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"*Official* S27: Blood vs Water | Pr..."
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06-05-13, 04:57 PM (EST)
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"*Official* S27: Blood vs Water | Pr..."
The filming is underway and things are starting to come together, as we get further into the shooting schedule, as to the where, when, what and who is involved with the new season of Survivor.
This post marks the attempt to digest and republish a cleaner version of what we have so far.

So, we begin with Where:

Tis old news now but the Philippines plays host again, this time taking place on the island of Palaui off the Northern coast of the Cagayan region of Luzon.
Courtesy of Wiki:
Palaui Island lies off the northwestern part of a large promontory in San Vicente, in the municipality of Santa Ana, Cagayan province. It is 10 k/6.2 mi at its longest and about 5 k/3.1 mi at its widest and moderately high. The western shore of the island appears bold, but on the eastern side, a reef projects from its side for 2.4 k/1.5 mi, the edge of it being 0.8 k/0.50 mi from and extending around the small islet of Escucha, east of Palaui. The Dos Hermanos rocky islets lie off Cape Engaņo, in the northern point of Palaui, and there are some rocks off the northeast point of the island, about 1.6 k0.99 mi eastward of the cape. Gran Laja island, a low rock islet surrounded by breakers, is one of the rocks located northeast off Palaui.
At the southwest end of Palaui Island is Puerto Point, a high, wooded bluff. East of the point and south of Palaui is Rona Island, a low, wooded island with a white base of sand and rocks. Escucha Island is a high and wooded islet east of Palaui, and beyond Rona Island when seen from southwestward through the channel between Palaui Island and the mainland, where a few more islets are located.

Flora and Fauna
Palaui Island was declared as a National Marine Reserve in August 28, 1994 encompassing an area of 7,145 hectares/17,660 acres. The waters around the island boast of 21 commercial species of fishes with about 50 hectares/120 acres of undisturbed corals.
Because of its remoteness, Palaui Island is home to 105 species of rattan and similar commercially valuable timber producing wood species plus 25 imported shrubs and is the sanctuary for 90 migratory birds.

Places to go
The northern point of the island is called Cape Engaņo where on the summit of the hill lie the ruins of Cape Engaņo Lighthouse. Engaņo Cove or Siwangag Cove is a small cove southwest of the lighthouse where supplies for the station were previously landed. Today, small vessels can find good anchorage in this protected cove, except by northwesterly and westerly winds. A trail and a 229-step concrete stairway from the cove leads the travelers to the lighthouse.
The Port of San Vicente in Santa Ana, Cagayan, situated between Palaui Island and the coast of Luzon, is the jump-off point for crossing the channel to Punta Verde (Point Verde) on Palaui Island, or heading to Engaņo Cove, a little further to the north. The hike from Punta Verde, the southeast tip of Palaui, to Cape Engaņo takes about 3.5 to 4 hours of hike through beautiful verdant scenery. Primitive camping is allowed at the lighthouse vicinity.

Weather: It must be stated that the Philippines as a whole is huge and the weather for the entire region is vastly different from corner to corner, with tons of micro-climates within very small areas.
Nonetheless, we try to spoil through weather as well and so far... it looks like the first couple of weeks has been relatively mild with minimal potential for storms. But they are entering the rainy season and they still have a couple more weeks of filming to go.

When: It has become known that filming began on the 19th of May. One week after the reunion.
And Survivor production, as it usually does, takes over the region entire. The land and surrounding areas at multiple sites being closed to "normal" activity.
Luckily, for those that do get effected by these restrictions they often end up with jobs with Survivor or are given stipends to temporarily cease activities without ruining livelihoods.
As cited from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The locals have been well taken care of.

