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"S: 33|Confessional Analysis"
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09-28-16, 03:53 PM (EST)
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"S: 33|Confessional Analysis"
LAST EDITED ON 09-28-16 AT 06:05 PM (EST)

So sorry I am late to the party this episode, but I did want to post this prior to the airing of episode 2.

We have 2 sections to note with the first episode. The confessionals that were chosen to be shown in the intro, and those that are shown post intro. I consider the intro to be the ones shown prior to when Jiffy says: 20 Survivors, 39 days, 1 winner. Here we go:

The first confessional went to Taylor who spoke of what a lot of us may think a "Millennial" is....essentially a "peter pan type". HIs confessional was: My generation, itís all about doing what you wanna do, and I have done a lot....bee keeper, Iíve brewed beer, snow board instructor, Iíve gone to N Dakota. I'm definitely a peter pan type, like Iíll never grow up, this is who I am and I canít change.

The second confessional the second confessional gave us more insight into what a millennial is and it came from Mari. Interesting to note that it delivered the first winning quote of the episode... I play video games online for a living. And, as an adult you are constantly told, grow up, stop playing, but, I want to make my entire life about playing and Survivor is the game of games and I am going to win.

The third confessional came from another Millennial, Zeke, but his contrasted from the first two....The thing about young people, they are always on social media. They are always on twitter, but I donít like being tied to my phone. I generally resent technology. I think twitter is the worst thing ever invented. I mean I am on twitter but I still think itís horrendous.

The fourth confessional was from a Generation X'er, Chris. He told us what it's like for a Gen X: Iím an attorney and I am 38 years old and I know the older generation, they take and they actually listen and they use those life experiences. If you havenít ever been knocked down, then you donít know how to get up and fight.

The fifth confessional also came from a Gen X'r, Sunday: I have 4 kids and I am actually quite surprised at the 25 year old kids that sit home and play video games, so I just feel like they are a little bit more due sera, sera...if it takes me 7 years to get through school, who cares, my parents are paying for it.

And, the final confessional of the intro was from David: I am a tv writer and it took me 14 years in assistant purgatory to finally become a writer, and I donít think younger people would put that kind of time into whatever their dream is. They would just try to find a new dream.

The confessionals were divided between the 2 opposing sides, and their content gives us their views of not only themselves but from what they perceive the other side to be like. We know that they are chosen carefully to underline the theme of the season, but often the winner is mixed within. Last season, Michele did not have an intro confessional. I tend to think they may just take the best quotes that serve to set up the season.

With the intros discussed above, here is our first look at the confessionals as they line up in episode one:

episode      | I | 1 | total

David Tak | 1 | 4 | 5
Jessica Tak | * | 4 | 4
Mari Van | 1+| 3 | 4
Zeke Van | 1 | 3 | 4
Chris Tak | 1 | 3 | 4
Adam Van | * | 3 | 3
Bret Tak | * | 3 | 3
Hannah Van | * | 3 | 3
Cece Tak | * | 2 | 2
Paul Tak | * | 2 | 2
Rachel Tak | * | 2 | 2X
Sunday Tak | 1 | 1 | 2
Taylor Van | 1 | 1 | 2
Will Van | * | 2 | 2
Figgy Van | * | 1+| 1
Jay Van | * | 1 | 1
Ken Tak | * | 1 | 1
Michaela Van | * | 1 | 1
Michelle Van | * | 1 | 1
Lucy Van | * | * | 0

+ = Winner Quote

Here is how I see this so far:

