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"Pirate Master Episode 11 Internet S..."
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08-08-07, 03:50 AM (EST)
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14. "Part Four"
As Christa walks on deck, she states everyone fits across in one little line. With that I will hand out the black spots. She hands them to Louie, who calls himself black spot Louie, Kendra, Laurel, Fabulous, (Ben) and Jay.

Kendra and Louie get the black spots. Kendra tells Louie not to break her record. Louie has 4 and Kendra has 6.

Louie I now scared about being a sacrificial lamb. Iíve trusted everyone before, I will do it again. But I know I can trust Jay the most. People might call me crazy, but I do trust Jay. Iím starting to not trust everyone but Jay.

Laurel is scared for Louie not knowing what Ben and Jay are going to do.

Kendra talks to Ben about keeping her instead of Louie. Who could you out run? Louie would win a popularity contest. Louie would keep Jay before Ben.
Ben wonít know who he will vote for until he hears their speeches, and slaps the vote on the knife.
He thanks Kendra for coming and talking to him. She tells him not to trust anybody.

Jay Confessional: I donít know who Iím sending home tonight. I got a weak person thatís doing me no good, but I could beat at the end. And then I got a strong person who has my back, but I donít want him around at the end. There are reasons to keep them both and reasons to get rid of them both. I donít know. Itís 50 Ė 50.

The sun sets over the ocean.
*ding Ė ding*
All Pirates to Mid-Ship

Welcome once again to Pirates Court.
This is the place where all get to have their say.
Looking at Kendra and Louie, the Host says one of you will go home tonight.

Piratesí Court is now in session.

Captain, why did you mark these two pirates with a black spot?

Christa starts with Kendra. The crew still thinks Kendra is still the weakest link.
And Louie volunteered himself, but after listening to the concerns of the crew, he is not safe.

The host is shocked and asks Louie if thatís true. Louie says he doesnít mind being tested by the black spot.
The host says anyone who stands next to Kendra goes home. Louie trust the crew.

Louie defend yourself:
My Captain and crew,
I give you what money canít buy; I give you my loyalty, my word, my bond which is more important than gold or treasure. This I give to you freely and openly. Simple and sweet.
Captain Christa smiles.

Kendra defend yourself for the sixth week:
My Captain and my fellow crew,
There has to be a reason you keep bringing me back and thatís what I want to talk about tonight.
I know Iím slow in the water. But I can tell directions, I can navigate, I still have a lot to give.
I will continue to give you guys everything I have, Iím just slow at swimming, but I donít stop.
Thank you.

What chance do you think Kendra has Jay?
Well Cameron, I donít want to beat to death the expeditions, I want to talk about her being sneaky. Sheís hiding outside a door or porthole listening. Weíve had a problem with trust and it irks me. On the other hand you might what to look at who you want to stand next to at the end.

Ben, where do you think Kendra stands?
We had a real good conversation this afternoon, but that was the first time. I donít know if I can trust you. I question if you will look out for me because we donít have a relationship.

Laurel, same question.
In the beginning I had more reasons to vote for Kendra, but now Iíd rather go up against her than someone super strong.

What do you think of Louie volunteering for the black spot?

Jay states itís utterly insane. To start with you think everyone has your back, but in my opinion he is a bigger threat than Kendra. Louie thinks heís completely safe tonight, I beg to differ.

The Host ask Louie how that feels. Louie is at a lost for words for about 10 seconds. He finally comes up with an answer. Iím slow on the hills. I lumber up them. You donít have to fear me. Every expedition has hills.

How do you feel about volunteering now Louie?
Someone has to stand up next to Kendra, I have your back, and I thought you had mine. Jay gives Louie a look of Duh, you should never trust on a pirate ship. Weíll see what happens when you put your card on the knife.

The Host says we will find out now. You have three cards, one for each pirate, and a mutiny card. Choose your cards.

Jay votes first, Ben, then Laurel.

Three ballots, three pirates, letís see what youíve done.

The Host collects the cards off the knife.
Captain there are no mutiny cards, you are safe.

Kendra, last week no ballots were cast for you.

This week ...Louie, .........pause.............Pause........



no ballots

cast against you.

Rejoin your crew.

Kendra hugs Louie

The host says: Kendra you voyage is over.

Captain, cut this pirate adrift.

Kendra says have fun guys.

Laurel is the only one to say goodbye to Kendra.

Kendra climbs over the side and the Captain cut the rope. Louie waves.

Kendraís last words:
Iíve made it through five pirate courts with a black spot. To make it this far, I think is a great accomplishment. I gave it a good fight.

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