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"Let's Have Our Own Little Vote..."
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SoCalSteve 18 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "Got Milk? Spokesperson"

08-06-03, 02:47 AM (EST)
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43. "RE: There's has to bee something be..."
>I was foolish enough to watch
>the finally, thinking that no
>way in H"" Dat Phan
>will win. I have
>friends in hollywood and im
>going to find out, but
>i'm sure that this all
>was arrange for Dat to
>win. I just don't
>have words right now to
>describe the disappointment for the

There is NO doubt in my mind that the producers had Dat picked out as soon as they knew that he was the guy who answers the phone at the comedy club that he worked at. This was very obvious that the light went on in the producers mind as soon as they found out. First name basis shows suspicion.
If NBC happens to read this... I for one...will never watch his show, or buy anything that has his name on it.
Has everyone in Hollywood gone ZEN????
What the HE!! happened????
And by the way.... I wonder what kind of show he will come up with.... oh yeah... that's already figured out...Corey came up with it.... GOOD LUCK NBC.....
Maybe FOX can hook Dave, Ralphie, and Rob for a GREAT show... just a thought...


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 Let's Have Our Own Little Vote...   Survivorerist     07-30-03       
   Rich Vos   Survivorerist     07-30-03     1  
   Cory Kahaney   tvgeek401     07-30-03     2  
   Cory Kahaney   IceCat     07-30-03     3  
     4. rich vos   protest_the_hero     07-30-03     4  
         RE: 4. rich vos   anyonebutralph     08-03-03     31  
   Cory   Bebo     07-30-03     5  
   Cory Kahaney   AZ_Leo     07-30-03     6  
   Cory   Lisapooh     07-30-03     7  
   Dave! oh shoot   Drive My Car     07-30-03     8  
   Rich Vos   etfitz     07-30-03     9  
   Cory Kahaney   Bucky Katt     07-30-03     10  
   Dat Phan... I'm serious.   EnglProf     07-30-03     11  
   Cory   Yazimodo     07-30-03     12  
   Ralphie   Mistral     07-30-03     13  
     RE: Ralphie   Mara     07-30-03     14  
         RE: Ralphie   anyonebutralph     08-03-03     26  
             RE: Ralphie   SurvivinDawg     08-03-03     28  
                 RE: Ralphie   anyonebutralph     08-03-03     30  
                     RE: Ralphie   SurvivinDawg     08-04-03     32  
                         Let's keep discussion on topic...   IceCat     08-04-03     33  
                             RE: Let's keep discussion on topic....   anyonebutralph     08-04-03     34  
                                 RE: Let's keep discussion on topic....   Freak1nR1can     08-05-03     41  
                                     Why is Dat appealing?   anyonebutralph     08-06-03     42  
             RE: Ralphie   Clemsonsteve02     08-03-03     29  
     Yep! Ralphie!   theking0075     08-18-03     47  
   Cory Kahaney   okdebi     07-31-03     15  
   Ralphie May   SurvivinDawg     07-31-03     16  
   Ralphie   survivorscott     07-31-03     17  
     Vos   mochiba     07-31-03     18  
   RE: Let's Have Our Own Little Vote....   triednottowatch     07-31-03     19  
   Cory Kahaney   Majic Mitch     07-31-03     20  
   Ralphie May   munson     07-31-03     21  
   rich vos   canadianbadass     07-31-03     22  
   i'm canadian and i voted   canadianbadass     07-31-03     23  
   Dat Phan   Drifter2     08-01-03     24  
     RE: Dat Phan   Freak1nR1can     08-05-03     39  
   Rich Vos   ejm92     08-01-03     25  
   Cory Kahaney   djandy     08-03-03     27  
   Rich Vos!   jewelz10     08-05-03     35  
   Cory   Lolly     08-05-03     36  
   Ralphie...   LibMom     08-05-03     37  
   Ralphie May   Freak1nR1can     08-05-03     38  
     Dave!   JBrew     08-07-03     44  
   There's has to bee something behind...   Freak1nR1can     08-05-03     40  
     RE: There's has to bee something be...   SoCalSteve     08-06-03     43  
   Dat Phan   SpankDaMonk     08-14-03     45  
     RE: Dat Phan   mochiba     08-18-03     46  
   RE:Ralphie May   StormieKnightz     06-10-04     48  
     RE:Ralphie May   tcwscott     06-21-04     49  

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