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"Pirate Master Episode 11 Internet S..."
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08-08-07, 00:16 AM (EST)
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10. "The Expedition"
Jay reads the riddle on the handle of the corkscrew:
To Black Sand Beach you have to row
Up river, then right you must go.
Jay tells his crew that they must not forget to turn right.

The host tells us what the pirates must do, while we see it on an animated map.

The pirates must row to the anchor on shore then travel up river.
They must turn right at the skull marker to find the smugglers den.
Look for the bottle containing the next clue.

Kendra Confessional: This is very important for my crew to win. I feel I can show my other strength on this expedition.

Jay Confessional: Iíll do whatever I have to, to maintain power...because at the end of the day, If Chris is in power, Iím in power. I can lose the battle, but win the war. I might lose a key, I might trip or fall, I donít know.

The Host holds a gun overhead.
Black crew ready?
Red crew ready?
Fight for your flag.
The Host fires the gun.

Black crew got a big lead because Jay told us he was rowing slowly to sabotage his crew.
The lead looks like 3 Ĺ boat lengths
The rowers for the Black crew are Ben & Louie
The rowers for the Red crew are Jay and Laurel

Louie told us they were beating the Red crew like crazy. We got to the beach, then ran up the river.

Ben, Louie, and Christa walked past the skull marker.

The Black Crew lands on the beach.

Christa runs back and says weíre going the wrong way.

Louie confessional: Our first mistake was missing the smugglers den. We ran farther than we had to.
Louie says, ďItís retarded today, Ill tell you that much.Ē
The Black crew backtracks down the trail where Louie sees the skull marker.
Meanwhile the Red Crew catches up and also finds the skull marker.

Jay Confessional: The Black Crew kept screwing up so much, that we caught up.

Everyone ended up in the den together looking for a clue among many bottles and crates.

Jay Confessional: I stayed outside to slow my crew down. I didnít go in to help. If my crew wins, I lose control of the ship .Itís all about power now. Iím willing to do whatever it takes. The means justify the end.
Unfortunately for me the Red crew found their clue first, (It looks like Kendra found the clue.)

The Red Crew pulls a long cloth out of the bottle with a key attached. (Now get this) Kendra realizes that you must wrap the cloth around the bottle to read the message. Go figure.

Ben tells us the Black crew takes a sneak-peek and cheats a little bit.

We see the bottleís clue while Kendra reads.

Under the anchor your next clue lies
Where it leads you will be a surprise
Haul my rum crates back to the beach
And piece together what is inside

The Host tells us the pirates must return to the anchor, uncover a buried chain and follow it to the next clue.
Inside the sunken crates are three pieces of a skull. The pirates must assemble them to reveal a map to the treasure chest.

Both crews reach the anchor about the same time. Everyone but Jay start digging around the anchor. Jay finds a buried chain and starts to pull it. He realizes that this is the clue and they must swim out in the ocean. The Black Crew doesnít notice what he is doing so he walks by Ben and tells him to follow the chain. Ben jumps up and runs into the ocean. Jay drops to his knees and shouts, Dig! Dig!

Ben Confessional: Jay told me to follow the chain into the ocean. ďMaybe he just didnít have quite the motivation he needed to really help his Red Crew win.Ē

Ben swims a distance into the ocean. All of a sudden he has a mask on. (I canít figure this out. He ran into the ocean without a mask. No one sees him because they are all digging. Could he have swam back to get the mask, and still nobody sees him, but Jay.) Ben sees a chest being held down by a rock. Maybe about 14 feet under water. Ben yells, ďCome out, come out! Louie, Louie, Louie, Louie! Come out, come out! We got to get the row boat.

The Black Crew takes out their dory with Ben saying we can pull it up with the grappling hook. Jay looks up and repeats, ďLetís get our dory.Ē
The Black Crew has two people with four oars. The Red Crew has two people with two oars. Jay and Lauren are sitting side by side.

Jay Confessional: While we are rowing, Iím trying to figure how to look like Iím giving 100 percent, when Iím not.

The Black crew gets their chest into the boat. Jay jumps out of the water and grapples the red chest. The Black Crew head back to shore. Jay tries to haul the chest into the boat, with Lauren in the water pushing. Kendra is leaning against the side of the boat watching them trying to load the chest.

Ben Confessional: We opened the chest on the beach to find three parts of a skull. When we put them together a map pointed to the treasure.

Louie noticed that the map looked like a jagged rock across the bay. The Black Crew starts off down the beach. The Red Crew reaches the beach and must still put together their clue.

The Black Crew crawls into a crevice in the rocks. Christa calls out, ďHere it is guys!Ē As they are crawling through the cave they show a squeaking bat. (Just for emydi)

The Red Crew, at least the ladies see the rock and say thereís a horses head on the skull, and a red X marks the spot.

Jay Confessional: Kendra and Laurel have no idea Iím throwing the expedition. At the end of the day, Iím only giving 50 percent. (Jay is sitting in front of the Horse Head Rock and it really looks like a horseís head getting a drink of water. The green trees, shrubs, and vines look like a mane. Cool!)

Louie says the cave has a foot and a half of water and air. They are feeling around for a treasure. The Red Crew is running up the beach. The cave opens up to where the Black Crew can stand. Another shot of three bats. Louie starts shouting. (I canít make out what he is saying) Louie picks up a large red, object. (It reminds me of f the turret on the top of the Taj Mahal.) Louie carries it out of the cave.

The Red Crew sees they have lost.

Jay Confessional: When I saw the Black Crew coming down the beach with treasure in hand, it felt really good. I might have lost some money but you can lose the battle and win the war.

Christa holds the gun in the air and fires it. Louie has a key to unlock the container. They open it and find a salt shaker and heavy chain. Louie finds a note and reads it.

Captain Steel I have betrayed you. Gold means power and now I have both. Many Thousand Thanks. A Patel

The Black Crew is not happy. Jay is in the background grinning.

Ben Confessional: My first reaction is like a slap in the face. All that hard work and no treasure.

Louie Confessional: The parable of this expedition is never trust a smug-ga-ler.( that is how he pronounced it.) He took his gold, fooled everybody, and is back in India right now drinking Indian ale on our money. (I think Louie has forgotten this is a game.)

Christa is lying on the beach moaning, I took all that stress and didnít get any money.

The music changes to a victorious song. The camera shoots Ben kneeling in the sand then rises to Jay holding the Red Flag looking down on everyone.

Jay Confessional: I threw the expedition today, to make sure my crew, Ben and Christa maintained power on the ship. I got exactly what I wanted: POWER!

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