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"*Official* S27 SOURCES thread."
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tribephyl 12393 desperate attention whore postings
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08-10-13, 08:05 PM (EST)
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"*Official* S27 SOURCES thread."
Do Not Enter if you want to avoid boot lists. All material within was gleaned from the muck that is Sucks.

To begin, we have 3 people whom claim to have sources; Ichiro20, Cronix and SurvivorsUnite.
Ichiro has released a lot of info and has been branded a falsifier by the community at large and by the 2 other sourced spoilers, Cronix and SurvivorsUnite.
Cronix and SU both accept the each others info and have only been posting responses to posters questions.
A great Suckster known as SurvivorNinja has done her best to compile Cronix and SU's info together and into a quick bullet list for ease. I will deposit that list of spoils immediately below.

- Colton quits (cronix)
- Kat, Candice, John, Rupert and Laura B are all pre merge (SU, Kat/Candice/John confirmed by Mister Plum's pics)
- Tribes are Faves vs Family (SU)
- One World cast not targeted (or not successfully) as originally thought (SU)
- Gervase and Tyson do VERY WELL (SU, cronix)
- Candice replace RC (SU)
- Tyson is F3 along with 2 other returnees (SU)
- Gervase does as well as Tyson (SU)
- The final spot in the F3 is female (SU)
- Someone from OW does well, but not enough to win...Monica (SU)
- Monica potentially won't win because of her husband (SU)
- F3 is Monica, Tyson, Gervase...likely Gerv or Tyson win. (SU)
- Monica could be the sherri, or jury doesn't want her to have more money (SU)
- RI is back (cronix, SU)
- Tyson has a leg up at FTC. (SU)
- Rupert screws his game for his wife (SU)
- contestants can trade places with loved ones on RI..implies this is rupert's fate (cronix)
- 2 people voted out in premier (cronix)
- both tribes vote someone out..implies Candice out but john doesn't trade with her. (Cronix)
- Hayden makes jury (cronix)
- Laura m and Ciera both jury (cronix)
- Tina and Katie both jury (cronix)
- Colton quits pre merge (cronix)
- At least 2 of the finalists loved ones go pre jury (cronix)
- Tyson's leg up is NOT that his loved one is the only one on jury. (Cronix)
- Colton and caleb ARE jury, one not. (cronix)
- 2/4 are correct: Colton/Caleb jury, Aras/brad pre jury...later confirmed that Brad/Colton miss jury, Aras/Caleb therefore make jury. (Cronix)
- Brad is NOT on jury (cronix)

A bootlist was proposed and met with agreement from Cronix. Placements (outside of Final3) are subject to change and I might also note that there is a HUGE difference between when a survivor is "voted" out and when they are "booted", so determining if this is Vote or Boot relative will have to wait to be seen.
Laura B.

Laura M


It is still early so more info will undoubtedly be added to this list.

Now, I will try to do the same with Ichiro's "questionable" sourced material so that we have something to compare and contrast.

7/19: Hayden may very well win Fan Favorite
7/21: 1 showmance that lasts for 4 episodes (cut off before merge) happens .. one male makes the merge the other doesn't

Boot list from Voltage: All you ready for the boot list?! Here it is!

20. Rupert
19. Caleb
18. Candice
17. Laura B.
16. Kat
15. (Marissa)
14. Colton
13. John
12. Monica
11. Aras
10. Brad
9. Katie
8. Tina
7. Gervase
6. Rachel
5. Vytas
4. Hayden

- Laura M.
- Ciera
- Tyson

This is actually 80% correct (early boot order is not correct)

Tyson wins 3 individual immunities and USES 1 idol (gets it from Laura)
? from Cisa: Does he blindside someone or it goes out in flames?
How many IIs does Hayden win?

Out in flames
Hayden wins 2 (late in the game)
Merge color is Purple
I don't have a complete boot list, but I'm certain of my spoilers

7/27: And the returning players go in w/ a 2 person advantage to the merge.
7/29:Returning Survivors vs. Family members
At one point Rupert's wife is offered a chance to swap tribes, but declines.

8/2: To start with something fun.... Hayden and Tyson do not get along this season (at merge) and have a major blowup after Hayden wins an immunity challenge. Think Jamie and Bobby Jon type hilarity.
8/:2 Gervase pretty much sails through to the merge. A very strong physical benefit to the favorites tribe. One significant conflict/moment happens at a pre merge TC when he argues against throwing challenges when Candice forces them to an early TC.
When we get to the merge though.... he gets semi "betrayed" when the tribe teams up to boot him.
Not sure of his vote at final TC, but it was one of the more abrasive ones.

8/3: The best comparison I could give this season for Tyson is Cochran. A very comical player, but a pretty intense game player this time as well (doesn't do anything as stupid as HvV). A great fan moment tho happens at first TC with him and Rupert. No that does not mean he wins.
No major challenge dominators this season pretty spread out in terms of individual immunity wins. Ciera does well in challenges. Lots of water challenges this season.
Nothing funny with Tyson's FTC.... he makes it pretty close to winning it all so understandably hes still a tad bit bitter at FTC.

8/3: Tina is in the final 3. Once again playing a tremendous social game, but surprisingly wins 2 immunities (including final immunity). Having said that I do not think she indeed wins.
8/4: Aras is not one of the "first few" out.
And Laura is absolutely 1000% not the merge boot. Ridiculous. She basically runs the game this season.
Is Hayden a winner though? I wouldn't say for sure, but its between him and a certain C.
The only thing that's changed from my spoilers are that Tina does not finish in fifth place, she makes the finals.
I was told in general terms that she made the finale and didnt win and then deduced 5th place, but after checking with my sources again in turns out she did make the finals. But she will not win most likely. Highly unlikely.
I stand by all my spoilers about the game of SURVIVOR
Ciera (winner) *
Hayden (runner up)*
Tina (2nd runner up)

8/4: Laura is either 5th or 6th (Swap with Tina)
All I did was swap Tina and Laura's placements, calm down weird person.
Tina either places 2nd or 3rd (most likely 3rd).
Both are "older" mothers, which confused my source.

8/4: Does everyone get votes at the FTC?
I assume Tina gets at least one jury vote (hint hint)

8/4: Colton... not a quitter

You can obviously see the differences. Which is probably why most don't believe Ichiro.

But we will see...

I will now have to go on temporary but vital rehab vacation from sucks. So please add any new info, Or bootlists below.

Have a great season!

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