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"Wife Swap Christians vs. Atheist"
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SteveCaddel 4 desperate attention whore postings
DAW Level: "American Cancer Society Spokesperson"

01-13-07, 01:20 AM (EST)
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5. "RE: Wife Swap Christians vs. Atheis..."

This is Steve from the show. I read your blog and wanted to fill you in on a few things. A total of 12000 minutes were filmed and edited down to 44 minutes. Only 22 minutes for each household. That is 99.65% of the footage is not used. You made lots of assumptions in your blog that are simply incorrect.

Did you see when BM enters our home and says that my kids are the offspring of the devil. She had not met my kids, she just saw a picture of them. As you saw from the show, they look fairly normal. She was judging us before she even met us.

The part where I cried was not in reference to the bible. That scene was actually filmed 3 days on rule change day. Big Mamma (her actual nick name that she uses. Jinxi started out calling her Karen, but the kids kept telling her it was Big Mamma)told me during rule change in front of my kids:

1. I was the worst father she had ever seen
2. I should not be allowed to be around my kids
3. That I was not a real man because real men work OUTSIDE the home and that I don't provide for my family.(I work part time as a Real Estate Agent from home and full time at our internet business). I did not sleep for 3 days straight during filming because I had to take care of our business at night, because BM would not let me work at home, I had to go to my Real Estate office instead of run our home business. We lost thousands of dollars because of that. I would get done at 6 in the morning when the crew would show up to start filming. On top of that I am a dad full time. Neither Jinxi nor I have missed a single school function for our kids. We are home all day with our kids. When they are on vacation from school we are here with them for the entire month. How many families have that, both parents home with the kids. We work, but our office is in our living room with the kids.
4) She had asked me during our party with our friends (party only lasted 30 minutes due to filming schedule). She asked me after 15 mintues of meeting my tattooed friends and a few gay friends if I was scared that they will rape my kids will I am not looking. How would your like it if someone asked you that about your best friends? Would it upset you? Would you defend them? For all I knew that would make it in the final show. I was pissed at her for that just like anyone would be.
5) She said throughtout the filming, but especially during rule change that Jinxi is a disgusting mom that looks gross and ugly. Should I have let that go and not been mad. If someone said that about your spouse would you be upset?
6)She said that my house was the home of the devil and that my friends needed a morality lesson after 30 minutes of meeting them.
7) One of her rules was to teach my 12 year old daughter to be a "good wife and serve her man" I did not want that crap taught to my daughter. Would you?
8) She told me atleast 20 times that I was going to HELL.

After all that I told her she did not know what the hell she was talking about and I called her a bad name. That is when I went upstairs and cried. Notice I told her, "you hurt me by what you said, but I should not have hurt you back" Her reply was I am her to help you. Meaning share God with you. That was her whole purpose. Look in the interview posted on ABC website. Jinxi says she is doing the show to learn from another family and BM says she is doing it to share the bible and JC, not to learn.

This is just a sampling of what she said about my family during filming.

It was 3 days later of living her ridiculous Man Law rules and her not letting my kids have friends over because friends are evil and making my daughter clean the whole house by herself. BM did not do it.

I finally had enough and challenged Man Law,and cleaned my house. It was disgusting. Three of the crew members could not even come in the house because the cat hair had built up so much because she was not vacuuming. They were sick outside on medication for their allergies. As a consequence for cleaning I was taken to the mall down the street from our house without knowing what was going on and BM handed me a bible and told me to preach like a preacher from it. Friday night at a busy mall with lights, cameras, and a crowd watching you in front of Quiznos preaching on a crate. I was pissed. Let me ask you. If I was Jewish or Islamic or any other faith would it have been acceptable for her to make me do that. Make an Islamic person preach from the bible in front of his neighborhood shopping center. NO it would not. Everyone would be pissed. Because I lack a belief in a god it is ok. Well it was not. BM gave me and my family NO repect so I had had it and threw her prcious bible in the trash.

I did go to church with her right after the preaching part. It was a youth BBQ. I have been to many of those as by brother is a Southern Babptist Minister. We all had a great time, but it was not a church service. Again, if I was Islamic, would it be ok for her to make me go to her church to learn her way. NO it would not. The show nor anyone else would of done that to a person of another faith. Because I lack a beleif in god,then it is ok. WRONG. I spoke for 15 minutes about how I wish they had sent a Christian like Pastor Dean from that church. He was a nice guy and respected me and my kids, unlike Big Mamma. I know that not all Christians are like BM, as my brother is not like that.

We had long long talks about the bible and our feelings. That would be very boring TV. TV is about sound bites. 10 seconds to get your point accross. Me, Jinxi, BM and Darrell all talked a lot about the bible, it just did not make into the show. It would not fit the stereotype of an atheist. I even lead nightly devotions with BM and the kids. 30 minutes every night talking about the bible with the kids and BM. I even preperred the lessons for the devotion. Again, not shown, it would have shown us respecting BM and her beliefs. Damn we even sang songs after one of the devotions. All of my friends came back even though I had told them what BM said about them raping my kids and sat respectfully for a morality lesson. We sat in a cirle of about 20 adults with their kids and read versus from Psalms with Big Mamma. Again, they respected her even though they had no benefit and had been called dirty rapist by BM. Would your friend come back for a morality lesson if they had been treated like that.

Again, she disrespected me and my family. I have no repect for her. She was an mean person. After she said those mean things to me, I had had enough of her. Again, if I was Islamic and she wanted to push her religion on me it would not be ok. It would have been disrespectful. Oh wait, atheist don't count as far as getting respect. For your information, my kids do know the bible. Jinxi and I have both read the bible many times. We read it everyday. We read Christianity Today magazine, we listen to Christian radio (Kwave). We do this so we can keep up on what is going on in the Christian religion. You see we lack a faith in a god, but we are always learning more about many other religions. I give respect when I am given respect. I let her get the best of me and I regret that, but she deserved no respect from me. Oh and we teach our kids about the bible, we just do not teach them to believe in it. That is for them to decide when they grow up.

