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"whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
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esquire 1095 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Politically Incorrect Guest"

11-07-05, 00:07 AM (EST)
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"whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
I think its interesting, and useful for spoiling purposes to try and figure what the best strategy for each remaining contestant and what the chance of that strategy being successful

1) BJ - Try and convince Danni and Gary to stay by me as get 2 of the other alliance to join me. Focusing on how their current alliance is evil and may be using some previous realtionships. Lydia and Cindy might be possible to convince that they are the bottom of their current alliance. Not likely to occur, but its a strategy to pursue.

2) Gary - I would try and use m existing relationship to get into the dominant alliance. He seems to have some good relationships with Lydia, Rafe and Stephanie. They seem to not like Judd and Jamie. Maybe he could convince them to replace himself for one of those guys. After the behavior of Jamie and Judd the last few weeks and with his existing relationship with Steph, Rafe and Lydia, this could be doable

3) Danni - I would try and let the evil alliance vote out Gary and BJ. Not get anyone angey with me, because I am in the weak alliance. I would try and build alliances with the other girls during the next 6 days. Then I would try and do an all girl strategy with Stephanie, Lydia and Cindy to get to the final 4. She should get to the final 7. The all girl strategy never works

4) Stephanie - Keep my current alliance together and vote out the last 3 guys from the other tribe. Then get rid of the obnoxious guys from my tribe. That leaves her with a final 4 of Rafe, Cindy and Lydia. This looks like the most likely set of events

5) Rafe - Same as Stephanie. I see them as the core of thier alliance. This looks liek the most likely set of events

6) Lydia - Let the main part of the alliance carry me forward to the final 6. Let Rafe and Stephanie know I am with them regarding the boorishness of Jamie and Judd and will do what it takes to get rid of them. Let my weaknesses become my stregnths as the remaining contestants vote out people who can win challenges. Very likely. weak contestants have been known to go far if they make it to the merge (Colleen, Liz, Kim, Jan, Nelah to name a few)

7) Cindy - Since she seems to be more of an outsider in the core alliance. I would be looking at the all girl strategy when we got down to the final 7. (See Danni strategy)

8) Jamie - Vote out the last 3 members of the other tribe. Look to Stephanie, Rafe and Lydia from my old tribe to stay together to get to final 4. Win last 2 immunity challenges. Possible

9) Judd - Vote out last 3 members of other tribe. Look to Stephanie, Rafe and Cindy to get to final 4. Win last 2 immunity challenges. Very possible


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Estee 57126 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

11-07-05, 04:16 PM (EST)
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1. "RE: whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
BJ: When not eating, sleeping, or in confessional, hunt for the idol. If the idol is found, carve several copies and attempt to present one at each up until the Final Four, then throw the last one at Jeff's hand, grab a cameraman, and shake him until he tells you where the check is kept. Do everything possible to go on a immunity streak in the challenges. Pray none of them are mental ones. (Consider praying to the idol. Couldn't hurt.) Attempt to use what remains of sex appeal with whoever's receptive to it. Play up supposed Jesus resemblance with Gary. Plan out hairstyle and clothing choices for your jury time, because you're really there to win some modeling jobs and a couple of hundred groupies. Fill bowl with warm water, wait until Jamie falls asleep, carefully place Jamie's hand in water, wait for inevitable pants/shelter fouling, and then ask everyone if they really want to keep a bed-wetter around. And learn hypnosis. Fast.

Gary: Start talking about how little money your landscaping business makes. Since you're last on the Nakum ouster list, save your strength during the current challenges: you'll need it later. Whenever possible, follow BJ: let him do all the work of finding the thing, then beat him in a last-minute sprint. Subtly hint to Judd that you know people who know a special-teams wedgebreaker when they see one, and an NFL career is just a phone call away... Dare Jamie to go swimming in the lake outside the crocodile cage, preferably in a race against you. Let him have a two-minute head start. Memorize the following words: 'Rafe, I am your father.' Offer Danni exclusive post-series interview entitled 'Gary Hogeboom: the man, the lies, the million dollars'. Recall that Tom Landry and Mark Burnett have similar tastes in hats, then hide for eighteen days.

