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"FOMO Game - Week Three Results / We..."
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Spidey 6259 desperate attention whore postings
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01-23-04, 01:04 PM (EST)
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"FOMO Game - Week Three Results / We..."
LAST EDITED ON 01-23-04 AT 01:06 PM (EST)

Buh-bye, Stephen. It’s been fun (again.) You only hoodwinked TWO of our players, who received negative points for the week and will have to pick a new FOMO by next week. And poor kyngsladye, a CorbinFOMO from last week, did not post this week and is executed!!! L

Our weekly winners, with 7 of 8 possible points for the week, are: munson, tambo, tvgeek401, spyhunter and AugustGirl. Congrats!!!

Our overall leader, after 3 weeks, is: tvgeek401 with 17 Points. Way to go! But don’t look now, there is a whole pack of DAWs on your tail.

Also, welcome to our LAST new players: a77u12a, brvnkrz and stuefis. I am sorry, no more new players will be accepted.

Answers to Week Three bonus questions:

1. Will Ahmad wear a hat of any type this week?

2. Who will sit on either side of Ahmad during the first meal shown? (NAME TWO PLAYERS - One point for each correct pick)
Stephen and Keisha

3. Will anyone flatly refuse to participate in a game?

4. Who will win an exemption this week? (One name only, “none” is an acceptable answer. )

5. Will The Bachelorette run over (past 10 p.m. EST) and cause those with Tivo to miss the execution?
NO, but did anyone notice American Idol went til almost 9:10 Monday night?

Week Three Scores (wk1) then (wk2)
An (x) means you had not yet joined the game that week.
A * by your score means you didn’t post this week. You got your “keep” bonus though. Come back! What, do we smell? (Well, it worked last time!)

Gold FOMOs (17)
a77u12a (x) (x) (3)
Bebo (4) (5) (5)
Bert (2) (-5) (3)
buckeyegirl (4) (3) (6)
cardwiz2002 (x) (2) (6)
Jims02 (4) (4) (6)
Keae (2) (4) (5)
LeftPinky(4) (4) (6)
munson(4) (3) (7)
shuiheart(4) (4) (5)
Survivor Maniac(4) (5) (5)
survivorscott (4) (6) (6)
Tambo (x)(3) (7)
tanneu7 (3) (4) (5)
Tiger Lily (2) (4) (2*)
tvgeek401 (4) (6) (7)
Yogi (2) (4) (4)

Keisha (“Rudy”) FOMOs (7)
brvnkrz (x) (x) (3)
Chrissy gal (3) (5) (4)
djandy (x)(0) (2)
Estee (2) (6) (6)
GTmike (0) (4) (6)
Spyhunter (x)(2) (7)
yensid (2) (5) (5)

Rodman FOMOs (3)
cyclehausen (4) (-4) (3)
I_AM_HE (2) (-7) (4)
magic_star (2) (5) (2*)

Curry FOMO (14)
Ahtumbreez (3) (2*) (2*)
AugustGirl (4)(4) (7)
DebCapsFan (4) (2*) (6)
ejm92 (3) (2*) (5)
joannie (4) (6) (6)
Loree (2) (3) (6)
Molaholic (4) (3) (5)
realityluver (3) (2*) (6)
PapaBear (4) (5) (2*)
PlumBlossom (2) (4) (5)
sleeeve (4) (5) (4)
Spidey (2) (4) (6)
Stuefis (x) (x) (5)
tribephyl (3) (4) (6)

Baldwin FOMO (2) – You Must Pick a NEW FOMO this week or face execution!!
gizmo_ber (3) (3) (-3)
Steen (4) (5) (-5)



17 Points

16 Points

15 Points

14 Points
Survivor maniac

13 Points

12 Points
Chrissy Gal

11 Points

10 Points

9 Points

8 Points
Tiger Lily

7 Points

5 Points

4 Points

3 Points

2 Points

1 Point

0 Points

-2 Points


Ok, now remember, in your subject line put
Keep if you are sticking with your FOMO,
Change if you are changing your FOMO even tho’ (s)he was not executed, or
New only if your FOMO was executed**,
then the name of your FOMO
**If your FOMO was executed and you use CHANGE, I might miss that fact and give you another 5 point change deduction. So let’s have none of that, shall we?


