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ItzLisa 3350 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Car Show Celebrity"

05-21-01, 01:33 PM (EST)
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Gang, I'm copying and pasting something that I put up on the "Shakesvivor cast photo" thread. The thread is getting really huge, and I was afraid this would get lost in the crowd. It's really really really important, so I wanted to post it seperately!

Some discussion had come up (with awesome graphics by our own IceCat!) about if we should use our real pictures or "stage" ones for our Shakesvivor photos! Some of ya want real pics of yourselves, which I can respect, and some want stage photos, which I, too, am more comfy with. But I just have a bad feeling about real pics, which is all here in what I'd posted below. It starts off with Outfrontgirl replying to something I said, and then me elaborating (no big shocker there, LOL!!!) Here goes....

45. "RE: Shakesvivor Cast Photo "

Outfrontgirl said:
<<I was flirting with the idea of a real pic until ItzLisa made the excellent point about unauthorized users (other than Shakes).>>

***Outfront Girl, I think you were maybe not posting yet or still really new (and mostly over at spoilers) when we got on a bad foot with a couple of trolls, and they haven't left us alone since - and they've posted some truly horrible stuff, babe!

Gang, I know we're just doin' this for kicks and giggles, but I don't want any of this to come back and haunt us later in the form of a Tamia/Supermanssister. I really, truly, pretty please with sugar on top, vote for stage pictures! I know, we can all post what we want, but I just want us all to be protected against troublemakers later on! I loves youse guys, and I don't want someone horrible coming along and taking advantage of the fact that you've got your REAL picture posted here! And Supe and Vamps - just because your pics were up here once shouldn't mean you should play with fire and tempt some weirdo by posting 'em again, m'kay? Luv bugs, I only want us to be all safe later because we took this one safety measure now! This board has been particularly haunted by baddies, more than any other site I've posted at. I just want what's best for us while we get the kicks we're so richly entitled to!

W.L.S.F.C. - NY chapter

Bubbles: "Iím not gonna cry, you big dumb doo-doo-brain!"

Mojo: ď 'Doo-doo-brain'? Thatís it! Iíve had it with your sassy mouth!"

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 PLEASE READ! REAL VS. STAGE PHOTO ...   ItzLisa     05-21-01       
   RE: PLEASE READ! REAL VS. STAGE PH...   Outfrontgirl     05-21-01     1  
   RE: PLEASE READ! REAL VS. STAGE PH...   George Tirebiter     05-21-01     2  
     PPG   AyatollahKhomeini     05-21-01     7  
         Aya comes through with a summary!!!   ItzLisa     05-21-01     9  
             A true story   AyatollahKhomeini     05-21-01     17  
                 RE: A true story   Survivorerist     05-21-01     18  
                 RE: A true story   ItzLisa     05-21-01     19  
   Here, Itz   LIZZLOVER     05-21-01     3  
     SQUEEEALLLL!!!!   ItzLisa     05-21-01     4  
         RE: SQUEEEALLLL!!!!   Dakota     05-21-01     5  
         RE: SQUEEEALLLL!!!!   George Tirebiter     05-21-01     8  
             Dangermouse???   dangerkitty     05-21-01     10  
                 RE: Dangermouse???   mistofleas     05-21-01     11  
                     Disappointed...   PepeLePew13     05-21-01     12  
                 RE: Dangermouse???   George Tirebiter     05-22-01     33  
                     Dangerman   AyatollahKhomeini     05-22-01     35  
                         RE: Dangerman   George Tirebiter     05-22-01     37  
     RE: Here, Itz   ItzLisa     05-21-01     6  
         Its, Here's Yer Bonus Graphic!   IceCat     05-21-01     13  
             I LOVE YOU!!!!   ItzLisa     05-21-01     14  
             RE: Its, Here's Yer Bonus Graphic!   PokeyOkie     05-21-01     15  
                 RE: Its, Here's Yer Bonus Graphic!   ItzLisa     05-21-01     16  
                     Oops... Bad Cat!   IceCat     05-21-01     21  
                         RE: Oops... Bad Cat!   dabo     05-22-01     36  
                         RE: Oops... Bad Cat!   ItzLisa     05-22-01     38  
   Hey, Dangerkitty....   LIZZLOVER     05-21-01     20  
     I'll come whenever you call, LL!!   dangerkitty     05-21-01     22  
     Good GT pic, LL !!   AyatollahKhomeini     05-21-01     23  
         RE: Good GT pic, LL !!   Mumbo Jumbo     05-21-01     24  
         RE: Good GT pic, LL !!   Outfrontgirl     05-21-01     25  
             Trying to you, Outfrontgirl   LIZZLOVER     05-21-01     29  
             PPG v. the Beatles   AyatollahKhomeini     05-21-01     30  
     RE: Hey, Dangerkitty....   RudyRules     05-21-01     27  
     Woo-hoo!   George Tirebiter     05-22-01     32  
   Sig/Pic for Sleeeve   sleeeve     05-21-01     26  
     RE: Sig/Pic for Sleeeve   dangerkitty     05-21-01     28  
         RE: Sig/Pic for Sleeeve   desert_rhino     05-22-01     31  
             RE: Sig/Pic for Sleeeve   VampKira     05-22-01     34  
     RE: Sig/Pic for Sleeeve   VampKira     05-22-01     39  
   Is Colby's mom on the production st...   dangerkitty     05-22-01     40  
     RE: Is Colby's mom on the productio...   ItzLisa     05-22-01     41  

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