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"Pirate Master Episode 12 Internet S..."
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kircon 3323 desperate attention whore postings
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08-15-07, 02:19 AM (EST)
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19. "Part Three.2"
Christa Confessional:
Jay and Ben went at each other hardcore. They were about to chew each other heads off.
But I feel I have lots of control. Right now
Trust me; I know when a manís lying. She makes a clicking noise and rolls her eyes.

The door opens to the Captains Quarters. Ben walks in.
Christa says hey.
Ben asks, so tell me what youíre thinking.

This is very hard for me, because I care about Jayís kids.

Ben says this is freaking him out.

Cause Iím worried. Just promise me that you wonít put me up for a black spot.

Ben Iím not going to give you a black spot. I swear on my daughterís life, Iím not going to give you a black spot.

Ben Confessional: Every thing was going as planned. Christa understood Jay had been lying the whole time and to everyone. I believe Iím safe from the Black Spot. I believe we can carry it through.

Jay walks into the Captains Quarters and sets a bottle down on the table then sits down.
Jay I feel stuck right now, I feel like I have to give you the Black Spot.

Jay looks at her and say, ďIíll never forgive ya. Just so you knowĒ
With a sad look, Christa says I know that.

Jay says you donít have to.
Iíve had your back.
Iím going to get a black spot.
That means Iím going home.
Thank you very much.
He shakes his head and puts it into his hands.

(Wow! Iím impressed with what Jay is feeding Christa.)

Ben and Louie are talking in the crewís quarters.
Louie says you canít have everyoneís back. You canít play that way.
Jay tried to make a deal with every one.
Well guess what? Today itís going to show it canít be done.
Cause heís going home tonight.

Ben holds his hands up in the air and declares:
Let the good rise above.
There is a snake rattle sound.

Meanwhile back with Christa and Jay.

Jay pleads, what can I do?
Donít do it. Donít do it.

He smiles at her and knocks on the table and says you had me at day one.

Christa smiles.

If you put me up for black spot, Iím gone for sure.

Christa says she knows for sure.

Iíll cast ballots any way you want.

Iíll let you take it at this point. I want to be there the last day. So bad.

Jay Confessional: Iíll do anything to get to the end of this game.
Iíll send a crying girl home. We see a picture of Christa.
Iíll stab a guy in the back after I shook his hand, and swore Iíd never do it.
This game forces to you make some difficult choices.
To do things against your morals and values.

Donít Black Spot me Baby. Please Man, please.

Christa Confessional: If I give Jay the black spot itís because heís overplaying it.
But I want him here at the end. He played the game aggressively, harder than anyone else.
He deserves it.
Itís not that Iím being manipulated by him or controlled by him or anything like that.
I have personal feeling for him. I care about him.

Laurel walk into the Captains Quarters.

Whatís going on is that everyone wants to send Jay home.
My problem is I care about his kids and I donít want to send Jay home.
I donít know what to do.

Laurel says Jay is a big fat liar and if you want to trust him, then have fun with that.

Christa says itís not that I trust him, itís just his kids.

Jay tries to talk to Ben. Sheís solid with the three of us to the end.
No matter what was said, it was about all of us getting to the final three.
No matter what happened behind the scenes.
No matter if you hate me right now, it all about getting the three of us to the end.

Ben can not even look at Jay. He stands in the doorway with his head hung down.
Honestly Dude, I like you as a person but I understand itís a game.
It calls for stuff like this to go down. I got to see it for what it is.

Jay tells Ben, whether I go home tonight or not, I hope you will have a drink with me sometime.
Thatís for you to decide.

Ben hangs his head and shakes it up and down.

Laurel tells Christa that another person has not been on her side. Ben
He told me he doesnít want to go up against you in the end.
He wants to be by my side in the end.
Christa gets an Iíll pay him back look on her face.

Christa Confessional: The ship is stressful now, because of less secure people.

Christa is filling out the Black Spots
If I take the majority Jay would get the Black Spot.
I really donít know what Iím going to do.

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