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"Thanks Miami..."
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PepeLePew13 25960 desperate attention whore postings
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11-16-12, 06:20 PM (EST)
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10. "RE: Selig reviewing trade."
Biggest reason for the hold up is the number of players who were overseas and needed to get back to Toronto or Florida to pass physicals -- Reyes, for example, was in Dubai and it took a while to get him to fly out. During the season this wouldn't have taken too long as all the players would have been in town in a matter of hours.

And there's more... Add Melky Cabrera to the roster. Not the best character guy I'd like to have around but he solves a bunch of issues for the Jays in that he fills the LF and #2 slot in the batting order and he also upgrades the roster. Instead of the potential of a Rajai Davis-Emilio Bonifacio platoon in LF with Mike McCoy backing up Izturis/Bonifacio at 2nd, we now have Melky at LF, Rajai as backup, Bonifacio/Izturis at 2nd, and Izturis as a super backup at 2B, SS and 3B, with McCoy looking for a new job. Big upgrade even if Melky doesn't hit like in 2012. Having Bonifacio as backup CF improves over Rajai being Rasmus's backup as well, so we've got much greater OF flexibility in case of injuries.

Now all we need is a manager. Manny Acta, please!

Bet John Farrell is now thinking, "My dream job is actually in Toronto!". Sorry, you lose.

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