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"Pirate Master Episode 12 Internet S..."
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08-14-07, 02:09 PM (EST)
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7. "Part One"
The sun rises over the ocean, the ship, and then the flag. There is dramatic music.

Laurel is the only one seen on deck. Music changes to a simple song.

Laurel Confessional: Iím the only one relaxed on board because of the way Iím playing the game. I float on by, Iím chilliní, Like whatever, thatís how I feel about it. Everyone is talking, whispering, ďThis, that and the other thingĒ. I want to get as far away from it as I can. I donít have a strategy; Iím not trying to get one. Itís worked so far for me. Thatís pretty much it.

The anchor drops.
*ding Ė ding* The Host calls; All Pirates to the quarter deck.
Captain, I have another key for you from the chest of Zanzibar. He takes a key from around his neck and hands it to Christa. ďItís in your hands.
Christa says, I think its Jays, and hands it to him.

Jay unlocks the lock and pulls out two golden parchments and a sealed letter. He hands them to the host.
The Host reads: Captain Steel says the next treasure was hidden by Rin Shu Chow. (Iím sure I spelled it wrong) He was the kingís astronomer from China. He mapped by charting the stars and planets in the night sky.
(Hey Georgiana, just for you!)

Itís time to pick crews. Captain you will lead the black crew. Pick your sash and go stand over there.

Laurel, you are the only other woman. You will be on the red crew. Pick your sash and go stand under the red flag.

Gentlemen, you will draw shot. The extra crewman will go to the Captains crew.

Ben pulls a black shot.

Louie pulls a red shot.

Jay pulls a black shot.

The red crew is Laurel and Louie.

The black crew is Captain Christa, Ben and Jay.

Louie Confessional: Iíve had one lousy losing streak going on. But today Iím hoping to break it. But with Laurel and me, itís going to be pretty tough.

The Host says on my command, you will go over the side and swim to shore.

Ben Confessional. Just when I thought things couldnít get any worse, Christa and myself are on the same crew and Jay is with us. I have to watch Jay real closely because he still thinks itís him and Christa.
I told Christa we have to win this one. Just me and her. We have to make sure no complications get in the way.

The Host says: Pirates, make ready to swim. A shot of Christa ready to dive.

He shouts: The Astronomerís Gold.
The Host shouts the loudest Iíve ever heard him: Honor your crew, fight for your flag.

The host fires the gun. The pirates jump off the deck of the ship. All but Laurel dive in.

We see a map.
All must swim to shore, enter the jungle, and then hike up a grueling mountain path to a rock formation in the shape of a crescent moon. There they will search the tip of the moon to find their next clue.

The Black Crew reaches the beach first. Laurel says Louie and Laurel are not strong swimmers. We see a shot of Laurel doing the back stroke, while Louie looks like a drowned rat. Louie reaches shore first. Laurel says the swim was super, super hard for her. She feels like an underdog.

The Black Crew is struggling up the hill. Jay is using all 4 limbs. They all are huffing and puffing.

Christa Confessional: I usually start praying towards the end of the expedition, but I was praying four minutes into it.

Jay states they see the moon. Ben reaches it first and starts turning over rocks.

Jay Confessional: Weíre on top of the world. We have this in the bag. I donít even see the Red Crew.

They pick up a rock in the shape of a half moon. The clue reads:
Your next clueís at the planet closest to the sun.
Only a celestial navigator would know.
To which of these four symbols you should go.

There are four symbols to the left of the clue. Christa shouts out that Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun.

The host tells us the crew must choose one of two paths that led to a pasture filled with celestial rock formations. They must be careful because if they choose the wrong path, there will be booby-traps along the way. We see a shot of a net falling from the trees.
Once in the pasture, they must find the rock formation of Mercuryís symbol and their next clue.

Laurel and Louie are ďhumpingĒ up the steep path.

Louie Confessional: This is the steepest, hardest, steadiest, uphill weíve had. I call it heart attack hill.

Sooner or later weíre going to get to the top, Louie says.

The Black Crew is trying to figure which path to take. Jay sees a sign post with a quarter- moon on it. They run to it. Jay lifts the cover.
A net from above falls over the three of them. (I myself shouted out loud with joy)

The message reads:
You have been led astray
Thereís more to the map you hold.
To find the right way
Create a moon when ye do fold
To the crescent moon you must go back
And try again to find the track.

Jay states: We took the wrong path.

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