Danni: Lose more weight, because everyone knows men are only attracted to women who look like skeletons with plastic wrap around them, or Janu, whichever comes first. Plus if you really drop the pounds, you may be able to get Rafe. Think body contact and lots of it, because either you're going to seduce someone or your elbows will slip between their ribs and kill them. Beat Gary to the Judd In Uniform plan. Offer everyone in camp lifetime access to the 'special caller' number on your show, because then they can be DAWs forever. If you make it to the relative reward challenge, be sure to ask Vermeil what he would do. Play up the 'Stephenie is here for the second time: couldn't she get it right the first one?' angle as often as possible. Be prepared to tell the truth about Gary's former career at need. Also be prepared to lie about his former salary. If all else fails, turn sideways: they can't vote out what they can't see.

Stephenie: Be arrogant. Be obnoxious. Be, for lack of a better term, the exact opposite of the way Korror treated you. Make everyone in the minority alliance want you dead, because there's nothing they can do to stop you and it's not like they're going to comprise the majority of the jury or anything. Continue to play the 'plot card', which is the little note tucked under your buff. It reads 'It's you and me, baby. Love, MB.' Once the Yaxha losers are gone, sit back and watch as the challenge designers cater to your special skills. Practice telling your alliance members 'I swear to God, guys, I never thought they'd build an immunity challenge around whining.' Continue using your pharmacutical knowledge to spike the food with all sorts of interesting native herbs that are illegal in every country but the one you're in. Look puzzled when Jeff asks you why you're the only one who can still move. Since you have a lot of free time on your hands, try getting your eyebrows to go completely vertical. It's never been done before!

Rafe: Find a quiet corner of the woods. Build a camo shelter there with leaves, branches, and whatever patterns of shadow are in the area. Once Yaxha is gone, spend as much time as possible hiding from Judd in this safe area. When isolated, practice cursing, methane production, and burping for distance and power. Also learn everything you can about Blake's last few days of stories, then apply them to your own life and start telling them. Often. No, make that 'constantly. And stop brushing your teeth. You're the one no one wants to sit next to at Final Two for fear of looking bad by comparison to you, and unless you start Judding it up, you will not be long for this game.

Lydia: Lose challenges on purpose all the way into the Final Four. Make lots of jokes about your height, (perceived) lack of endurance, and say things about how happy you'd be with third-place money. After all, who can beat you in the inevitable final dragged-out, hanging-onto-something-thorny, doesn't-Jeff-look-smug? challenge? Everybody. There's no need to worry about Lydia. Lydia just wants Day Thirty-Eight and then she'll be happy to go. Not a word of complaint. 'Thanks for the memories, guys! Be everyone's best friend, helpmate, and personal servant until the endurance challenge. Then leave them lying in the dirt like the dogs they are.

Cindy: Call up everything you ever knew about the way howler monkeys choose their nesting sites. While Judd is distracted by something shiny, carefully arrange his sleeping area to match the primate ideal. Given that Judd already looks like an ideal howler mate, wait for the inevitable. After this is done, lure in jaguars, crocodiles, and whatever else is handy until the rest of the alliance is disposed of. Point out the 'someone has to win' clause in your contract, which does in fact have a 'Last Contestant Alive' section. Cut four millimeters off the bottom hem of your shorts each day, because it'll help keep people from thinking. Give serious thought to telling Bobby Jon you love him, because he wants to be a Southern gentleman and if he's found that idol, all a lady-fair has to do is ask for it, right? Continue working on monograph in private: submit Judd as a new sub-species upon returning home.

Jamie: Have faith in your God-ordained right to win this game. Try to make everyone, including your own alliance members, angry enough to hit you, because whoever takes the first swing is automatically out of the game and if they all go at once, a million dollars buys a lot of medical treatments. Be absolutely confident that you can and will win every single challenge, because you are Jamie, you have been on Television in Real Shows, you know the Loud Guy is supposed to Win In The End, and besides, they said you were the male lead on the day you got cast. Beat Bobby Jon to the bowl of warm water, because hey, it'll make him look funny. Think about the number of women who adore loud, obnoxious bad boys, then have a little shiver inside. Get T-shirt rights for 'Don't hate the game, hate the playa'. Think of catchphrase to say when someone else gets voted out. 'Jeff, I have spoken' takes too long to say.

