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"***Push, Nevada Official Finale Sum..."
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AyaK 10422 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Playboy Centerfold"

10-30-02, 06:53 PM (EST)
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17. "huh?"
>first of all, you're an idiot.

You're probably right, I am. Why? Because I expected that you'd respond with some substantive arguments of your own to answer mine from above. Judging by your response, I must be an idiot to expect that.

>if you detest the show and production team so much
>then why do you bother watching?

Like most of America, I watched the first episode, made a judgment about it, and tuned the show out. People like me are why this show got canceled.

>i realize i'm at a strong disadvantage here because i'm not
>affiliated with your little clique of forum nerds. so i'm
>under the impression that no matter what i say at
>this point one of femme's little drones is going to
>retaliate with some type of obnoxious comment. you see, i,
>unlike the majority of you, do have a life and
>don't waste my time jumping from forum to forum desperately
>searching for the next show to critique. so friend, maybe
>you should take your own advice and "actually meet some
>other people and do some living" because i am not
>the one who is a regular here on the "i watch way too much tv"

For someone who is so disinterested and so definitely not a "forum nerd," you sure responded to me quickly enough -- it was only 4 hours after my post before you posted a reply. That doesn't look like you have much of a life, does it? What, were you just scanning the board in the hope that someone would actually pay attention to you? Or did you activate the "click here if you want to receive email when a new message is posted to this thread" option, so that you could get a little thrill every time someone posted?

Must be an exciting life that you have, apodixis. Gee, I wish mine were that thrilling. All I was doing during the time you were posting was legal research for some billionaire who's buying a sports team.

>oh, and by the way just to clear something up...i didn't
>say that her summary was tastless,

I don't know what "tastless" means. If you mean "tasteless," then I disagree: you did say it, even though you didn't use that word. Quoting you above, you said Femme's "criticism <of the show> lacks taste." Since the criticism was contained in the summary and was an integral part of it, the only conclusion is that the summary lacks taste. Let's see here: my dictionary defines tasteless as "lacking taste," "insipid," or "exhibiting poor taste." Thus, something that lacks taste is tasteless.

>i simply said that she didn't have to be so cynical towards the people
>affiliated with the show (i.e. all the female actresses). whether
>it was done purposefully or not, it just bothers
>me when girls lash out at other females because they
>are jealous of their social standing, success, lifestyle, or whatever
>the case.

I never knew that the reason I have been able to recruit summary writers on this board for two years was because "girls" (like Femme, an armed services veteran with two children) like to "lash out" because "they are jealous" of "other females." I thought they wrote these summaries for the same reason I do -- because these shows are so bad that they deserve to be mocked. Guess it's just men who have pure motives, while women act from jealousy. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of the opposite sex with us men.

>and before i leave you all, let me publicly apologize to
>the infamous femme

I think you have the definition of "infamous" wrong. Since I already have my dictionary handy ... it defines "infamous" as "having an exceedingly bad reputation." "Reputation" is defined as "the general estimation in which a person is held by the public." Please re-read this thread and see which person on it is getting slammed by the public (hint: if you can't figure it out, look in the mirror).

>for any inkling of self esteem i may have robbed you of
>by implying that you were "not attractive". i didn't
>realize that everyone on this site wanted to get into
>your pants so badly.

Well, of the other people who replied to you, Bebo and trigirl are heterosexual women, so I don't think they have much interest in the activity you suggest. The only two other people who replied to you are SherpaDave and myself, who have authority for the summaries on this site. While I appreciate that the two of us are so important in your estimation that we qualify as "everybody", I think there are a few more people around here than that.

Note, though, that if you continue posting in this vein, there will soon be one less person posting on this site.

>you'll have to excuse me for not jumping on the bandwagon, but
>i, unlike these other fools, don't need a cpu to have a
>relationship with a female... i'm doing fine on my own, thanks.

I think most of us can visualize how well a guy who makes generalizations about how "girls" think is doing on that front. Thanks for the laughs.

>and as for your little retort about me being ugly, well done,
>it was below the belt but i suppose well deserved.

Is that what you thought she said? Please re-read her quote:

>>oh, and by the way, why do girls always develop an inferiority complex when it comes to other (more attractive) women. scarlett chorvett did a fine job playing her role. just because you didn't like the character she played doesn't at all mean that she was a poor actress. and again, i must retort, if you could do any better i'm sure we would all be watching your pretty face on the screen, now wouldn't we? <<

You were doing fine up til this part. Lets not get ugly (pun fully intended) shall we?

Um, under general principles of English composition, wouldn't you conclude that the "pun" she was referring to with her use of the word "ugly" was your characterization of her as less attractive? Well, maybe you wouldn't, but I think 99% of literate English-speakers would.

Wasn't interpreting the meaning of such references part of ninth-grade English?

>i hope this clears some things up. i know i feel better already.

I'm sure that it's been a relief to you to empty so much sludge from your brain onto this board.

(Does anyone else remember the "Madame Blitzman" skit on "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" from the original SCTV?
Text and timing from “SCTV Guide”
0:13:26 Monster Chiller Horror Theatre: "Madame Blitzman"
'With Floyd Robertson (Joe Flaherty) as Count Floyd.' Tonight's thriller is "Madame Blitzman."
0:14:31 Movie: "Madame Blitzman" Part 1
As Madame Blitzman (Andrea Martin) receives an award from the Academy, she looks back on her career. She met her husband Milos (Harold Ramis) at one of his lectures, where his theories weren't received very well. They married and worked as a team.
0:19:53 PSA: Recriminalize Marijuana
A lawyer (Ted Gordon) has trouble with his case.
0:20:41 Commercial: Venerable Electric
VE research goes on. 'Our main concern is power.'
0:21:28 Monster Chiller Horror Theater: Madame Blitzman Part 2
Milos becomes increasingly irrational and is disavowed by the Academy. Madame Blitzman works to cure her husband, but her discovery that his headaches and bizarre behavior are caused by brain sludge comes too late. Floyd apologizes for the film, and promises a better one next week.

I hope that posting here has relieved your headaches for now, apodixis.

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