David: He's certainly a character. He gives an intro confessional that I think serves to set up the perception of the other tribe, the Millennials, in contrast to himself as a Gen X. HIs next confessional introduces himself as a character...."He doesn't like bugs and such", but he does like to game and strategize. We see a lot of him and his reactions while trying to be helpful with the building of the shelter and it's really comical. We are left to think, what is he doing out there? But, I remember that I felt the same way about Cochran on his first chance. His second confessional of the post intro segment underlines his weakness in building the shelter, and starts to emphasize his paranoia over his lack of physical strength over any one else which could lead to his being on the chopping block....he tells us of his neurosis and his fear of dying. But, continuing on he notes that he IS a gen X'r, and so he won't quit or give up, and while he is noting this he's crying and we hear very sympathetic soft music. This is an underdog edit, but we are supposed to want to root for him, I think. This is the one that doesn't fit as the Survivor, yet I think that there is hope for him. We hear: I am going to work hard to make this happen and I am going to turn this game around for myself....cue nice sympathetic soft music. I need to start looking really hard for the immunity idol. It might be the only thing that can save me.

His third confessional was about being paranoid he'd be going home, and the final confessional of the episode noted that he was still afraid that he'd be going, he hopes his speech was enough, but he wouldn't know until TC.

David I think is going to be a big character for the season, and he's certainly starting out in a very dubious manner as the underdog. With his edit, he could have garnered sympathy from us and hope that he'd survive for JUST this episode, OR, it could have garnered hope that he'll SURVIVE. I think he has legs, and not just for this episode, perhaps? I think that David is safe, but he could be at slight risk?

Jessica had 4 confessionals post intro. The first 2 confessionals were about her finding the clue, and the next was telling us what it was, the legacy advantage. She intends to be the only one that will get it and last the 36 days herself. Her next 2 confessionals had to do with the scrambling at the end of the episode, post challenge, pre TC. First she notes how David was seen scrambling looking for the idol, and he has one it will complicate things and he will be going home. The last one was about how if someone doesn't do well in the challenge it will magnify them as a boot choice, so she wants to vote out Rachel, but she's still worried that someone has the idol.

Jessica finding the clue to the Legacy Advantage throws the spot light on her. She is shown to be with the 2 guys, Chris, Brett, and we know that she voted with the 6....Chris, Bret, Paul, Jessica, Sunday, and Lucy. Jessica is SAFE.

Mari got an intro confessional exemplifying what Jiffy wants us to think of Millennials. She also got 3 after the intro. Her first one noted that this is war but the others on the other tribe must also think that they are the best generation. Her next confessional was elation that none of the millennials have "regular" jobs, they are all over the map, they see things in a completely diff't way and that is their strength. The next confessional was in regard to playing the game. She acknowledges the "popular" group and they need to tear that popular group apart, she will play this game like a video game and pull the misfits and outcasts together. She will start putting in people's ears that the four pretty people are inseparable, that's dangerous so while they, the misfits, have the numbers, they need to strike.

Mari is the face of the Millennials, and at this point she's riding the misfit/outcast wave. She's SAFE!

Zeke: His first confessional in the intro was contrasting to the prior Millennial confessionals...he hates social media, he does it, it's horrendous. His next confessional builds on how he's different than the rest of them....they are a bunch of kids, that have never had a real job, while he's got the heart of an 80 year old. After the evacuation and return to camp, the tide changed. Zeke becomes the leader, re-building the shelter and then building fire without a flint: I would rate our camp at like pigpen level, itís is just a mud flat with like sticks of bamboo that are just haphazard sticking out and I am thinking, great, we will build a base, we got a tarp, itís not going to be as bad as last night. itís hard though because the rain never lets up and like last night was one of the hardest nights of my life. So, I donít understand how it could get must worse than that.

Cut to Jiffy arriving by boat.

So, we are standing around camp, and Jeff Probst pulls up and I donít know what heís going to say, but I am a little nervous.

HIs last confessional: We get back to camp and itís a wreck. We have a base but we need a roof, so we needed to hobble the shelter together and Iike I led the building of the second shelter....look, i donít know how to build a shelter, I live in Brooklyn, I know how to ride the subway and thatís like the extent of my outdoor skills. But, you know what, I stepped up and I did it, itís like against all odds I have become the leader of the camp....see him making fire....I never think of myself as the person that feels adept out here in the outdoors, I am not that kind of a person, but I am in on the idea of proving how tough I am, so, in a weird way Survivor is helping me rise to my potential. We have fire, and I made it! I never in a million years thought that I was going to be the guy that makes fire without flint! I feel like a milestone has been reached in my life that Iíve like become a new man I feel like I am growing as a person out here , I am affected by this experience in a very positive way! Iím very proud of myself right now! GREAT MUSIC, coming of age!

