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"S: 32| Confessionals Tracker"
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02-20-16, 11:04 AM (EST)
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"S: 32| Confessionals Tracker"
LAST EDITED ON 02-21-16 AT 10:55 PM (EST)

LAST EDITED ON 02-21-16 AT 10:50†PM (EST)

Kicking off the confessionals for another season. I welcome ALL input. I readily admit that I am not the master at interpretation, but I will point out things that I notice and hope that everyone will comment on anything regarding the confessionals. The more the merrier!

This season I thought that the confessionals were really spread out fairly evenly and served to introduce us to all of the daws! I have divided confessionals for the first episode between confessionals during the intro, there were 9, and then confessionals for episode 1, which are post-introduction, and totals. I have put initials for their respective tribes, after their names. Chanloh = Brains, ToTang = Brawn, Gondol = Beauty

Finally, when one has a confessional, then it is broken up by them doing or interacting with someone which shows them doing what they are saying in the confessional, then pick up again to continue the confessional, I will count that as ONE confessional. When there is a confessional, and it's broken up by someone elses confessional, then followed by another confessional by the first person, then I will count those as 2 independent confessionals.

episode        | I | 1 | total

Scot To | 1 | 4 | 5 |
Tai Go | 1 | 4 | 5 |
Anna Go | 1 | 3 | 4 |
Alecia To | . | 4 | 4 |
Debbie Ch | 1 | 3 | 4 |
Aubrey Ch | . | 3 | 3 |
Caleb Go | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Cydney Go | 0 | 3 | 3 |
KyleJason To | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Liz Ch | . | 3 | 3 |
Neal Ch | . | 3 | 3 |
Nick Go | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Peter Ch | 1 | 2 | 3 |
Darnell To | . | 2 | 2 | X
Jennifer To | . | 2 | 2 |
Joe Ch | 1 | 1 | 2 |
Michele Go | . | 2 | 2 |
Julia Go | . | 1 | 1 |


Darnell To | . | 2 | 2 |

There were 9 confessionals in the introduction. First we had 2 confessionals from each tribe = 6, leaving 3 more. I felt as though the first 2 confessionals from each tribe served to introduce us to the tribes and the people on them. I felt that the remaining 3 confessionals were confessionals perhaps by some of the featured characters of the season, who were Caleb, Joe, and Tai.

For Brains we had Peter and Debbie. Peter told us that he's an ER Doctor and that it would be hard for him not to show how smart he is and show humility. He ended it with But, I can't deal with ignorant people because they think they know what they are talking about....which then cuts to Debbie's confessional.

The way these 2 confessionals were presented, and how it segued in to Debbie's confessional, it inferred that Debbie is one of those "ignorant" people that Peter just mentioned. Debbie admits that this is mainly a brain game, and that puzzles lay down for her like lovers.

For Brawn we had the 2 biggest boys: Scot, the ex pro bball player, who did the things that nobody else wanted to do, knock people down, push people out of the way. When he says this we see Nick sitting in the back ground. Foreshadowing? Then, he talks about getting along with the strong, see Daryl and Jason, and if you show a sign of weakness, Bye bye! His confessional ended with a very hearty very low laugh...
Next, Jason had a confessional. All about being the bounty hunter, and he didn't care, it's a pay check. Will this be how he plays this game, he doesn't care just as long as he gets his paycheck? I think these 2 could be players, and they gave us how they will play the game, Scot rolling over everyone, using his biggest advantage, his size, and Jason, who will do anything he has to to get the paycheck.

For the Beauty tribe we had Anna, who will accent her virtues if she thinks someone is noticing, and then Nick, who knows his life has been easier because of his looks, and he knows it. They will each capitalize on the strengths they know they possess.

These were all samplings of the players within the divided tribes and their confessionals reflected why they were divided into these tribes. They are all significant, imo. I remind you that last season there were only a few people that didn't get intro confessionals that were not end game players. Will that apply this season as well?

