she thinks they give her an advantage. Next, in the kiss of death spot post losing IC challenge, she let everyone down.

Debbie had one intro confessional: Anybody who watched Survivor Kaoh Rong that I got strength like a gymnast and tenacity like a giant squid. When I come into this game itís to go for broke. This is the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes (Michael seen, then Caleb and Ciera) all at once so you better go for it.

Andrea had first confessional after the opening segment: Itís survivor game changers so you canít just sit around and hope to make it to the end. The stakes have been raised. This is going to be an epic season, so, GAME on!

Hali had one confessional post intro, dejavu when she saw the tribe flag, everyone else is like a snake in the grass but she's a cobra, you won't know what hit you.

Caleb: I like Tony; heís got high spirits. Day one, paranoia, stirring up trouble all I can say is thatís just Tony for you. You wouldnít expect anything less but heís got a big target on his back.

Zeke: His confessional is all about how he's out there with the greats, Cirie, Ozzy, JT, but he deserves to be there too, he wants to lather himself with the blood of his enemies...

Sarah comments on her own game: I have a phenomenal social game. Iím a police officer so I can read people and with a season called ďgame changersĒ, I feel like somebody will get anxious(Zeke Shown) and feel as if they need to make a move which will put a target on their back and then I got to be the silent assassin!

Sierra comments on finding the legacy idol clue, giving her a chance to do something big with her game this time, but she's already a strong competitor, her comfort is hanging out with the guys so she wants to keep them close.

Ozzy: I think my competition is fierce. In Survivor, big moves always require big risks. A lot of times they are not successful but if you donít make them your chance of winning the game are very small. Cirie and I played together in Fan vs Favs and Cirie helped to get me out. Iím not sure if I can trust her. So, this time around, as a game changer, I need to be the master of blindsides and if we lose an immunity challenge, itís going to be Cirie that is going to go. Ozzy sets up a rivalry between he and Cirie. Will this be their only story, get the other out?

Troyzan: He comments on Tony, the biggest threat there. He caught him already trying to dig up the idol, he didn't confront him, but he's got a guilty face, but he's got to be careful with a guy like that.

Tai: Tells us about the bad history between Ozzy and Cirie. Ozzy and JT keep bringing Cirie's name up, they have a history, but he likes Cirie so doesn't want to get caught in something where Cirie has to go.

Varner: He's used to losing and going to TC first, no one wants to go. He wants to keep the tribe strong and vote out Cierra, who voted out her mother, she's flip-flopped, she's forced ties, she's slick.

Aubry: Notes Michaela's hot streak, and if you ignite it, she'll burn the whole place down.

Not going to comment too much. A lot of intro, game setting comments, assessments of each other. Tony came out in a "Tony" kind of way and most valued him as a shield for themselves, and as a strong competitor in challenges, while Cierra was slick, someone that was a game changer that voted out her mother, and forced ties. Also, noted that Micahela has a temper. While on Nuku, it seems to be mostly about the Ozzy vs. Cirie rivalry, Sierra has the legacy advantage, Sarah's got a great social game, Brad's going to play like Monica, etc. In the end, they went with the queen and voted out Cierra, the slick one.

Special significance aka pay attention to the intro confessionals...I'd say most at risk were the ones with 3 confessionals, and JT, with none. And, as we find out, it was one with 3 confessionals.

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