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"S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Th..."
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Flowerpower1 2764 desperate attention whore postings
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05-13-15, 08:24 PM (EST)
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4. "Post Intro...."
come on in guys to the RC....See the obstacle course

Carolyn leading the way...divide into two teams of three, race thru obstacles and over, use hatchet chop rope, get puzzle pieces to solve puzzle, first three get it right win, helicopter tour nice surf and turf with wine, then back to camp. Rodney how do you feel? I am seeing stars same beach for 32 days, maybe will feel something for me and give me reward. Jeff says is it entitlement that you are feeling that they should give you reward, he says they told me that they would give it to me on my birthday. Mike says he's struggling but he needs to win, then it's garuanteed....

dan, sierra, Rodney vs Carolyn, Mike and Will

GO: Move together as a team, dan is struggling, blue is a little working on the knots, must tie ever single knot....drop the draw bridge, blue is int he lead, dan and mike working with the hatchet, Dan has it in 2 chops, Mmike in 2 chops. looking for letters on the is working on the puzzle....6 word phrase, use your survivor knowledge, think how we talk on Survivor...there is an x, they can't figure it out...30 minutes on the challenge, he says it is a common phrase, Carolyn asks to buy a vowel...1 hour and they still don't know what the phrase is...Carolyn recognizes that he is giving us hints....Carolyn thinks they have it...A reward with all the fix ins is the answer....Rodney is pissed...This could be just what you need to get to the end, Carolyn, you are staring at the blue team, this is so freaking hard for me, I have talked to him, I have told him I would give it to let Rodney go on this, fill his belly, could be what he needs to get rid of you....Carolyn is gonna keep it....Carolyn: I do feel bad for Rodney that I have been on every reward but one, but this is my survivor experience too....

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 S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoiler Th...   Brownroach     05-13-15       
   Post TC   Brownroach     05-13-15     1  
   RE: S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoile...   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     2  
   RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     3  
     RE: RC   michel2     05-13-15     15  
         RE: RC   CTgirl     05-13-15     30  
   Post Intro....   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     4  
   Post RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     5  
     RE: Post RC   michel2     05-13-15     17  
         RE: Post RC   Brownroach     05-13-15     25  
             RE: Post RC   michel2     05-13-15     27  
   Post reward Challenge....   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     6  
     RE: Post reward Challenge....   michel2     05-13-15     18  
   IC   Brownroach     05-13-15     7  
     RE: IC   CTgirl     05-13-15     19  
     RE: IC   michel2     05-13-15     20  
   RE: S30 | Ep 13 | East Coast Spoile...   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     8  
   Post IC   Brownroach     05-13-15     9  
   TC   Brownroach     05-13-15     10  
     RE: TC   PepeLePew13     05-13-15     12  
         RE: TC   CTgirl     05-13-15     21  
         RE: TC   michel2     05-13-15     22  
             RE: TC   PepeLePew13     05-13-15     28  
                 RE: TC   michel2     05-13-15     31  
   Mike wins IC! YaY   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     11  
     RE: Mike wins IC! YaY   michel2     05-13-15     23  
   Next time   Brownroach     05-13-15     13  
   Next time on Survivor:   Flowerpower1     05-13-15     14  
     RE: Next time on Survivor:   michel2     05-13-15     24  
     RE: Next time on Survivor:   Georganna     05-13-15     29  
   Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, Brow...   Sheldor     05-13-15     16  
     RE: Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, ...   michel2     05-13-15     26  
     RE: Congrats kingfish, coldbrewer, ...   coldbrewer     05-13-15     32  
         Yea us!   kingfish     05-14-15     33  
             RE: Yea us!   Brownroach     05-14-15     34  
             RE: Yea us!   coldbrewer     05-14-15     35  
                 RE: Yea us!   Outsider32     05-14-15     36  
                     RE: Yea us!   Brownroach     05-16-15     37  

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