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PLEASE NOTE: The Reality TV World Message Boards are filled with desperate attention-seekers pretending to be one big happy PG/PG13-rated family. Don't be fooled. Trying to get everyone to agree with you is like herding cats, but intolerance for other viewpoints is NOT welcome and respect for other posters IS required at all times. Jump in and play, and you'll soon find out how easy it is to fit in, but save your drama for your mama. All members are encouraged to read the complete guidelines. As entertainment critic Roger Ebert once said, "If you disagree with something I write, tell me so, argue with me, correct me--but don't tell me to shut up. That's not the American way."
"SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S..."
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dabo 26942 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

04-26-11, 09:28 AM (EST)
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"SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S..."
LAST EDITED ON 04-26-11 AT 11:22 AM (EST)

ADVISORY: Vote threads are open to all who wish to participate and cast their votes, spoilers and non-spoilers alike. The posts initiating these threads contain no spoiler information other than perhaps referencing what has been revealed in TV promos for the upcoming episode. Non-spoilers, be advised that spoilers may include information in their posts here which you may not wish to read. Spoilers, please do not include spoiler information for future episodes, stick to the episode in question.

The Rules

1. Put the name of your choice for this week's boot in the subject heading.

This is easy, just erase where it says "Re: SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time to Vote..." and replace with your vote on which player will get the boot, e.g., "Ralph." Or, if you think this will be a two-boot week: "Ralph and Steve." It doesn't matter which order you put them in unless it matters to you. This is projected to be a two-boot week; it doesn't really much matter if you get them in order but try if you want with the order being boot 12, boot 13.

This makes it easier to tally votes quickly and accurately. Nicknames are tougher to tally unless they are really obvious without actually reading your post. Other things you want to vote on (how they'll make this season worse, how they'll make this season worse, how they'll make this season worse), these should go in your post not in your subject line.

("Boot" defines as voted out of a tribe, either exiled to Redemption Island or, when Redemption Island is no longer a factor in the game, eliminated from the game. Quitters are also regarded as boots though whether they would be exiled or eliminated/disqualified is unknown. It is assumed that medical evacuees would be eliminated/disqualified without prejudice.)

1b. The process for voting on which Exile on Redemption Island will be eliminated from the game.

Place your elimination vote anywhere in the subject line with the boot vote. Place an "X" in front of the name of the exile you think will lose the duel and be eliminated from the game, as in XMatthew or XMike or XDavid. Alternately, should you wish to save space in the subject line, cast your vote using the exile's placement number determined by the time of their arrivals on Redemption Island, noted in the list below in this post. Exile 8, Matthew, would be X8. Exile 9, Mike, would be X9. Exile 11, Julie, would be X11.

This week we will be using the finale style voting method for duel voting. You will be voting on who finishes third (last), who finishes second, and who finishes first (wins). Please use the following designations in casting these votes:

JW for Julie Wolfe
MC for Mike Chiesl
ME for Matt Elrod

Place these votes in this format: 3rd/2nd/1st. So, for example, if you think Julie will finish third, Mike will finish second, and Matt will finish first, your vote should read "JW/MC/ME."

1c. Returnees.

This section is to note that it is entirely possible for a player to be returned to the game immediately after a duel and subsequently be voted out again within the same episode. So an exile could also get the boot, both votes could be for exiles. Hence the importance of the X, please get in the habit.

2. Reply only to this post.

We like to keep our votes threads nice and straight.


2b. But to change your vote (or add additional votes) reply to your own previous vote post.

Your new post heading should read, for example, "VOTE CHANGE: Rob." Or perhaps "VOTE CHANGE: Rob and Phil" if you think it will be a two-boot week.

3. This is not a discussion thread, do not treat it as such.

There are plenty of places on the forum to debate the merits of people's arguments, have discussions, have civil and polite disagreements, don't do it here.

But please feel free to discuss your vote in your own post, cast all the extra votes you want, tell us how much you hate this stupid horrible insane game-destructive RI twist, fondly remember the days when Survivor actually was a game, we're all interested in what you have to say. And KB wants your challenge votes for scoring purposes! ETA: and you might want to pick two of them for immunity this week

4. No graphics, particularly no sig pics.

If you must have a graphic make it pertinent to something. Thank you.