Next, some of the characters of the season: Caleb, who was on BB, but he's an outdoorsman who doesn't mind getting dirty; Joe, an ex FBI agent who is used to going a mile a minute, but this is the real deal for him, and finally Tai, who is trying to save the chicken because he loves all living creatures. I would be shocked if any of the last 3 are winners.

In sum the 9 with confessionals in the intro included 4 from the Beauty tribe: Anna, Nick, Caleb, and Tai; 3 from the Brains: Peter, Debbie, Joe; and 2 from the Brawn tribe: Scot and Jason. With four from the beauty tribe we have to wonder if that will be the dominant force this season? I also wonder if the girls in the Brawn tribe will be insignificant since we didn't hear from any of them.

For the episode Scot, Tai, and Alecia had the most confessionals. I felt that Scot played the narrator of his tribe. He commented on the great group that he had, then he commented on poor Jenny, how he was worried about the challenge, then he comments about Darnell and Alecia are on the chopping block, but it's only one, Darnell, that is dead weight... and, finally, he comments on Alecia, how they were just trying to give her blatant hints to stay calm, cause right now you are killing yourself. Scot was also seen playing a very contrasting game from Tai. After Tai saved the chicken on the boat, we saw Scot catch the loose chicken and wring it's neck!

Tai had confessionals. He first asked why is he on the beauty tribe, Iím bald, big head, skinny little body, I just think when I go home people gonna say, HUH? they may ask, why they put you on beauty tribe? Ask my boyfriend or somebody? I think personalities may come out, we all have beautiful inside and outside.... Next, he comments how he loves all living creatures especially plants, talks about how cutting off the branches changes them forever, and then goes in depth about his own story of survival going on a boat with no food and little water to a refugee camp in near Cambodia, then coming to America. He's ready for the adventure... Next, he tells us about going to look for the idol, and his final confessional was that he screwed up, went looking for a half an hour and got caught. This all set the dynamics at Beauty. Tai, who others wondered why he was on beauty, Caleb, and he wondered as well, then he's clearly older than the others, and then to top it off, he breaks from the group to aggressively search for the idol. It's clear, if this tribe goes to TC, Tai is on the bottom at this point.

Alicia was the boot decoy and her confessionals reflected all of this. First one was in regard to her looking like Malibu Barbie, but she's done a lot in her life and knows she can do this, then she worried about being on the chopping block, then her plan was to blame it all on Darnell, and finally didn't think she could trust Scot, Darnell was her only option.

Debbie had an intro confessional and 3 episode confessionals. Clearly she is a character and has said that her favorite survivor is Coach. She does remind me of Coach a bit. Additionally from her confessionals, she's seen a lot! Like when they get on their raft and she yells, "We're having fun now, kids!", then she goes on to yell, "You know what? Who's a good swimmer, because I am an EXCELLENT swimmer!" She called out Peter for looking like Obama. She told Joe that she was a captain of the civil air patrol, I can get a fire started without flint,I have extensive experience in shelter building, winter survival, summer survival...

Her first conf. was all about what she has done...chemist, photonics manufacturer, electronics expert, .....2nd conf was about her and Joe having the wisdom to know they actually have to survive here, mostly for her and Joe, but they show Debbie not doing things as she should, but rather insisting on doing things her way. The showed Joe telling her she would need the saw for the bamboo, but she said no, and used the ax, and bumbled all up. Clearly, she's not going to take direction.

Her next conf. was regarding Aubrey and the state she was in, while it showed the grateful Aubrey.

Aubrey had 3 confessionals because she had the little anxiety attack, she was portrayed as their weakest link this episode, but we heard the young ones were going to try and stick together and target the old folks, which was Neal's suggestion. Aubrey is telling us that she is going to get in her own head and that could be her biggest test out there.

While Aubrey appeared to be weak at camp, she nailed it in the challenge, so I would say she's not going anywhere next.

