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"1st Boot Speculation"
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02-09-13, 05:07 AM (EST)
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"1st Boot Speculation"
*Please, no sourced material allowed.*
The 1.5 hour premiere is less than a week away and I think we need to start figuring out who's gonna go first.

This is actually my 3rd attempt at compiling info but due to a recurring comp glitch all the work was lost twice and frankly I'm over it.
However, it must be noted that the Water Challenge is for Reward.

And according to vidcaps so far both sides are seen cheering, so I have NO idea who wins it. Actually, I'm leaning towards a GOTA win because of these shots...

Now, onto the IC.

The Immunity challenge (as confirmed by JP and Lisa via the TVGuide preview) is the land challenge.

JP explaining challenge...

with Idol under wraps...

It begins with 2 survivors from each tribe running, climbing and clambering up the large structure to one of 4 levels. Grab the crates on that level and throw them over smashing the crates on the ground below. Within the crates are sandbags.

Once all four levels have been reached, their crates smashed below and the survivors returned to their tribal mats, the final pair grabs a duo of baskets, races to lift the lid of the game board and then locates sandbags within the smashed crates. Once they've found some the run back to a tossing line and begin trying to fill the 6 empty holes in their gameboard.

I will attempt an ordered version.

Leading us off for this challenge and for the first level is...

Bikal: Phillip and Cochran
Gota: Allie and Laura

Phillip returning

2nd Level
Gota: Hope and Michael

Bikal: Francesca (and Corrine?)

3rd Level
Gota: Julia (and Matt?)

Bikal: Erik and Brenda

Top Level
Gota: Sherri and Eddie

Bikal: Brandon (and Andrea?)

And for the sandbag tossing portion we have...
Dawn and Malcolm for Bikal. They're ahead of GOTA at this moment.

Gota: Reynold and Shamar for GOTA

And we witness the moment where Gota overtakes Bikal.

Now, look at these caps...

Looks like Michael, Laura, Hope and Eddie are very happy!

I'm calling a GOTA win for the first IC1.

Which means we now have to look at Bikal for the first Boot.
Phillip and Brandon should definitely be nervous, but I also sense that those guys will both be integral puzzle pieces for these early boots. Moreso as deflectional targets.
Dawn, Cochran, Erik, Andrea and even Brenda should be safe. Andrea is EVERYWHERE during the caps, talking with all sorts of groups of people. Brenda and Erik seem inseparable.
Really, this leaves Corrine, Francesca and Malcolm as suspects and I could find reasons for them all to be first with this particular group of "favs". But will history be repeated or does the bit(h get it?


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