5. Have fun!

NOTE: Rob Mariano will soon be appearing on a History Channel reality travel show, read about Rob's Next Show! which he may actually win since he has only one person to whackcompete against.


Murlonio (black) tribe

Andrea (Ometepe)
Ashley (Ometepe)
Grant (Ometepe)
Natalie (Ometepe)
Phillip (Ometepe)
Ralph "Rooster" (Zapatera)
Boston Rob (Ometepe)
Steve (Zapatera)

Redemption Island

exile 8. Matthew (Ometepe, exile 2, Murlonio)
exile 9. Mike (Zapatera, Murlonio)
exile 11. Julie (Zapatera, Murlonio)


Francesca (Ometepe, exile 1)
Russell (Zapatera, exile 3)
Kristina (Ometepe, exile 4)
Krista (Zapatera, exile 5)
Stephanie (Zapatera, exile 6)
Sarita (Zapatera, exile 7)


David (Zapatera, Murlonio, exile 10)

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Table of Contents
  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 SurvivorBlowsTribe, Time To Vote: S...   dabo     04-26-11       
   Ralph and Steve, JW/ME/MC   parathor     04-26-11     1  
   Steve and Phil JW/ME/MC   kingfish     04-26-11     2  
   Ralph and Steve, JW/ME/MC   byoffer     04-26-11     3  
   1. Ralph 2. Steve JW/MC/ME   emydi     04-26-11     4  
     Yo, emy!   dabo     04-28-11     29  
     wow   tribephyl     04-28-11     30  
         RE: wow   emydi     04-28-11     33  
             RE: wow   Blind Freddy     04-28-11     34  
   JW/MC/ME - 1. Ralph 2. Steve   Brownroach     04-26-11     5  
   1. Ralph 2. Phillip JW/MC/ME   HitmanPayne     04-26-11     6  
     Andrea wins IC   HitmanPayne     04-27-11     28  
   TC#1: Steve | TC#2: Phillip | RI: J...   KwietOne     04-26-11     7  
   Ralph and Steve, JW/ME/MC   kiki_k     04-26-11     8  
   Rooster, Steve JW/MC/ME   vince3     04-26-11     9  
     excellent work!   tribephyl     04-28-11     32  
         RE: excellent work!   Blind Freddy     04-28-11     36  
   Steve and Ralph.....ME/JW/MC   Loree     04-26-11     10  
   Steve - Ralph MC/JW/ME   michel     04-26-11     11  
   Ralph & Steve, JW/MC/ME   Round Robin     04-27-11     12  
     fan*freakin*tastic   tribephyl     04-28-11     31  
         RE: fan*freakin*tastic   Blind Freddy     04-28-11     35  
   Steve ~ None RI: JW/ME/MC   tribephyl     04-27-11     13  
     CORRECTION: Steve ~ None RI: MC/ME/...   dabo     04-27-11     19  
   1stVO:Steve / 2ndVO:Phillip...........   Woogie     04-27-11     14  
   Steve/Rooster XI-Mike   Scarlett O Hara     04-27-11     15  
     CORRECTION: Steve/Rooster MC/ME/JW   dabo     04-27-11     20  
   Ralph ..JW/MC/ME   Travel_Queen     04-27-11     16  
   Ralph and Steve voted out. Julie lo...   Corvis     04-27-11     17  
     VOTE CHANGE: Steve and then Ralph v...   Corvis     04-27-11     27  
   Steve then Ralph, JW/ME/MC   dabo     04-27-11     18  
   1. Steve 2. Ralph; JW/MC/ME; IC-And...   Blind Freddy     04-27-11     21  
   Vote Tally #1   dabo     04-27-11     22  
   1-Steve, 2-Rooster; Julie/Mike/Matt   CTgirl     04-27-11     23  
   Steve, then Ralph. Julie loses RI~M...   Flowerpower     04-27-11     24  
   JW/MC/ME...IC Andrea...1.Ralph...2....   Krautboy     04-27-11     25  
   JW/ME/MC for RI; Andrea wins Immuni...   Belle Book     04-27-11     26  

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