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04-01-09, 07:54 PM (EST)
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9. "RE: RHoNY"
LAST EDITED ON 04-02-09 AT 09:16 AM (EST)

This is the only Housewives that I watch. The OC women all look alike and drink too much, and I can't understand the accents of the Atlanteans (and that blonde is so garish that I can't even look at her).

Kelly is a bit nuts. And I agree that her skin is distracting. Either she tans too much, has a chronic, uncontrolled skin condition, or she's always getting chemical peels. And as for her tardiness to everything, Kelly needs to know that she is disrespectful, however unintentionally, every single time that she is late. And what's this about not lending her name to charitable causes? Aside from being a good mom, there's nothing she can do with her oh-so-precious time that's more valuable. I can't imagine how she maintains close friendships with anyone.

I like Bethenny and believe her when she said she would have apologized to Kelly if Kelly had approached her differently. We've seen Bethenny apologize before when she knows she stepped over a line. That being said, get over the Kelly flirting w/ ex deal. That's why an ex is an ex. Let it go.

And speaking of letting it go, Ramona and Mario need to get over the exposure of Alex's breasts. It's really no big deal in this day and age. Surely half the people in their social set have had one misadventure or another that's made the news. I go hot and cold with Ramona. Sometimes I think she's great and funny, other times I shake my head. Mario is creepy.

And Simon is creepy too, but in a different way. Someone needs to stop them from publishing the book they're writing on parenting. After last year's finale and the holy terror their children were free to wreak at a nice restaurant, parenting is obviously something they haven't mastered yet. Bethenny's comment about them writing a book about how to crawl through air ducts to get into the best parties was funny. So of the two couples, Ramona and Mario or Simon and Alex, I would be more likely to enjoy going out to dinner with the latter.

And speaking of parenting, I have to go deal with a crisis w/ my 4 year old.
**Edited to add following**
Okay, I wanted to get back to Alex and Simon. Like with Ramona, I also go hot and cold with these two. I like Alex. She is a bit of a social climber, but I don't know many people who wouldn't take advantage of her opportunities for making "connections". Often in this world it's not what you know, but who you know. I also like how they view the world from a more middle class perspective (living in cramped quarters in their home during renovation, considering a $119.99 pool on the patio as a Brooklyn, NY luxury) while still being able to live a life that seems wealthier than most (zipping off to St. Bart's, renting a house in the Hamptons, couture for the Met). But then, they may be in debt up to their eyeballs.

Jill is a trip. I like her a lot, but she definitely lives in the world of the uber-rich. This occasionally translates to snobbiness. She seems the type, though, that if she's your friend, she's a very faithful friend who would give you the shirt off her back.

And finally Luann. Luann obviously values her position, her wealth, and her image. She has the most consistent portrayal on the show. I like that she doesn't beat around the bush, but it seems that every conversation she's in includes an etiquette lesson. I think, should the divorce finalize, she would make an excellent headmistress at a boarding school. She would turn out young ladies and gentlemen who would epitomize all the social graces (while inwardly seething with resentment).

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