Caleb: As one of the characters this season, I think he's getting a very favorable edit. We saw him on the boat, prioritizing and getting things done, chasing the chickens, getting the raft down, getting a very large bunch of bananas, and having fun while doing it, the flip off the boat. Then, we see him working, working, and working. He did get an intro conf.. His confessionals had to do with wondering why Tai was on the beauty tribe, and I will say that he may have come across as somewhat racist with the remark about the "Mr. Miyagi" glasses? But, I have to wonder if it was just ignorance. I don't think that he is racist....? But, this confessional set up Tai, when it ended with, Maybe there is a lot more to him than we really see? Then we proceeded to get Tai's opinion and we could start to see his inner beauty.

Caleb's next confessional notes that he was Beast Mode Cowboy from BB, but he's a lot more than that...I was in the military right outta hs, I was a prison guard in Baghdad Iraq, so I have been through alot of things that alot of people have not had to go through. If I am in a competition where I am standing on my tippy toes for 3 hrs then I am going to stand on my tippy toes for 3 hours...until the last person gives up.

This is the stuff that EPMB and Jiffy dream of, he's their dream player, the man's man, and it's underlined by the others watching him up in the coconut tree chopping palm fronds and Michele comments that he is in the right tribe because he sure looks beautiful up there, then we see him making the fire, and being successful at it, they all bond and cheer and he's the golden boy!

The confessional ends with Living my daily life and being from the outdoors this is home to me...I know what it takes to make a fire, iíll do whatever I have to do to get to what I want. I believe I am probably mentally stronger than anyone in this game.

Caleb was seen as getting along, not being too annoying, working very hard, he's a keeper! They even showed Anna talking about Caleb very positively that she knows he never turned on his BB alliance and he's loyal, that's the kind of guy she wants to play with! Always a positive sign when others talk about you in a good way! (contrast this to Debbie, Alecia, and Tai, where others are talking about them in a negative way).

Kyle Jason had 3 confessionals, 1 in the intro, 2 in the episode. This man is a player, at least that was my take on him. His first confessional tells us how he will play the game, go in there do what it takes and get the paycheck. Next conf: On the brawn tribe there will be a lot of people that think they are the greatest. I did 6 years in the army, I donít need need to prove to you that I am a bad a$$. Alot of people find me intimidating, they judge me because of how I look...they donít realize that I have 2 daughters and my youngest has autism. I can be the girly girl dad, but I also teach them how to be a bad a$$.

I think, he's a serious bad a$$! I found it interesting that when they went around and told each other what they did, we saw Darnell, Alecia, Scot, Jenny all say what they were but we didn't get to see what Jason told them, or how they may have reacted to it...?

I also enjoyed the exchange with Scot, regarding there are only 5 of us (thinking like a true basketball player), and Jason reminded him, "6 of us". Then Scot noted, "I'm on the Brawn tribe".

This little snippet made me think that Jason will be the brains in the operation, not Scot.

Jason's next conf. was about how he's fried, but he's giving it his all, he works hard physically, then thinks about things as he goes. Getting his insight onto how he operates. He finishes by noting that Blondie doesn't do anything and she's on the bottom. Then we see him align with Scot, next we see him aligning with Cydney, and they shake. And, he finishes the confessional: The truth is, in my eyes, I want as many alliances as possible. In my eyes these alliances are only truthful when i need them, potentially they could all be truthful, but they could all be bull. Iíll make that decision as I need to make them...

Jason to Jenny, seen shaking her hand too, then he asks her, you got any matches?

We saw Jason make 3 alliances in a tribe of 6. He's a player alright!

Liz had 3 confessionals. I saw her as somewhat of a narrator on Brains. She's definitely on the right tribe for her, and thinks they have the biggest advantage, which is supported when they win the challenge first! Then she comments on Debbie with all the talking and being annoying and finally the conf. about how Aubrey really just had an anxiety attack and she thinks there is a good chance she'll crack again...1 confessional of her assessment of the Brains tribe, and then 2 negative things about 2 other tribemates.