Clearly, Zeke is rising to the occasion. In his group of kids he's becoming the leader and rising to the occasion. He's a journey player perhaps that is already starting to reach potential. Let's see what else he can rise to! SAFE

Chris had an intro confessional that sets up the generational differences from his perspective. I see his confessionals as mostly narrational. After the intro his first confessional was about Dave, up there scrambling, he's paranoid, but he's also funny and charming, but he's pushing too hard too early. Next, he speaks about receiving the tarp and the ominous sign that is concerning the weather. Finally, he notes that Rachel was barking out orders and David blew the puzzle so those two are on the chopping block. Chris appears in good with Paul and Brett and Jessica perhaps. He voted with the six, I see him as safe.

Adam was like Chris, mostly narrational. First he tells us that they are all so happy and will prove that people are wrong about Millennials. Then, he tells us all about the horrible shelter they have, no roof, etc, everyone is so happy, nobody seems to care, he talks about how Millennials don't believe if you set your mind to something and you can dream big, then you can go ahead and accomplish it...Then, he talks about when Jiffy came with the tarp....this is unprecedented! This is not all fun and games this is the real deal. This is a real cyclone and there are real peoples lives at stake! With 3 confessionals that are all narrational, I feel like he's SAFE for now.

Bret is also mostly narrational. He notes how David is afraid of his own shadow, how he was covering his ears, there are more girls with more testosterone than him! Next, I wanted to beat the Milís so bad, we really have alot of people with strength and experience, I really thought that we would outshine them today and I am shocked that we didnít. At the IC Rachel tells everyone that she can do puzzles, then she screws it all up. Finally, his last confessional he is debating over Rachel or David to vote for. Rachel is useless in challenges and that's a liability but he wants to write David's name down because he thinks he has an idol, but if they have 6 they can split the votes. We have myself, Chris, Paul, Sunday, Jess, and Lucy. So, Cece, Ken, Dave and Rachel will be left out of the loop as to who we are voting for. Bret tells us the dynamics, he's narrating. He's SAFE for now.

Hannah has 3 confessionals and she appears to be the first observer of the pretty people alliance. She's funny! Her first confessional: So, looking around, it makes me nervous because I am seeing all the beautiful faces of kappa kappa Survivor...cause I donít want to be the obvious first out,but itís hard when you donít obviously fit in. Her next confessional was about the horrible shelter and how they can see the terrible storm approaching over the sea coming to get them like a monster to punish them for not building the shelter....narrational and very descriptor! Next, Hannah notes her plan...when you look at the group, there really has been like this division between the high school cool kids and the sort of misfit nerds. Cool kids vs. misfits and I do feel like the misfits are gonna be on the outs. So, I need now to squash that in the bud. Then she goes and enlists Mari. Hannah is going to be a player and is excellent at observation! She'll be SAFE this week!

Cece had 2 confessionals....first about the weather and the night of hell, then more about the storm and how they could have gotten hurt with the fallen tree. Considering her name was written down almost as much as Rachel's, we saw that she knew she was out of the loop but clung to Rachel....they didn't even vote together. I'd say that Cece is on the outside looking in. I'll put her AT RISK.

Paul had 2 confessionals, first he expects all of the Gen X'rs to be his caliber, hard workers, sound decision making etc., then, about Jeff coming to camp, knew something was up. Not much of a showing, but in with the 6, so I'll say SAFE for now.

Rachel commented on the weather and cyclone and then the second to the last confessional about not expecting to feel this way this soon in the game and that she and Cece are on the chopping block, it's not a good sign when people say "I don't know", so "I don't know"! David and Rachel got the last 2 confessionals as they were on the chopping block.

