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"Pirate Master Episode 10 Internet ..."
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35. "In case anyone cares, here is the C..."
Episode 10: Chickens with Their Heads Cut Off

Little Pirate, Big Threat: Nessa is Cut Adrift

With Azmyth gone, the alliance of Jay, Christa and Ben realizes that Nessa is now their greatest threat. In order to keep their friends close and their enemies closer, the three of them form a false pact with Nessa, who is more than happy to join their group. After the Black Crew wins another Expedition, Christa and Jay decide that it's time to get rid of the strongest competitor, so they put Nessa up on the Black Spot, along with Kendra. Nessa feels betrayed by Christa, unaware that she and Jay had been conspiring to get rid of her. At Pirates' Court, Nessa starts to catch on to her shipmates' conniving ways, but it's too late. The vote is unanimous: Nessa is cut adrift.

"I don't know what happened back there, I'm still in shock," she says as she floats out to sea. "There's some conniving people on that ship. If that's how they're gonna be, I'm really happy not to be on a ship with those people anymore 'cause they're not the kind of people I want to surround myself with."

A Pact of Lies

After another Pirates' Court, Jay meets with Ben and expresses his concern about Nessa's potential to gain power. "Nessa, she's one of the strongest competitors out there," he explains. "I don't want to go up against her in the end. She's in a lot better shape than me. She's a little boxer, she'd kick my butt." Christa joins the two of them and Jay comes up with the idea of convincing Nessa that she's in a pact with the three of them so she'll be less inclined to go against them later. Christa listens to Jay's plan and later comments, "Jay's pretty much been the Captain of the ship since day one. He's just never worn the hat."

Nessa enters the room and everyone tells her that they hope she can join them in being the final four at the end of the competition. Oblivious to Jay's true intentions, Nessa excitedly agrees to join their pact. "Right now, my strategy with Nessa is to make her feel warm and comfy with myself, Ben and Christa," Jay explains. "When in reality, she's really not part of my final four."

Throwing the Expedition

The next morning, Laurel quickly becomes irritated with Kendra's talky nature as the two of them work in the galley together. "Kendra talks my ear off," Laurel complains. "Everyone wants her gone, but Kendra has slipped through the cracks time and time again."

As the crew prepares for the day's Expedition, Jay pulls Ben and Christa aside. "Today's Expedition is all about keeping Christa and myself running the ship," he explains. "I'll do whatever I have to do to keep Christa in power." Jay comes up with yet another plan: He will point out the treasure during the Expedition if he happens to be on the opposite crew as Christa, hoping she and Ben will do the same.

Ben is hesitant to agree and asks Jay if he would just step up to be Captain if he found the treasure, but Jay doubts the crew would elect him. Ben agrees to the plan, before noting, "Jay is a snake. It's good to have a snake on your side because he's always conspiring…But Jay's got a grasp on Christa and I see them getting tighter and tighter and that's a threat to me because the tighter they get, the farther away I get."

The Cooper's Treasure

Cameron calls everyone over to the quarterdeck where Laurel opens the next compartment of the Chest of Zanzibar. Cameron reads the note, which reveals that the treasure was hidden by the ship's Cooper, who was an expert at finding water sources on the islands. Everyone draws shot to determine which crew they'll join. Once everyone draws, the Red Crew consists of Louie, Kendra and Nessa while the Black Crew includes Christa, Jay, Laurel and Ben.

"It makes things easier that myself, Jay and Christa are all on the same crew right now," Ben says. "It makes it tricky in that none of us are on the opposing crew, so if we lose, then that could throw a little wrench in the works." As both crews climb into their longboats, Cameron explains that they'll need to take buckets with them on this Expedition.

Water Under the Bridge

On the Expedition, the Pirates must first row to the beach and find the trail into the jungle, leading to a stream. Once there, they must fill their buckets with water. They will then carry the buckets up a steep jungle trail to a bridge and use the buckets of water to uncover their next clue.

As both longboats head out to begin the Expedition, the Black Crew takes the lead because they have more bodies. Once on land, the Black Crew reaches the stream first and starts filling their buckets with water. Both crews then head up the trail, struggling with the weight of the full buckets. Knowing that Kendra isn't physically strong, Louie and Nessa carry the Red Crew's three buckets of water themselves up the trail.

Once both crews arrive at the bridge, the Pirates must solve an equation: How many gallons equal 16 pints? When they discover the correct answer is two, they must fill the corresponding numbered pipe with the water they brought to reveal the next clue. Jay thinks the answer is four, so the Black Crew proceeds to fill the pipe labeled "IV" on the side of the bridge. On the Red Crew, Kendra knows the correct answer is two, so they immediately pour water in the corresponding pipe.

The Black Crew rethinks their initial guess and realizes they must fill a different pipe to retrieve their clue. As both crews start to run out of water, they turn to a small puddle under the bridge to finish filling the pipes. Nessa reaches in the pipe and pulls out a bottle, which contains their clue, and the Red Crew runs off. The Black Crew then retrieves their bottle and follows them. The Pirates will now race up a mountain trail in search of a dangerous 1000-foot waterfall where they will find a cave, which will lead them to their next clue.

Gasping For Air

Both crews arrive at the waterfall where Ben immediately dives into the frigid water and swims to the cave behind the rushing waterfall. A clue adorns the cave wall, explaining that the next clue can be found where the water flows. Ben swims back under the waterfall in search of the clue. "Now, the waterfall's coming down crazy heavy," he explains. "I'm half drowning, I'm sucking in water like it's my job and you're feeling around for a clue and we have no idea where it could be hidden."