Neal: Neal was seen on his raft all alone paddling when Jiffy said, 39 days, 18 players, and 1 survivor to claim the million dollar prize...interesting to note. I wonder if he is the sole survivor, or he was placed there because he is a millionaire already?

HIs first conf. introduces himself as the ice-cream maker and that he is "quirky, incorrigible, and eccentric, but Debbie is a whole new level of crazy!. Then goes on to bash her on her instructing how to make the fire, and hear Peter comment, then Neal ends his conf. with, in past seasons seems like the really smart folks always have some form of kryptonite. So, I am a little concerned that being on the brains tribe might be complete and utter madness.....throws a plank of wood....

Then, the next conf. talks about the younger stronger 4 sticking together and targeting the older, weaker ones. He will target whoever does the worst in the challenge. Finally, he comments about Aubrey and his fear that it could be like the last brains tribe where the brains go nuts and just get shellac'd. Well, I don't know about that, cause I remember 2 out of the last 4 players in the game were Brains players...we'll see.

Nick had an intro conf. and 2 confessionals in the episode. First conf in the ep. was that he loved his beauty tribe, and everyone was happy and beautiful, and worked so well together. (What a contrast to Neal's confessionals!). The last conf. was in regard to the chickens escaping and he narrated it....wasn't the best start but they got 2 of them back, 66%, I'll take it!

Then we hear Tai have the idea to tie them up together and he does and they are so much happier, and we hear Nick go, "but they will be dead in 2 days!"

Peter had the first confessional of the game. The episode confessionals were: His comments regarding looking like Obama, but If they feel better being crushed by Obama, then so be it! The next conf: In our group we have 4 young people and 2 old people. the fact that I say that they are old means that they already stick out. Joe and Debbie are low hanging fruit so...theyíre going to be eaten first.

This confessional is narration, and it reiterates what Neal planned.

Darnell got 2 confessionals, and he was the boot. First one was how tough it was growing up in Chicago, then the last one was about screwing up in the challenge and there was a good chance he's going home. Nuff said.

Jennifer: First confessional all about the bug in her ear, and the second one just tells us that she's good to go, 39 days, bring it. She was shown making an alliance with Jason, and she's also shown to be a hard worker and socially good.

Joe had one confessional in the intro as a character, the 71 year old, and one other conf. about his intuitiveness as an ex. FBI agent and he thinks he has it to be the sole survivor. As Jeff said at TC, he's talking the talk, but can he walk the walk?

Michele: She had 2 confessionals. The first one was telling us that she's a bartender and good at sizing up people. Sizes Tai up, he's like a whirl wind always moving, Caleb is really strong, and Nick is the really dreamy guy, that will get to see her so disgustingly dirty.....This confirms Nick's first confessional, that he just may have it a little easier in life. Later the girls thought he had to be a model. Definitely seems that Nick's looks are deceiving. Her confessional was better for Caleb and Nick than it was for her. Her last conf. was about not trusting Tai anymore, he's made his bed....

Julia had 1 confessional, but she was seen a lot at the beauty tribe, working hard and aligning with Anna. She also knew about Caleb, she's socially aware, and is upbeat. Her lone conf. was about being underestimated as a sorority girl, but she can pull her own weight, will make instant connections with these people, and predicts that the 3 girls will do well.

Very positive confessional for the little right outta HS, player! Her actions in the tribe underline the weight of her confessional.

All in all I think they did a lot to introduce us to the characters of the season, the characters that will tell the story, perhaps, Peter, Debbie, Scot, Jason, Anna, and Nick and the characters of the season, Caleb, Tai, and Joe.

I got a negative vibe from Neal....Debbie downer. Liz seemed to echo that as well, remarking on the talkative, annoying, Debbie, and then the anxiety laden, Aubrey.

I would say at risk for the next episode: Neal, Liz, Joe, Debbie, Alecia, Tai. I don't think Aubry. I suspect that Debbie will be okay, though. And, from the vidcaps posted for future episodes, we know that Tai won't go anywhere. So, 3 brains and a brawn at risk.

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