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"2011 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #3"
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09-20-11, 06:21 AM (EST)
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"2011 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #3"
All picks due by 12:30 p.m. EDT, September 25th.

Have we all started to figure out what we're doing? Are the valves opening and closing on rhythm? Has the eternal pass/run debate worked itself out with 'I can't do either within the confines of an urn?'

Well... not all of you got that far.

didn't remember Chronos


do you have any idea how much cholesterol is in lasagna?


still dead


Which at least means y'all managed to drop the first week's attrition rate, but it's not as if anyone could keep that up for long. And that means it's time to turn your attention to the following forest full of bear traps.

Oh, and one snare.

Houston at New Orleans
NY Giants at Philadelphia
Jacksonville at Carolina
New England at Buffalo
Miami at Cleveland
San Francisco at Cincinnati
Denver at Tennessee
Detroit at Minnesota
Baltimore at St. Louis
NY Jets at Oakland
Kansas City at San Diego
Arizona at Seattle
Atlanta at Tampa Bay
Green Bay at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Indianapolis
Washington at Dallas

Oh, I'm sorry -- were you planning on taking the Sunday night game this week? Take it up with Cahaya, because for the first time, someone is not getting body-bagged with an unused power in their corpse's possession: that game has officially been hit by a Lockout. The rest of you can select from any team you personally have left as long as you don't take the Steelers or Colts. Cahaya is stuck with his pick of those two.

Maybe I should save a lot of time and combine this with the complaining thread. I'm guessing we're about to get some complaints.

Live with it. Or, y'know, not.

Let the whining begin.

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 2011 NFL RTVW Suicide Pool: Week #3   Estee     09-20-11       
   Colts lockout   cahaya     09-20-11     1  
     RE: Colts lockout   samboohoo     09-20-11     2  
         RE: Colts lockout   bullzeye     09-20-11     3  
             RE: Colts lockout   cahaya     09-20-11     5  
   Minnesota   Scuba Steve     09-20-11     4  
     RE: Minnesota   HobbsofMI     09-22-11     13  
   Kansas City   aethelstan     09-20-11     6  
   Chiefs   ARnutz     09-20-11     7  
   Buffalo   LeftPinky     09-21-11     8  
     RE: Buffalo   samboohoo     09-21-11     9  
         RE: Buffalo   cahaya     09-21-11     10  
         RE: Buffalo   ARnutz     09-25-11     23  
             RE: Buffalo   cahaya     09-25-11     24  
   Kansas City Chiefs.   Max Headroom     09-21-11     11  
   St. Louis   samboohoo     09-21-11     12  
   New York Giants   Molaholic     09-23-11     14  
     RE: New York Giants   LeftPinky     09-25-11     19  
         RE: New York Giants   Molaholic     09-25-11     20  
   Kansas City   Snidget     09-23-11     15  
   Kansas City   dragonflies     09-23-11     16  
   Buffalo Bills   VisionQuest     09-23-11     17  
     RE: Buffalo Bills   VisionQuest     09-25-11     21  
     RE: Buffalo Bills   Estee     09-25-11     22  
   Buffalo   minitroll     09-24-11     18  
     RE: Buffalo   Max Headroom     09-25-11     25  
         RE: Buffalo   LeftPinky     09-25-11     26  

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