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"SurvivorBlows, Time To Vote: S31 ep..."
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CTgirl 7907 desperate attention whore postings
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10-12-15, 06:11 PM (EST)
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"SurvivorBlows, Time To Vote: S31 ep..."
ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers alike. The posts initiating these threads contain no spoiler information other than perhaps referencing what has been revealed in TV promos for the upcoming episode. Non-spoilers, be advised that spoilers may include information in their posts here which you may not wish to read. Spoilers, please do not include spoiler information for future episodes, stick to the episode in question. Thank you.


Cast your vote for the Survivor you think is going home tonight:

nuBayon Tribe
Jeremy Collins
Monica Padilla
Stephen Fishbach
Kimmi Kappenberg
Kelly Wiglesworth
Spencer Bledsoe

nuTakeo Tribe
Kelley Wentworth
Terry Deitz
Ciera Eastin
Joe Anglim
Kass McQuillen
Keith Nale

Andrew Savage
Tasha Fox
Woo Hwang
Jeff Varner
Abi-Maria Gomes

The Rules

1. Put the name of your choice for this week's boot in the subject heading.
This is easy, just erase the bit in the subject heading where it says "Re: SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time to Vote..." and replace with your vote, "pick a name." Or, if you think this will be a two-boot ep.: "name picked & pick a name 2." It doesn't matter which order you put them in unless it matters to you.
This makes it easier to tally votes quickly and accurately. Nicknames are tougher to tally unless they are really obvious without actually reading your post. Other things you want to vote on ("challenge winner, HII details, twists, any nonsense you have noted from the previous episode") should go in your post not in your subject line.
2. Reply only to this post. But to change your vote do reply to your own vote post.
Your new heading should read, for example, "VOTE CHANGE: pick a name 3" Or perhaps "VOTE CHANGE: pick a name 3 & pick a name 4" if you think it will be a two-boot ep.
3. This is not a discussion thread, it's not it's not it's not, do not treat it as such.
There are plenty of places here to debate the merits of people's arguments, have discussions, have civil and polite disagreements: this is a vote thread. But please feel free to discuss your vote(s) in your own post, "joke filler", we are really interested in what you have to say.
4. No graphics.
Unless they are pertinent to something in this episode. Siggies allowed.
5. Have fun!

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  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 SurvivorBlows, Time To Vote: S31 ep...   CTgirl     10-12-15       
   Jeff Varner   personofinterest     10-13-15     1  
   Abi Maria.   kingfish     10-13-15     2  
   Abi-Maria   michel2     10-13-15     3  
   Savage   Outsider32     10-13-15     4  
   Abi-Maria   Scarlett O Hara     10-14-15     5  
   Varner (Jeff)   coldbrewer     10-14-15     6  
   Kelly Wiglesworth   Corvis7     10-14-15     7  
   Woo   Sheldor     10-14-15     8  
   Abi-Maria   SuperGr0ver     10-14-15     9  
   Varner   CTgirl     10-14-15     10  
   Terry *fricken* Deitz   tribephyl     10-14-15     11  
   Stephen Fishbach   5cats     10-14-15     12  
   Woo   Murphy3126     10-14-15     13  
   Keith   Georganna     10-14-15     14  
   Jeff Varner   Rembrandt     10-14-15     15  
   Abi-Maria   Flowerpower1     10-14-15     16  
   Boot tally...   Flowerpower1     10-14-15     17  
     Congrats...   tribephyl     10-15-15     18  
         RE: Thanks   Rembrandt     10-15-15     19  
         RE: Congrats...   CTgirl     10-15-15     20  
         RE: Congrats...   coldbrewer     10-16-15     21  

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