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"S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Th..."
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05-13-15, 08:39 PM (EST)
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8. "RE: S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoile..."
they return, tree mail, Carolyn reads...delicate touch determines who leaves or stays. Dan: if Mike wins the next IC, once again the 5 will have to turn on each other, Mike CANNOT WIN, end of story. Mike talks to Sierra....says that Dan can only beat those 2, Rodney and Will, if they take Carolyn out, then y ou, and they go to the end together. He has an advantage. Sierrra says that if Mike doesn't win IC, he has to go, he's bound to go, and at that point he will be going home.

Cut to the IC...

carolyn returns the IN. grappling hooks to retrieve 3 bags with a ball, use one of the balls to solve a table maze, finish first 1 in 5 shot to win...draw for spots get started...For immunity, see Mike....Dan has first bag....Will has his first, Mike has his first, Sierra with her first, Carolyn, Rodney has one, then Sierra with 2, Mike with 2, Dan with 2, Mike with third, heads to maze. Rodney having a lot of trouble with the rope....dan has 3rd....Dan and Mike, 2 blue collars started the game together, doesn't mean they want to finish the game together. Will has second bag....Mmike making some progress, Dan gaining on Mike, Mike drops and has to go back to the start. Rush and make mistakes. Sierra has 3rd bag....3 blue collars, working on the table maze. Dan drops must start again. Mike doing a nice and slow job....huge win to guearentee a spot in the final 5. Will joins with the table. Mike is going slow and steady. Sierra starting to get the hang of it....Mike is very close. Will drops, Sierr a has made up aloit of ground. Mike was in the hole now he is back comes sierra, Mike wins IC, guaranteed a spot in the final 5. Thank you Jesus!

third IC win, spot in the final 5, as for the rest of you, someone going home...see Sierra, then Carolyn, then Dan, then Mike has the last the fourth of July, this little necklace here says one of those 5 is going home tonight and it's not me!

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 S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Th...   Brownroach     05-13-15       
   Post TC   Brownroach     05-13-15     1  
   RE: S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoile...   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     2  
   RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     3  
     RE: RC   michel2     05-13-15     15  
         RE: RC   CTgirl     05-13-15     30  
   Post Intro....   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     4  
   Post RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     5  
     RE: Post RC   michel2     05-13-15     17  
         RE: Post RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     25  
             RE: Post RC   michel2     05-13-15     27  
   Post reward Challenge....   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     6  
     RE: Post reward Challenge....   michel2     05-13-15     18  
   IC   Brownroach     05-13-15     7  
     RE: IC   CTgirl     05-13-15     19  
     RE: IC   michel2     05-13-15     20  
   RE: S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoile...   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     8  
   Post IC   Brownroach     05-13-15     9  
   TC   Brownroach     05-13-15     10  
     RE: TC   PepeLePew13     05-13-15     12  
         RE: TC   CTgirl     05-13-15     21  
         RE: TC   michel2     05-13-15     22  
             RE: TC   PepeLePew13     05-13-15     28  
                 RE: TC   michel2     05-13-15     31  
   Mike wins IC! YaY   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     11  
     RE: Mike wins IC! YaY   michel2     05-13-15     23  
   Next time   Brownroach     05-13-15     13  
   Next time on Survivor:   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     14  
     RE: Next time on Survivor:   michel2     05-13-15     24  
     RE: Next time on Survivor:   Georganna     05-13-15     29  
   Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, Brow...   Sheldor     05-13-15     16  
     RE: Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, ...   michel2     05-13-15     26  
     RE: Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, ...   coldbrewer     05-13-15     32  
         Yea us!   kingfish     05-14-15     33  
             RE: Yea us!   Brownroach     05-14-15     34  
             RE: Yea us!   coldbrewer     05-14-15     35  
                 RE: Yea us!   Outsider32     05-14-15     36  
                     RE: Yea us!   Brownroach     05-16-15     37  

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