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"S33| East Coast Update Thread | Fin..."
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12-14-16, 09:11 PM (EST)
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"S33| East Coast Update Thread | Fin..."
Here we go:

2 hour season finale

Jiffy starts with the Daws at the reunion

Going to show us what they are doing next season and who is playing....

Let's get to it!

6 left, 3 Millennials, 3 Gen X

#Survivorfinale: for 35 days, it's been a battle bet clashing cultures Mills vs. Gen x, 2 groups with 2e diff't approaches to life, a season like no other, mother natures fury, and risky romance, raw emotion, and bridges built bet TC, the game play was intense, leading to an epic rock draw, and stream of devastating blindsides only 6 remain, 3 Mills and 3 gen x.

Adam, only thing left to do is win for his mom....set my mind to winning this game...

Jay since merge avoided vote, without idol to protect, can he win his way to the end...

Hanna early in game suffered a panic attack watching the game matured into dangerous player, is her resume enough

Bret the likable boston police sergeant, has a lot of friends on jury...

Ken: single father playing for his daughter and has legacy advantage...never strayed from his alliance with David, will being loyal pay off in the end
David: send described fearful oddball, is strategic game's actually possible that I might be a millionaire in a few days!

Who will win the million and the title of sole survivor?

Night 35

they talked about weeding out the idol

Jay: they flushed the idol and left me bare and naked in this freaking jungle, now must go around and start searching for a new one

Hanna and Bret talking: our chance to get David, had him in our sites, we could have got him, you are there you take him out, David is dangerous and he should have gone tonight, I'm working with complete morons, dave and Jay are going to win this thing, we have to vote them out

see them all sleeping but david

somehow escaped another vote, huge target on my back, I have to do everything I can to survivor....I need to create a little chaos, stealing beads, etc, and he's making an idol fake HII, could really mess up someones game, we are barreling toward the end of this game....he takes the idol and hides it in a coconut.....for someone else to find, hopefully by tomorrow morning I will have caught a fish

See Jay, I need a miracle, then I hear Jay....I need to get some coconuts....Ken with him...all I'm doing is focusing I'm looking and I see an emblem...Jay sees the fake one....

dAvid is excited I think he may have seen it, caught the fish I wanted to catch

Jay thinks it is one, he kisses it....guess what there is another one...I have a train of losers in the camp...let's freaking do this....I'm going for a million bucks!

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 S33| East Coast Update Thread | Fin...   Flowerpower1     12-14-16       
   Post intro....   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     1  
   RE: S33| East Coast Update Thread |...   PepeLePew13     12-14-16     2  
   Post IC, Pre TC....David wins IC   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     3  
   F6=Jay   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     4  
   F5 IC winner = Ken   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     5  
   F5 = Bret   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     6  
   Ken wins Final IC....   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     7  
     RE: Ken wins Final IC....   PepeLePew13     12-14-16     8  
         RE: Ken wins Final IC....   Flowerpower1     12-15-16     18  
   F3 = Ken, Adam, Hanna   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     9  
   Final Tribal   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     10  
   Only thing left to do is to vote......   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     11  
   UNANIMOUS VOTE! ADAM wins!   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     12  
     RE: UNANIMOUS VOTE! ADAM wins!   michel2     12-15-16     21  
   reunion show   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     13  
   Michaela   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     14  
   Next season...   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     15  
     RE: Next season...   michel2     12-15-16     20  
         RE: Next season...   Sheldor     12-15-16     24  
   Happy Holidays!   Flowerpower1     12-14-16     16  
     RE: Happy Holidays!   tribephyl     12-15-16     17  
         RE: Happy Holidays!   CTgirl     12-15-16     22  
         RE: Happy Holidays!   kingfish     12-15-16     23  
         RE: Happy Holidays!   Chez     12-16-16     25  
             RE: Happy Holidays!   michel2     12-16-16     26  
         RE: Happy Holidays!   Flowerpower1     12-16-16     27  
         RE: Happy Holidays!   SquidProQuo     12-16-16     28  
     RE: Happy Holidays!   michel2     12-15-16     19  

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