As the Red Crew treads water and climbs up the rock walls in search of the clue, Kendra clings to the far wall since the water is too cold and powerful for her. This leaves the Red Crew down to only two people searching for clues. Eventually, Ben dives underwater, sees the clue, and snatches it up. The Black Crew climbs out of the water, exhausted, and begins to race up into the jungle where they must find a mud pit where the Cooper's treasure is buried.

Meanwhile, back at the waterfall, Louie sees the clue underwater and grabs it. The Red Crew then begins their trek up the jungle trail with Nessa in the lead.

This Mud's For You

Both crews arrive at the mud pit and crawl through the thick, deep mud, feeling blindly for the treasure. Christa yells, "I got it," so Jay helps her reach under the mud to grasp the treasure. Competitive to the end, Louie gets his hands in there too and tries to secure the treasure for the Red Crew. However, it is Jay who succeeds in pulling the treasure out of the mud. "There was no way was going to pry that treasure from my hands unless I was dead," Jay proclaims.

"This win just solidifies our place in the game," Christa says of herself, Jay and Ben. "We're golden to the end, guaranteed." With that, Christa covers her face with mud and fires the blunderbuss in the air.

Exhausting Expedition

The Red Crew returns below deck after their loss where Nessa laments the fact that she's on a losing streak. But she is still optimistic about her chances on the ship because of her pact with Jay, Christa and Ben. Meanwhile, the Black Crew excitedly returns to the ship and counts their $40,000 treasure, which all goes to Christa.

When the Black Crew returns below deck, Jay is exhausted from the Expedition and realizes he's not the strongest competitor on the ship. "Getting rid of the strong competitors right now is important," he says. "You really gotta start looking at who do I want to be up against at the end."

Go Big or Go Home

In the Captain's Cabin, the Black Crew joins Christa as she splits the treasure evenly with her crew, so each Pirate receives $10,000. Christa then takes a diplomatic approach to the Black Spots again and asks her fellow crewmembers for their opinions. Everyone agrees that Kendra should receive another Black Spot.

Later, Jay joins Christa in the Captain's Cabin to discuss the Black Spots. "Christa, she's got a brain of her own," Jay explains. "She's got this attitude of go big or go home." When Christa and Jay agree that neither Kendra nor Laurel are "big," they realize that they should go after Nessa. Jay tells Christa that they'll have to lie to Nessa's face and convince her that she's merely going up on the Black Spot as a pawn when they put Kendra up there again.

Stabbed in the Back

Christa hands out the letters to the crew, assuring them that she still asked everyone on the ship for their input. Kendra sees her fifth Black Spot and comments, "It seems to not matter how well I do. I get tired of standing up and trying to plead my case every week." When Nessa sees her Black Spot, she feels personally betrayed by Christa. "I thought that Christa and I were cool," she points out angrily. "You know, she and Jay and Ben and I had a pact that it would be the four of us."

Nessa immediately vents her anger at Jay, who pretends to be just as surprised about Nessa's Black Spot. Jay lies to Nessa, telling her that he suggested Laurel and Kendra, which elicits more anger from Nessa, who believed that those two would go before her.

"I thought my opinion was important," Jay says to Nessa, trying to reassure her that he had nothing to do with this. "Where's she going with this? Am I next?" Jay examines the situation as Nessa continues to complain, saying, "I have no problem of playing the dual roles here of nice guy and backstabber. If you think you can play this game like Howdy Doody and be a nice guy the whole time, you're gonna end up cut adrift."

The Weakest vs. The Fastest

Kendra also vents her anger over the Black Spot to Louie, who listens as she complains about Nessa. When analyzing Christa's decision, Louie says, "She's put the weakest and the fastest up on the Black Spot…Nessa deserves to stay. She's the best competitor. I mean, it's good for me to have Kendra around because if anybody wants to cut the weak, they'll cut her. So it's not an easy choice."

Below deck, Nessa turns to Ben for comfort as she continues to complain about her Black Spot. "I don't know if I'm up there as a pawn," she explains. "It's a pirate ship…You never know who you can trust." Ben tries to reassure her that everyone will vote for Kendra tonight. "The reason that I'd get rid of Kendra this week is because I'm closer to Nessa than I am to Kendra," Ben says. "But if I'm the only one who votes for Nessa to stay, then that singles me out. I gotta make that decision when I get there."

Pirates' Court: A Betrayal is Revealed

At Pirates' Court, Captain Christa explains that after talking with the crew, she marked Kendra again because of her weak swimming ability and she marked Nessa because she's a strong competitor that could pose a threat towards the end of the competition.

Kendra steps forward to defend herself and admits that she's slow in the water before saying, "I will never stop and give up on you. I can just remind you that I am getting stronger." When Cameron asks the crew why Kendra has been marked five times, Laurel says Kendra is weak, but in the end, she'd much rather compete against Kendra than Nessa. Nessa is surprised to hear Ben and Jay sing Kendra's praises when each of them bring up the fact that Kendra is getting progressively stronger on each Expedition.

When Nessa defends herself, she says she's flattered to be considered a threat before adding, "I want to know if my strength is more of a threat to you than Kendra's weakness is detrimental." She then mentions her losing streak and wonders if something else is at play. "I'm not really sure if there's some kind of pact or what the deal is," she says, addressing her fellow shipmates. "Is there something going on that I should know about?" She looks at each member of the jury and they all shake their heads, remaining quiet.

When it's time to vote, the Pirates cast their ballots atop the dagger's blade. Cameron examines the ballots and informs Christa that she is safe from Mutiny. He looks at Kendra and Nessa and tells Nessa that the vote is unanimous: her voyage is over. Nessa's mouth drops in shock, before she turns to her crew. "I'm both flattered and disgusted at your guys' cowardice," she says as she begins to disembark. "I'd rather run among the strong than lie among the weak. Have fun eating each other alive." And with those final words, Nessa is cut adrift.

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