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"S27 Confessionals Tracker"
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
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09-19-13, 09:20 PM (EST)
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"S27 Confessionals Tracker"
LAST EDITED ON 09-21-13 AT 07:46 PM (EST)

And right from the start they made things overly complicated this season. Still, when I get around to posting the week one results, some interesting things emerge.

Anyway, what counts in confessionals? At the start of the show this time there were some pair confessionals. These would essentially count as one confessional for each person in the pair regardless of any back-and-forth between them. Something I never had to consider before this.

Okay, the basics of how I count them. When a player has a confessional, then another player has a confessional, then the first player has or continues a confessional, that counts as 2. The focus shifted from the first player to the second player then back to the first player, that is reflected in the counts. If there is a long time break and then a confessional continues, without a break to another player, then I usually just count that as 1. If there is a change of subject I might count it as 2, that's where it becomes a judgment call.

Nothing is counted during Probst's recaps at the start of each episode. Nothing said at Tribal Council is counted, voting confessionals aren't counted. Final words aren't counted.

Any other uses anyone can think of to bring to this thread, have at it, you are more than welcome to add in.

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 S27 Confessionals Tracker   dabo     09-19-13       
   Week 1   dabo     09-19-13     1  
     RE: Week 1   Flowerpower     09-21-13     2  
         RE: Week 1   tribephyl     09-21-13     3  
             RE: Week 1   Flowerpower     09-24-13     4  
   Week 2   dabo     09-27-13     5  
   Week 3   dabo     10-03-13     6  
     RE: Week 3   tribephyl     10-04-13     7  
     RE: Week 3   Flowerpower     10-04-13     8  
   Week 4   dabo     10-10-13     9  
     RE: Week 4   Flowerpower     10-18-13     10  
   Week 5   dabo     10-18-13     11  
   RE: S27 Confessionals Tracker   dabo     10-25-13     12  
     RE: S27 Confessionals Tracker   Flowerpower     10-30-13     13  
   Week 7   dabo     11-01-13     14  
   Week 8   dabo     11-07-13     15  
   Week 9   dabo     11-15-13     16  
   Week 10   dabo     11-22-13     17  
   Week 11   dabo     12-02-13     18  
     RE: Week 11   tribephyl     12-03-13     19  
   Week 12   dabo     12-08-13     20  
     RE: Week 12   Sheldor     12-08-13     21  
   Week 13   dabo     12-13-13     22  
     RE: Week 13   tribephyl     12-13-13     23  
     RE: Week 13   Flowerpower     12-13-13     24  

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