Sunday: She got an Intro confessional about her perception of Millennials, and then another confessional about Rachel: Rachel is definitely over eager sheís definitely confrontative, when you are in a group, it can bring a lot of negativity to the group, and people donít like it. She gave the reason to vote Rachel off. She's in with the 6 so she's SAFE.

Taylor got the first confessional of the season, he's the face of the Millennials, and his confessional was what the producers want you to think of them....they never want to grow up and they can do anything, like going to North Dakota! His first confessional post intro: Iíve got an awesome tribe there is one guy that I connect with, name's Jay. Heís got this gnarly hair and I can tell heí s just a bro. Heís gonna be someone that I can get along with pretty easily. ....and then I def. hit it off with Figs cause sheís pretty darn cute, laughs. And also Michelle, cause they are pretty good looking and I am a sucker for pretty girls. So, I already have a connection with these people here.
I think what a naiive little Peter Pan he is. These girls will eat him for lunch. He's seen with the pretty people, and he's at high RISK! If he isn't the first one out of their tribe, maybe he can learn, but I am dubious about his chances.

Will: Will had 2 confessionals as well, and he's narrational.....may the best generation win and then he gives us a blow by blow of how they all decided to take a break and have a beach party while their shelter was unfinished and the dark clouds were moving in, their shelter was one of the worst in Survivor history, And, I am thinking to myself there is no way we are getting the shelter finished in time. Will is not in with the pretty people so I think if his tribe goes to TC, he's SAFE.

Figgy: Back home I am a flirty girl and I am the center of attention. Iím good at manipulating men. People think that I am just a pretty face but they donít know the brains behind the face. Maybe I will end up getting the million dollar check and Iíll get a husband ****Winner quote****Jay and I had a connection like right off the bat and Taylor is my blue-eyed beauty, and I think heís so attractive. And, I knew those 2 boys are tight so of course I wanted to be a part of that, itís going to be strong.

Figgy is a smart cookie, imo, and she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it, but unfortunately for her, Hannah has her number too. Taylor looks like the tool that is eating out of her hand. The player between Taylor and Figgy is certainly Figgy. I think for that reason Figgy is at HIGH RISK.

Jay: one confessional: Taylor is my boy, I call him Tails, Figgy is my girl, they are my go two, we are cool, Namaste Michelle is cool too, she's one hot girl, btw, super hot. Clearly, Jay is "stoked" that he has his "go to's" already. But, we know that being a part of a strong 4 is not necessarily the best place to be when there are 6 more who have your number. AT RISK.

Ken: 1 confessional: Gives us some insight into himself....he's at home in the elements, wants to be uplifting to the group, have their backs. Team player, BUT, we find out that he IS NOT one of the six, they are not having his back. Is this an ominous sign for Ken? I think he's out of the loop but he's not making waves either, so I will keep him SAFE at least for this week.

Michaela: Very insignificant in the first episode, but did get one confessional about the weather and a reaction to Jiffy coming to camp. She's with the misfits, so she's SAFE for now.

Michelle: I think people see me as truthful cause of my faith, you know people have been coming up to me, you know Jay and I made a little bond, I also had Hannah tell me sheíll trust me and in this game having people trust you in this game, thatís very beneficial. Then she chops with the machete...( I think sheís going to betray). We see Michelle is in the pretty people group, but we also saw Hannah talking with her. She's in a good position, and people assuming too much about her can be very much in her favor, come down the road. For now, however, she's being noticed with the popular kids so she will be at SLIGHT RISK.

Lucy: No confessionals, could be a hidden boot next, but she was with the "6", so I will have her as SAFE.

From confessionals:

SAFE: Mari, Zeke, Chris, Adam, Bret, Hannah, Paul, Sunday, Will, Ken, Michaela, Lucy

Sight RISK: David, Michelle

At RISK: Cece, Jay

HIGH RISK: Taylor, Figgy,

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