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"***Push, Nevada Official Finale Sum..."
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10-29-02, 06:14 PM (EST)
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14. "Bah humbug"
LAST EDITED ON 10-29-02 AT 06:16 PM (EST)

Femme, I'll write separately (but not today) about this great summary, but I just wanted to respond to this criticism from apodixis:

>however, my dear, your criticism lacks taste.

Tasteless? This summary? Sorry, but that comment is so off-base that it doesn't warrant a response. In fact, I thought that this summary was a very thoughtful review/bash of the final episode. You want tasteless, read this summary. Or go follow Ben Affleck's personal life. To say that this summary lacks taste doesn't speak well for your critical faculties.

>everyone is entitled to their own opinion, i agree, but if you could
>do any better i'm sure you would have your own show...and you don't now do you?

apodixis, you have just written a sentence that I think of as one of the dumbest recurring thoughts in the English language. Surely you can't believe it; you must just be parroting someone else's thoughts.

Obviously, there is no correlation between critical talent and original writing talent, although some people (for example, Mark Twain) have possessed both. If you want proof, watch "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," written by Roger Ebert.

But, even on its own terms, this claim is ludicrous. As anyone who has ever had any involvement with show biz knows, stars run the system. Ben Affleck is a star. He hosted "Saturday Night Live." He dated Gwyneth Paltrow. He currently dates JLo. He starred in numerous succesful and semi-successful movies. And he won an Oscar for Best Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting."

So ... Disney could make a deal with Ben Affleck that gives him an ongoing relationship with the studio, which might carry over over into the pictures he chooses to participate in ... or they could make a deal with Femme, an unknown, who has a better idea for a show but doesn't bring in the fame or the personal relationships that Affleck does. Tell you what, if you think they'd pick Femme over Ben Affleck in that situation, well ... I own a bridge in Brooklyn that I'd like you to take a look at and maybe bid on.

>i'll admit the last episode had a hint of cheese to
>it, and left a lot of loose ends, but what
>do you expect from a show that had to tie
>everything up six shows earlier then was expected? my hat
>goes off to everyone involved in this project.

Are you a relative?

>contrary to what the majority of viewers think, i thought the direction,
>writing, cinematography, and yes...acting, were all brilliant. and it's a
>damn shame that someone out there was stupid enough to
>think that a show of this genre, whose audience is
>limited to those few open-minded people left in the world
>who either enjoy a good whodoneit, or can just appreciate
>such an unconventional show, could compete with CSI, a show
>that has an established fan base of 30 million viewers.

Last year, many of us spent a lot of time bashing Disney over its scheduling of The Mole 2. As I noted from the beginning, Push, Nevada had been given a doomed time slot. Although I disagree with your assessment of the show's production values, I agree with you that it never had a chance in this time slot.

>oh, and by the way, why do girls always develop an
>inferiority complex when it comes to other (more attractive) women.
>scarlett chorvett did a fine job playing her role. just
>because you didn't like the character she played doesn't at
>all mean that she was a poor actress. and again,
>i must retort, if you could do any better i'm
>sure we would all be watching your pretty face on
>the screen, now wouldn't we?

Once again with the silly "if you could do better, you'd be there" slam. Please spend some more time in the real world, and you'd learn that life is not like that.

Having worked in Hollywood, I could tell you the amount of luck and perserverence required to succeed there, with talent only a secondary feature (unless, for a woman, the talent is sleeping with a powerful man -- ask Mariah Carey how that works and how quickly it can fall apart if you dump the guy). Looks are important (as, surprisingly, is height), but they aren't the be-all and end-all. Neither is talent.

Others have already commented on the foolishness of your characterization of Femme's looks based on her writing, and I have little more to add except that some of the most beautiful women that I've ever known have been some of the nastiest. As the saying goes, "beauty is only skin-deep."

apodixis, I hope you actually meet some other people and do some living, so that you have a chance to learn these things for yourself some day.

>just my thoughts.

Thanks for sharing them.

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