1. Will Angie curse at or make an obscene gesture toward anyone this week?

2. Who will be the first to “perform” in the SECOND game of the episode? (If it’s a team game, there may be more than one correct answer, dep. on circumstances)

3. Will any of the players turn down an exemption this week?

4. How much, if any, money will be deducted from the pot this week? In-game penalties (like simultaneous chickens, or pay to peek at the belt) do NOT count if they net money on the game. (Must come within $2K. $0 is an acceptable answer.)

5. Who will be the first player to use the word “Mole,” (aside from re-caps of previous eps.)?

Good luck!

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Table of Contents
  Subject     Author     Message Date     ID  
 FOMO Game - Week Three Results / We...   Spidey     01-23-04       
   Keep: Keshia FOMO   Estee     01-23-04     1  
   KEEP GoldFOMO   a77u12a     01-23-04     2  
   Keep - CurryFOMO   PlumBlossom     01-23-04     3  
   Keep - Keisha FOMO   Chrissy gal     01-23-04     4  
   Keep Curry FOMO   joannie     01-23-04     5  
   Keep - Rodman FOMO   I_AM_HE     01-23-04     6  
   Keep: Keshia FOMO   brvnkrz     01-23-04     7  
   NEW- CURRYFOMO   gizmo_ber     01-24-04     8  
   Keep-GoldFOMO   munson     01-24-04     9  
   Keep CurryFoMo   Molaholic     01-24-04     10  
   Keep - CurryFOMO   AugustGirl     01-25-04     11  
   Keep KeshiaFOMO   spyhunter     01-25-04     12  
     RE: Keep KeshiaFOMO   spyhunter     01-28-04     39  
   keep~GoldFOMO   tvgeek401     01-25-04     13  
   Keep- CurryFOMO   Stuefis     01-25-04     14  
   Keep: Keshia FOMO   djandy     01-25-04     15  
   Keep: Gold FOMO   buckeyegirl     01-26-04     16  
   Keep - CurryFOMO   Loree     01-26-04     17  
   Keep CurryFOMO   realityluver     01-26-04     18  
   NEW~Rodman FoMo   Steen     01-26-04     19  
   KEEP GOLD FOMO   cardwiz2002     01-27-04     20  
   Keep GoldFOMO   Survivor Maniac     01-27-04     21  
   Keep Gold Fomo   survivorscott     01-27-04     22  
   Keep-CurryFOMO   tribephyl     01-28-04     23  
   Keep Gold FOMO   Keae     01-28-04     24  
   Keep-GoldFOMO   Yogi     01-28-04     25  
   Keep Gold - FOMO   LeftPinky     01-28-04     26  
   Keep - GoldFOMO   shuiheart     01-28-04     27  
   Keep Gold FOMO   Bebo     01-28-04     28  
   Keep Keisha FOMO   yensid     01-28-04     29  
   Keep FOMO Curry   DebCapsFan     01-28-04     30  
   RE: FOMO Game - Week Three Results ...   Jims02     01-28-04     31  
     ^ Keep - GoldFOMO   Jims02     01-28-04     33  
   RE: FOMO Game - Week Three Results ...   ejm92     01-28-04     32  
   Keep-Rudy FOMO   GTmike     01-28-04     34  
   Keep: Curry FOMO   Spidey     01-28-04     35  
   Keep GoldFOMO   Bert     01-28-04     36  
   Keep: Rodman   magic_star     01-28-04     37  
   Keep-GoldFOMO   Tambo     01-28-04     38  

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