Did you see my kids disrespect her. I did disrespect her, but again she was on a converting mission and did not care what she said about me. I mean trying to get my 10 old to pray and indoctrinate him is wrong. Especially when I am out of the room. Or is it just ok because I am an atheist. My kids are great kids and treated BM with respect. Was it ok to repeatedly tell me I was going to hell in front of my kids or ask me if I was afraid my friends would rape my kids in from on my kids. My kids heard all that. It just did not make it on the show.

BM took down every peice of artwork in our house. Did not make it on the show,and she even lied when she said she did not at the table meeting. They did not show my response telling her that she did take down all our art and she then said she meant when she first came into the house. After rule change she took it all down. Was that disrespectful.

Jinxi took their iconography down because they had forced their religion on her from the first few seconds. Here Jinxi here is a Christian Bible. Then an hour later making her go to church at some hotel room because the Lawrences church did not want them to do the show because it was evil and would not let them film in the church. She had to get up and talk in front of a room of strangers and say she was an atheist. They all new. She was alone and most of them were mean to her, not all, but most. What about when Darrell tells his son to shut up he is just going to ask a stupid question. Was that a good thing for a father to tell his kid in "church" I think not. They made Jinxi pray over the food as it was cooking. Jessica even told Jinxi about a time that she cooked a meatloaf and she forgot to put an egg and salt in it and god put the egg and salt in to the meatloaf. Jinxi had to pray over the food so it would taste good. Jinxi respected them and did it. Jinxi took part in nightly devotions every night at there house. None of which was shown, because it would have shown respect. They forced their religion on her and so she took it out of the house so they could see what it feel like to have someone do it to them. Did you notice Darrell said that it is in their heart and they don't need it. Well he needs to teach his kids that. I mean Ceasar did it way back when and people still had God and Jesus in their hearts. They just did not like it when it was reversed and they had to live the way Jinxi had been living.

Jinxi cleaned their toilets, cleaned their house, did their laundry, cooked their food (all of which BM does not do, the kids do it. Read the manual)
What should we have taken from this. All they had to offer was religion and Man Law. You say Man Law is rediculous and it sounds as though you are against forcing religion on others. We know more about Christianity than BM. She told my son that she has not even read the bible. She likes to read Psalms. Well who doesn't. I mean it is all great stories. She did not know what she was preaching. I knew far more than she did about her own faith. So I ask what should we have taken away from the show. All they wanted to teach was their religion. Again, if we were Islamic, that would have been unacceptable. The stuff about spending time with our kids and working too much was all editing. We both work from home. We took our kids to Disneyland over 25 times last year. We have lifetime memberships to the LA Natural History Musuem, La Brea Tarpits, and Getty Art Museum. We have not missed a single exhibit at any of these museum since we started going. We do lots with our kids. Who would not want to work from home and see their kids 8 hours after school everyday. It was all editing to fit the story, just like BM looking like a stay at home mom. Read the Manual on ABC.

I would also like to talk about the drums for my sone. We were already buying him drums for Christmas. He asked for them and the ones he wanted were $800.00. Regardless of having the money, we do not just go and buy our kids an item that cost $800.00 just because they ask for it. Our kids live in a 4000 sq. ft. house with all the amenities a kid could ask for. Yes we do spend money on tattoos. That is our hobby to do as a couple. Many couples go out to dinner every week, or the movies or something else. We go and get tattooed once or twice a month. Yes our tattooes cost us about 35000, but that is over 8 year between two people. That is only a few hundred dollars a month for our entertainment. Is that so excessive. I know lots of people that go out to dinner and spend that in a weekend. We do not. We don't buy expensive clothes, we don't have two cars, we get tattooed. NO differnet. WE just wanted to buy the drums for Christmas, not just because he asked for them.

You should go to the ABC website and read the manual for BM. It talks about how the kids do not have friends, cannot go outside, the woman cannot be out after dark, including BM unless she is coming home from work. You see BM does work. The show did not show that, but it is on the website. She works in a bank. Mon- Fri leaves home at 8 and gets home at 7 and Saturday 8-1. Darrel works Mon-Fri 9-6. We work from home and can stop work anytime we need to for our kids. Jessica and Amber are the ones who clean the house. They do the cooking. Jinxi had to go upstairs after dinner to rest because that is what BM does. So home at 7 eat and then go lay down in bed to rest. So for her to say we do not spend time with our kids is crazy. The show was edited like that. Look at the manual and you will see that she works and what her kids do around the house. They did not have any books or art supplies in that house. They are not allowed to wach TV (they think demons will come out of the TV and take over their bodies - its in the manual go and read it on ABC website).

Did you notice how happy BM was that Man Law was loosened. So if it was so horrible, what were we suppose to learn from it?

Like I said there were 12000 minutes so you do not know what we talked about with each other. We learned more after the crew had gone home for the night than during the filming.

So again, I ask what should we have learned from the Lawrences. On my side it was Man Law and forcing their religion on my family. On Jinxi's side it was Man Law and not trusting your kids enough to allow them any freedom. Force to cook and clean. Darrell even called his girls hoochies. Was that a good lesson for Jinxi to learn? They did not have much to offer. I understand that you do not know all fo these things, but you should try and find out before posting a blog for all to read about something you know nothing about. Jinxi and I have recieved thousand of emails about this show. 98% of them positive. You should have simpliy googled Jinxi if you had questions. She is right there, for the world to see and ask. Thanks for your time. I hope you have learned that reality TV does not reflect the reality of those who are on the show.

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