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"The Cases Against Bill & Al"
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07-22-02, 11:07 AM (EST)
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"The Cases Against Bill & Al"
As some know, I've been on vacation in Colorado. After hearing that Bribs was executed, I spent some of the week recounting what is suspicious and what is not.

Coincidentally, I brought a book along for reading. This book featured Hercule Poirot, the famous detective of Agatha Christie novel. By the way, this isn't my first book I've read... I am very familiar with Poirot's approach.

In this book, Poirot found who the murderer was by merely observing them, eliminating some suspects, and then looking at each case INDIVIDUALLY.

That is what I am going to do now.

Let's begin with Heather and Dorothy. I have eliminated both of these players for the following reasons. Dorothy has made may questionable discoveries, but in light of everthing, has made a lot of money in these cases. This is seen particularly in the Dumb vs. Smart game and the Car Assembly Game.

Heather's argument is mainly psychological. Heather is a player who has desperately wanted an exemption. Follow this fact. Look at the exemption possibilities for her. The Jail Cell Game for instance. She had a perfect opportunity to earn an exemption and create disharmony among the group. But she turns it down, claiming that her conscience says so and that is not the way she would want to earn an exemption. Look at Evader Game. This would be a GREAT opportunity for her to sabotage the pot while making it look like she goes after the exemption IF SHE IS THE MOLE. However, Heather fails. I have no doubt in my mind that if the mole had the opportunity to get the thumbprints, they would have. AND, in Heather's case she would have had the PERFECT EXCUSE. This points stongly to Heather not being the mole, and not knowing where the thumbprints are located.

As for the two of them together, we have other evidence. First, (speculatively) they formed a coalition. I have serious doubts that the Mole would form a coalition this late in the game. This is speculative. We also know that Bob suspected Elavia as the mole. But did he? ABC may have just simply edited him that way to force suspicion on Elavia. However, at the same time, they would give us the logic of "Bob voted Elavia and lost, so Elavia's not the mole." This is very contradicting. However, Elavia did make a comment as she left that she was CONVINCED that there were at least a couple of people that thought she was the mole. What should we make of this statement? That ABC showed us the truth (this is probable, of course ABC may be messing with us)! And how does this fit into Heather and Dorothy's innocence? The first question on the quiz! "Is the mole male or female?" If Bob did, in fact, vote Elavia, we may come to the conclusion that the mole is indeed male.

Now we come to the cases of Bill and Al (please wait for me to type them before replying).
Quotes of the week:
1. "Al, do you think you could move just a little?"-Myra
2. "Ewww... Patrick, no... I don't want to see that."-Heather
3. "I really hope Darwin doesn't realize I have a coalition with Dorothy, or... that could be bad."-Lisa
4. "Gas station attendants... They no NOTHING about flat tires... Let's ask these tourists!"-Darwin
5. "I swear, Rob, if this freaks me out I'm gonna punch you."-Anderson
6. "Those hills are a b!tch."-Anderson
7. "Um, thanks guys for not liking me!" (waves the $ at them)-Elavia
8. "They do look like piercing blue eyes, Heather, but I don't get it. He's totally making out with (that girl)."- Bribs

9. "I was a little surprised when Anderson came into my room in a suit. He usually just comes into my room in his pajamas, just his bottoms usually."-Darwin

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