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"The Tribes Have Spoken..."
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George Tirebiter 2982 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Howard Stern Show Guest"

06-12-01, 09:05 PM (EST)
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32. "RE: A letter from GT..."
Awww shakes. . . for someone so cocky about his overdeveloped sense of humor (and your assertion that no one else here compares--I believe the direct quote is that anyone but you would SUCK), I can't believe that you just don't get it!

And I really don't think you should be speaking for anyone but yourself, since you obviously haven't a clue about what anyone else thinks--or a firm grasp on what you've actually said in the past.

Sorry I made you uncomfortable by hitting the mark on your "real" personality--but you DID say that your whole purpose in coming here was to piss people off enough so you'd be lambasted mercilessly for LC. Assuming anyone cares by then, I'd say you've done a pretty good job!

And for future reference, a "posthumous" letter should not contain references to events AFTER the fact. . . makes for difficulties following the plot when the so-called deceased quotes dialogue occurring after he's gone. . .

Scorned? No--just disappointed you didn't have the class to bow out gracefully, instead of letting everyone wonder what was taking so long. In case you hadn't noticed--or cared (obviously)--a lot of people HAVE invested a lot of time and effort here, and were quite enjoying creating their own niche in the whole scenario. As shakes, you may ridicule the idea that anyone else could do as well as yourself (and maintain a double standard as to what is, indeed, pathetic)--but as BA has already proven, the concept HAS easily outgrown its creator. I'm sure it's going to be a wacky ride from here on out and our community will have a ball sharing in the vision. You can let go of that onerous responsibility now--and the defensiveness that went with it.

I say Live it, or live WITH it!
(Should I point out ALL Firesign references so you don't get lost again? )

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