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"2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #..."
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09-11-12, 11:22 AM (EST)
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"2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #..."
All picks due by 7:50 p.m. EDT Thursday, September 13th.

So once again, the determination of this country's citizens to sit back and risk absolutely nothing in the way of sacrifice has allowed a theocracy to seize power. Kudos. I'm sure the lightning strikes will be very invigorating. That's right: Newsomewayne wound up with the ability to Go For Two -- or force you to, because he is now allowed to inflict his playing morals on you. Also, you are no longer allowed to have a fantasy football team because it's legally considered to be cheating on your real one. See what happens when you keep going passive? Take action while there's still breath in your bodies!

...yes, I realize some of you now have a problem with that part.
NFL blankets: now with smallpox infestation


tomahawks come in boomerang models? (who knew?)


when you fire the chicken from the bow, it flies back and goes for your eyes


No credit in the Casino for me this year.

seriously: there are no spoilers


neck movement inhibited? all movement stilled

Five gone. In the first week.

So much for those 'obvious' choices, huh?

By the way, this week's Only Just award goes to anyone with the team that didn't remember what Going For Two meant. Nice work, Cleveland. I'm sure AyaK was very thankful for his glimpse of the nothing, which is also known as 'the interior of your coach's skull'. And VisionQuest had a vision of impending death. I'm sure it'll turn out to be true.

Very soon now.

Chicago at Green Bay
Kansas City at Buffalo
Cleveland at Cincinnati
Minnesota at Indianapolis
New Orleans at Carolina
Houston at Jacksonville
Oakland at Miami
Arizona at New England
Tampa Bay at NY Giants
Baltimore at Philadelphia
Washington at St. Louis
Dallas at Seattle
NY Jets at Pittsburgh
Tennessee at San Diego
Detroit at San Francisco
Denver at Atlanta

Very, very soon.

GFT ranges: Byoffer: 30 -- AyaK: 26 -- NewsomeWayne: 9 -- Molaholic: doesn't matter.

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 2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #...   Estee     09-11-12       
   Arizona   AyaK     09-11-12     1  
   Question on the Go for 2.   newsomewayne     09-11-12     2  
     RE: Question on the Go for 2.   Estee     09-11-12     3  
   Arizona   sittem     09-11-12     4  
     RE: Arizona   aethelstan     09-11-12     5  
         RE: Arizona   Estee     09-11-12     6  
             RE: Arizona   Estee     09-16-12     22  
                 RE: Arizona   aethelstan     09-17-12     25  
   Tampa Bay   kidflash212     09-11-12     7  
   Chicago   Starshine     09-11-12     8  
   Week 2: Jaguars   tribephyl     09-11-12     9  
   RE: 2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: We...   Jims02     09-11-12     10  
     RE: 2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: We...   Estee     09-11-12     11  
   Detroit   byoffer     09-11-12     12  
   Arizona   bullzeye     09-12-12     13  
     RE: Arizona   Max Headroom     09-16-12     24  
   St. Louis Rams   newsomewayne     09-12-12     14  
     And the power...   newsomewayne     09-16-12     23  
   Tampa Bay   VisionQuest     09-12-12     15  
   RE: 2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: We...   Snidget     09-12-12     16  
   Jags   Scuba Steve     09-13-12     17  
   Tampa   Estee     09-13-12     18  
   Tampa Bay   Max Headroom     09-13-12     19  
   St. Louis   cqvenus     09-13-12     20  
   Arizona   PepeLePew13     09-13-12     21  
   RE: 2012 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: We...   Max Headroom     09-17-12     26  

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