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"Pirate Master Episode 12 Internet S..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-15-07, 05:27 AM (EST)
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22. "Pirates Court"
The sun sets over the ocean and turns into the smallest sliver of moon.

*ding Ė ding*

All Pirates to Mid-Ships
Marked Pirates, you know where to stand.
Welcome once again to Pirates Court.
This is the place where all get to have their say.
Looking at laurel and Ben, the Host says one of you will be cut adrift.
The Black Crew won the expedition which put Captain Christa back in power.
Youíve marked these two with a black spot.
Laurel and Ben, You will have your say when you defend yourselves.
Your fellow crew members will have their say when they cast their ballots.
Will you choose to cut one of these adrift, or will you rise up together and mutiny against the captain.
Christa is seen grinning.
If you are tied tonight, Christa will make the decision on who to cut adrift.
Pirates Court is now in session.
Captain, kindly tell the court why you marked these two pirates with a black spot?
Laurel is very hard to read. She doesnít discuss her strategy for the game.
We see laurel shrug her shoulders.
She doesnít discuss her allegiance in the game.
I wonder what she thinks about me, because she doesnít anything about anything.

The Host asks why Christa black spotted Ben.

I wanted to get to the bottom of who was suggesting they didnít want to go against me in the end.
It was Ben or Jay. They were fighting back and forth.
Laurel confirmed that Ben said it. So at that moment I changed from giving Jay the black spot to Ben.

Jay is seen smiling.

The host asks what offended you.

Christa states; why would I want someone here who doesnít feel comfortable with me in the end.
That would give them reason to send me home.
In the end I want to go against the best competitors on the ship not the weakest.
I would rather be second best to the best, than best of the worst.

The Host says OK!

Time to defend yourselves.

Laurel defend yourself.

I feel I deserve to be here. I play fair. You know where I stand.
I am not making the same promises to you and you, at the different times.
Iím not rolling like that. I donít put my self out there because I donít want the stress.
Iím not hiding anything.
Iím here to play my way.
How do you know you can trust Ben? Heís been part of many groups.
I donít feel you can trust him personally.
Thatís all I got.

The Host asks Louie: how do you feel to see Laurel up there.
Itís hard to see her up there. Sheís a free spirit.
She will not be controlled.
Itís tough to see her up there.

Itís tough to see Ben up there.
Heís a great man.
He can run like the wind.
Heís a great competitor, but
Iíve got a bond with Laurel.
She smiles.

The Host asks Jay if itís smart to keep around a weaker competitor.

Jay answers, At this point in the game you do have to weigh who you could beat in the end with who youíre tight with.
We are human beings, and bad stuff runs through your mind when you start thinking about the money.

Alright, Ben Defend yourself.

I care too much about being here and too much about this experience, that maybe I get a little ahead of myself sometimes.
I do say stupid things like not wanting to go against you in the end.
But the truth of the matter is I care about you.
And this goes for everybody.
Jay, you and I have been like brothers on this thing.
Weíve done a lot damage together,
Had a lot of fun, and it feels good to share it with people.
You canít make it to the end by yourself.
Iím not embarrassed or ashamed to humble myself to say I think we can help each other.
Iíll do what I need, Iíll cut my food in half, Iíll do what you guys feel is necessary for me to stay here.
I just want one more day; Iím not ready to go.
When you cut me adrift, youíre cutting my dreams and my hopes.
Itís not just treasure; itís my whole life and existence here on the ship and adventure.
I want this with every tiny piece of my body and soul.
Iíll do what ever it takes for you guys to trust me.

Ben looks up at Christa and smiles.

Jay looks down and the Host asks:

Jay, you and Ben were part of the original Triad. How do you feel about him now?
Iím really struggling with that.
I know for a fact that he was down there doing everything he could to discredit me.
I got to ask myself how do I trust someone who was ready to cut me adrift with out even blinking.
Do I have it in my heart to give him another chance, and if I do, is he going to come up behind me and bury one in my back.

The Host says, letís get to it then. The business end of Pirates court.

You both have three cards in your wallets, one for each pirate, and a mutiny card.
Pirates itís time to cast your ballots.
Louie walks up, takes the sheaf off, and plunges his card onto the knife.
Jay walks up, turns around to look at the captain, then plunges his card onto the knife.

The host says, two pirates, two ballots, Lets see what youíve done.

He retrieves the cards and walks back to his spot.

Letís get the ballots for mutiny out of the way.
Captain, there are no ballots for mutiny, you are safe...

Christa smiles and says thanks.

The Host continues: But you are not off the hook.
There is a tie.
He lays down a card for Ben and Laurel.

In the case of a tie the captain will decide who to cut adrift.

Christ grabs her hat and hangs her head and releases a big sigh.

Jay gives a nod to Ben who nods back.

15 seconds later the Host says Captain the time has come.

5 more seconds pass before Christa gives her answer.

I base my decisions on feeling and relationships.

I feel Ben and I had a close relationship up until today...
It makes me sad, because I considered Ben a friend, and our friendship was stronger than the fear of losing.

Laurel I feel Iíve gotten to know you better.
I think youíre funny and ...wonderful.

But I did say I wanted to be here with the strongest competitors.
I feel Ben is the stronger competitor.
So Iím sorry, Iím going to have to cut Laurel adrift.

Laurel looks shocked. Ben gives a nod and a smile to Christa.

Laurel your journey is over. Captain cut this pirate adrift.

Ben walks over and gives Louie and Jay a hug.

Laurel climbs over board, and Christa cuts the rope setting her adrift.

Ben puts his arm around Jay and says Thank you bro, thank you.

Laurels last words:
I got cut adrift, but Iím happy I donít have to play against Ben, Jay, and Christa. Itís not fun to play against them.
I got to experience the Pirate life at sea for a minute.
But Iím going to be happy to go back to my van. *giggle*

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