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"Pirate Master Episode 12 Internet S..."
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08-14-07, 08:26 PM (EST)
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14. "Part Two.2"
LAST EDITED ON 08-14-07 AT 08:27 PM (EST)

Laurel and Louie think there might be more to the clue. Something with rings. So they are checking all the planets. Louie wonders, ďAre we missing something in the clue?Ē

The black team is wandering around looking for the symbol of Saturn.

Louie wonders if they need to be looking for shadows cast by the trees. Laurel tells him to keep thinking like that. Laurel says, ďthat is the kind of pirate-ty stuff I need to hear.Ē (And I scream at the screen, WHAT? Who knows?)
The filming seems to be going in a circle around the Red Crew.

Louie Confessional: We just kept looking and looking. ďWe were lost in spaceĒ (Now my love for Louie is complete)

The Black Crew also seems lost.

Ben Confessional: Christa and I think we should go up top and look in a different area we hadnít searched.
We have looked several times and canít find the symbol on the puzzle.

The Black Crew heads up the hill to get a better look.

The Red Crew sees them leave and wonders if they should follow. Louie feels that would be ďhelter skelterĒ.

The Black Crew, or Jay doesnít see anything and calls to move on. (Whoís the Captain?) Christa keeps heading for the top.

We see a shot of the symbol down the hill. Just like the one Georgianna posted with just a T at the top and not a cross. Christa shouts, Down here, down here.

Christa Confessional: I had a gut feeling. Everyone knows my gut feelings are always right. The clue was at the top of the hill.

The Black Crew starts looking under rocks. Jay finds the treasure under a flat circular rock. They find a large metal spring with a lock and key. I will try to explain. The spring is about 6 inches wide and 1 foot long. There are several links of chain attached to the end of the spring. The key that they got with the puzzle unlocks a large lock. Then you must unwind another key off the spring.

Ben Confessional: I could have just pick up Christa and put her on my shoulders and celebrated. My whole game rest on this one expedition. If we win, Christa stays in power and Jay is getting put on the black spot.

Jay starts to run off and Christa wants to read the clue that came with the spring.

A red planets arrow will point you,
To my Gold of great worth.
Itís buried half way out in space
Between Mars and Earth (symbol).

The symbol is a circle with a cross in it. Is that Earth, Georgianna?

Jay ask if red is Mars. Christa says Mars is the Red Planet.

The Host tells us that the pirates must now withĒ key in handĒ search between the rock formations of earth and Mars, (Which looks like the male symbol), to dig for the treasure.

The Black crew heads down the hill to search for the treasure.

The Red Crew sees a scarecrow in a tree. Laurel climbs up to see. Itís nothing.

Jay Confessional: Once we got that last clue, I just knew I was going to find the treasure, and pull it out of the ground. I knew where the earth formation was. I know where Mars was. I basically eyeballed it to halfway and started digging.

Jay walks like he is measuring something. He drops down and starts digging. He yells I got it.

The Red Crew sees they are digging for something. Laurel cries ah- oh. They run to the spot.

Jay pulls a chest out of the ground and holds it in the air. Ben throws his hands in the air. He kisses Jay on the head.

Louie walks up and ask if thatís the rings of Saturn. Christa points up the hill and says, up there.

Ben fires the gun. Jay opens the chest and pulls out several things. I could not make anything out, but there did look like a note.

Ben Confessional: What this win means to me is Iím not getting put on the black spot tomorrow. In my place will sit Jay and Louie. Me and Christa are going to team up against Jay and hopefully weíll come out victorious.

Louie pats Jay on the arm and says ďGood job Guys!Ē

Louie Confessional: This expedition is a sad loss. I wanted to win huge. Iím down $10,000 - $15,000 from everybody. Itís frustrating.

Laurel walks away and drops the red flag. Iím bummed.

Now everyone must swim back to the ship.

The Host greet the Black Crew. He hauls the chest on board. Well done. Letís see if there more gold than last week. He looks down and smiles at the chest. Crack that chest open and lets see.

The Black Crew throws open the lid.

The Host says that more like it. OK count it out.

Someone says bling bling. The Host says, thereís a lot of gold there guys.

Jay tells everyone there is $30,000 dollars.

The Host says thatís more like it, ey? You two are demoted, looking at Jay and Ben, go below deck and wait further orders.

Captain, hereís your jacket. He helps Christa put her jacket on. Hereís your hat. You have a ship to run, and black spots to hand out, a critical time. The ship is yours.

Christa Confessional: Itís a good feeling to win. Weíll get about $10,000 each. But now Iím under a lot a pressure. I got to make sure Iím doing the right thing for the black spot. Christa is shown putting the money back in the chest.
I have a friendship with Jay, even thought he has lied his way through the game, I appreciate the smart way he has played the game. I appreciate the aggressive way he has played the game. I have a lot of thinking to do, so I donít bite myself in the butt.

The sun sets on the ship.

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