Judd: Tackle challenge of raising six young howler monkeys in an unforgiving environment. Believe your new spouse will support you in whatever you do, because you are truly loved. Revel in finally be able to speak at your normal volume all the time. Learn how to climb trees as soon as possible. Spend some time forgetting everything you knew about human manners -- there, done. Search for the light gray ticks when grooming your kids. They're tasty!


mockingbird 61 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Hollywood Squares Square"

11-07-05, 10:48 PM (EST)
Click to EMail mockingbird Click to send private message to mockingbird Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
2. "RE: whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
LAST EDITED ON 11-07-05 AT 10:51 PM (EST)


loved it, loved it, loved it! PLEASE do this post merge every season. Thanks for getting rid of my headache(and replacing it with sore cheekbones, a dry throat, and near loss of oxygen).

PostScript: I'm going to print this and take it with me to the BMV in December, and to the dentist next week.


JohnMc 2679 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Survivor-themed Cruise Spokesperson"

11-08-05, 01:40 PM (EST)
Click to EMail JohnMc Click to send private message to JohnMc Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
3. "RE: whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
If BJ wants to cause a flop, he needs to keep Danni and Gary, and then get Judd and Jamie (his arch nemesis) on his side. If they stay with Steph and Company, they go out 5 and 6. If they flop, they get at least to 4 and 5.

But if BJ can figure out that Rafe is sympathetic, then he should try to get him to come over with Judd and Jamie. Get rid of Steph, then Cindy, then Lydia (the least amount of a physical threat). Then it's an open 6 to the end, which could be VERY interesting.


Brownroach 15340 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

11-08-05, 02:51 PM (EST)
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4. "RE: whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
If they stay with Steph and Company, they go out 5 and 6.

I don't think that is true of Judd; at least, that is not the plan at the moment. Several of the players have noted that Stephenie and Judd are close. On Survivor Live, Brandon said the alliance seemed to revolve around the two of them.

Bridge for sale to highest bidder. Call 1-800-BRroach.


michel 10958 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

11-08-05, 03:08 PM (EST)
Click to EMail michel Click to send private message to michel Click to view user profile Click to check IP address of the poster
5. "RE: whats each guys best strategy from this point on"
LAST EDITED ON 11-08-05 AT 05:36 PM (EST)

I agree with you BR.
I would add that they would be stupid to join a strong team such as Gary, BJ and Danni in which they are sure to loose. If there is a flop, it will happen when only one of them is left.

Even then, they'll have to consider what is their best end game.Take Rafe for example, as he is more likely to flip than Cindy who can't bring anyone along and Lydia who would be afraid to initiate but could follow Rafe: Right now Rafe would beat anyone in F2. But if he flips and brings Danni because he follows his conscience, he would loose. Danni would have BJ+Gary's vote for sure and Steph and Judd would probably vote against the betrayer.

Any strategy has to start with knowing who you can beat in F2 and who are you aligned with. 3 players right now are in a position to determine the outcome. They are Steph, Judd and Rafe. None of the others have any power to decide. They have to hope, cajole and seize an opening if it presents itself. (or use any of Estee's marvelous suggestions!)

What would be Stephenie's strategy? She has to realize that she could only be fairly certain of winning against Judd or Jaime. She looses to Rafe for sure (and Danni or Gary if she betrays her present alliance to bring one of them along). She could plead stronger game play to the jury if she's against Lydia or Cindy but nothing would be certain. She does have to worry that keeping Jaime and Judd together might be her own downfall so I think she'll use Jaime's loud mouth to get rid of him. Her ideal F4 is with Judd, Rafe and Lydia. One tough guy who would take her if he wins F3 immunity and the two weakest players left who are part of her alliance.

Judd's ideal F4 would be with Jaime (a player who he beats in the vote), Steph and Lydia. Keeping Jaime however, would mean a lot of work for Judd as he would need to win immunities and constantly keep an eye out to avoid the boot. With Jaime gone and replaced with Cindy in F4 he can relax, be himself, let everyone bring him as F2 foil. At the end win F3 immunity, bring Steph and tell everyone she didn't deserve a second chance. A long shot but then he would already have $100000 in the bank.
Rafe could flip the game but as stated above it could cost him the votes because of spite. He knows he beats anyone in his alliance if he reaches F2 but how does he do it? Win F4 and F3 immunity is going to be tough. Waiting for F6 to boot Judd then Stephenie and then flip against Danni to go against Cindy or Lydia is a very complicated path. Sticking with Steph and hoping she brings him to F2 is so much easier.



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