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"Week #7 NFL Complaining Thread."
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cahaya 19712 desperate attention whore postings
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10-24-11, 00:50 AM (EST)
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10. "RE: Losing his game religon."
LAST EDITED ON 10-24-11 AT 01:23 AM (EST)

This guy is fantasy torture. I had him in one FF squad to sub for Brady (on bye) and another squad to sub for Rivers with Vincent Jackson on Revis island and Gates playing a few snaps.

So, the game's almost over. First and ten at their own 20 with 5:23 to burn on the clock, down 15 to zilch and Tebow has put up some yardage but naught else for a gawd-awful 6 FF points (he was projected at 12, so it's not a huge loss).

Then the clouds parted and the football gods took pity on him. Suddenly errant balls find their targets, would-have-been sacks become 20 yard scrambles and another pass finds its target cruising into the end zone. Ok, it's 15-7 and the fantasy score is now slightly above projections, so anyone playing him as a bye week filler can say they got their money's worth, even if it's not a lot.

But that's just the beginning. An improbable onside kick sees the football gods sending the ball into the hands of a Denver player and Tebow gets a bonafide, if highly improbable, chance to tie the game with 2:41 left. And here we go again, all the way down to the red zone where yet another pass finds it mark. 15-13. Now, what were the standard statistical odds for a successful 2-point conversion?

No worries. The football gods part the Dolphin Sea and Moses Tebow strolls through virtually untouched. Boom. 15-15.

In the span of five and a half minutes, Tebow has gone from being bottom 5 to top 5 QB's for the day, doubling his projected FF score.

After another five and a half minutes in OT, the football gods waffle as the teams see-saw on the field. Then they intervene and force a Matt Moore fumble within extreme field goal range. Fifty-two yards of it. The kick is guided by the gods through the uprights to give Tim his righteous rewards for never failing to worship them when all seems lost.

(eta a bonafide complaint) I forgot to mention the devil, incarnated in the form of coach Shanahan. After the FF pundits play up Torain all week ("should totally romp against the league's second worst run defense"), Shanahan shows the FF pundits who's the real boss and Torain sees no action until late in the game. And then Torain contributes a grand total of -0.5 FF points on five yards of losses. That's right, negative 0.5. The righteous Tim set things right on this score, though, with his extra good points more than making up for the devil's Shanahanigans.

And, yes, I can thank Tim and his football gods for contributing to a pair of victories on the FF field this week.

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