Now, as to the What:
EPJP teased just the title at the end of the reunion; Blood vs Water.
However, some early sleuthing revealed more about the theme through it's potential casting choices.
The casting theme is returnees and their loved ones.
The lovely and talented webmaster at SurvivorFever has the most comprehensive list so far (all compiled into one easy read)
The returnees are:
Gervase Petersen (Borneo)
Tina Wesson (Outback/AllStars)
Aras Baskauskas (Panama)
Rupert Boneham (Pearl Islands/AllStars/HvV)
Tyson Apostol (Toncantins/HvV)
Laura Morret (Samoa)
Colton Cumbie (South Pacific)
Monica Culpepper (South Pacific)
Kat Edorsson (South Pacific)
RC SaintAmour (Philippines)

their relations are:
Craig SaintAmour (RC's father) *Blood
Hayden Moss (Kat's boyfriend) *Water
Brad Culpepper (Monica's husband) *Water
Caleb Bankston (Colton's boyfriend) *Water
Ciera Morret (Laura's duaghter) *Blood
Rachel Foulger (Tyson's girlfriend) *Water
Laura Boneham (Rupert's wife) *Water
Vytas Baskaskas (Aras' brother) *Blood
Katie Wesson (Tina's daughter) *Blood
NayNay?? Petersen (Gervase's relation) *Blood

as to Grevase's relation it was originally rumored to be his nephew, then it was purported to be his niece.
either way, it seems that in order to keep the Blood vs Water teams even from the beginning that Gervase is with a blood relation.
AND keeping the genders even it would point to it being a female blood relative.
However, it should be noted that when splitting tribes Blood VS Water, that the Blood tribe comes out with a 6/4 split of Females to males and the Water tribe ends up with a 4/6 split females to Males.
I'm thinking this probably leads to an initial mix of Blood "pairs" and Water "pairs" being on the same tribes at the start. OR it means for the first time ever the tribes begin with a planned gender imbalance. (NOT counting Fiji as it was a last minute loss of a female*Mellisa McNulty before filming started that lead to a 19 person start, and a male dominant number to begin with.)

Anywhooze... back to the What as we have even MORE news to share.
According to newly retired sourcer (known for both Philippines and Caramoan spoiling), beatlebum79 drops this KABOOM... heard this first here: Redemption Island is back.

So not only are tired old cast members dragged out of the closet to participate but so is one of the most universally reviled twists ever to appear in the game. (Excluding only the Purple Rock. And yes, I am including the Outcast twist.)
The implications of resuscitating redemption points quite obviously to JP wanting to give a favorite of his more than just a 2nd chance (5th?, 6th?) at winning the game.
It was born of Rob and Russell. It did not work for Russell and Rob didn't need it. It was kept for Ozzy and Coach. Coach didn't need it and finally it somewhat paid off for Ozzy.
My guess is that the hope this time would be that either Rupert or Tyson (JP's faves?) would be able to utilize this "back-door" to grab a win.

Also of note is TDT's Calendar, which currently reflects the first two cycles end with "Pairs" being voted out (and sent to redemption).
Do they compete against their partner to stay in the game or do pairs square off against each other to stay?

And before I close, I'd like to make a small nod to our very own astrologically-minded "BLOWS prophet"..."G".
I can guarantee that this message was not intentional but it certainly did raise some alarm bells in those that follow rumors such as these.
It's been called the..."Over 40 Curse".
While having nothing to do with the game, filming, or really anything relating to survivor, it does bring up a nevertheless asked question...
"Do the old folks get booted early?"
If this were to somehow come to fruition, look for LL to be filled with Rupert, Laura, Tina, Craig, Monica, Brad, Laura and Gervase.
Wow! That's actually a lot of folks over 40.
Could this be the oldest average cast ever?

Anyways, those are the puzzle pieces we have and that's it from me, for now.
Please feel free to add new information as it comes in.
The edit feature of this board allows for only 20000 seconds to elapse between edits, so after a while the original post will be outdated and will depend on future posts to carry the torch.
Oh and always remember; square brackets are for HTML not for (including thoughts).

And all this time I promised a bullet list and didn't even include one.

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