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"Posting a letter i wrote to AK of thoughts.."
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BadAs 372 desperate attention whore postings
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08-18-00, 09:03 AM (EST)
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"Posting a letter i wrote to AK of thoughts.."
(read it in context)

MB and his manipulation and Urban Myths

The Rudy doll first appeared on Mighty big TV espisode summaries, prior to the report that MB will produce Rudy DOLLS.. Urban Myth???

Is that a picture of the wiggle one in the top left corner? it has been their since week 2 as I was LURKING

the Gerv-X was never in my opinion a MB plant. I have stated all along, but this was old news and prior to registering to, that the GER_X was just a routine webmaster error. I explained it away, because the episode GERV _X came out was also the episode GERV won Immunity. A weak conclusion, could be that webmasters were informed that GERV would not be voted off and could prepare a non X picture for that weeks episode. GERV_X was first reported by my very own and was spread to the AP by the Whitlock group here in Richmond VA as a scoop. The webmaster was a Lurker of SS.COM and saw the CAPLOCK thread. He tested it and posted the validity of the claim on his own site and Informed the AP wires. I saw the original because I was working on my own companies website, and was doing links to . It was a Tuesday if I remember correctly. the same day it hit the AP wire site went down to "FIX" or cover up the problem. What lead credence to the Gerv-X theory was the next weeks "#####-up: by the web master posting the summary that Greg gets booted. These two incident were NOT, MB related. The phenomenon exploded due to the AP news stories. MB had already fucked up the editing and gave out the TC9 pic in espisode (3?). MB's manipulation Began after the popularity of skyrocketed due to Gerv-X. MB noticed the ( 5 for 5 ?)correct guesses and threw in the fake final 4 as well as out of sequence time line editing of the show.

the popularity of a Rudy wins did not come into major effect until after Gretchen, GER_X and Colleen were booted. GMA However, did do the Rudy/GERV final 2 and the next week or two later GERV was gone. Stacys reports have been ambiguous as far as a correct timeline of people being booted. She lead people to believe in a wrong pick one week. (archive but that is way to much of a needle in a hay stack). Stacey's bitterness does lead credence to her thoughts but even being an attorney how could she afford the LEAK damages, unless she became a Part of the MB Misinformation campaign. some say that she found a loop-hole in the contract. Bullshit, no ##### way CBS suits would have made that air tight. Stacy is skating without giving correct timeline info. Anything truthful she would say would lead to an injunction of the radio station. Therefore, many leaks of misinformation are circulating. (SEE thread of FLOW of future LEAKS-BA)

To sum it all up, MB didn't play the game until Gerv-x, and Gerv-x was a wake-up call and he needed to get into the cat and mouse game. Urban Myths such as Rudy doll and Stealing FOOD? (a Stacy Boot espisode Comment?) have taken a life of it own. TIE vote has been a YES. NO, YES for weeks. First on Larry king live NO ties.(not sure of timeline pre/post Gerv-x info) Then after gerv-X Probst says NO. Then on an chat (?) MB says YES to a TIE vote. has been predicting or speculating a tie for the last 4-5 episodes. Is their a TIE or is this now an Urban MYTH created by MB. If I could place the Larry king Live quote and date it as prior to GERV_X then I would say yes their will be a TIE. (MB not into the GAME theory until GERV_X hits AP)

Not knowing that I would ever have a chance to post, I didn't save URL's or makescreen prints of all the article and info I read. Hindsight, I could Prove witch articles and timelines that are probably correct and what is MYTH.

I think there are only two valid final 2 contestants. Kelly & Rudy. I cannot see any way that sue or rich are in the finals due to the "dynamics" of IC and 2 TC's before the final vote. Too much speculative evidence leads them to a 3rd/4th place finish.

either RUDY or KELLY take the MILL.
A close Jury vote could swing into Ruby's favor. BUT the famous "don't call me/ handshake" end game quote could be interpreted he lost the final vote.

any thoughts people???



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