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"All My World's Turn Ep 6"
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"All My World's Turn Ep 6"
The Doublewide

“Let’s get outta here sleeeve.” Nightscribe through an angry glance at Jizzy and Mandy. “I knew we shouldn’t have come here.”

“Hey she’s my wife and if she said she ain’t ever seen you, she ain’t ever seen you. So get out of here before I call the police.” Jizzy drawled.

Sleeeve threw up his arms, “ Hey, we don’t want any trouble, but she is our mother. Why would I have her picture otherwise.”

“I don’t know why you have her picture but you ain’t her kids. She only has my child.”

Mandy cleared her throat, avoiding their eyes, “Please do as my husband says and leave. I am sorry but you are mistaken.”

Nightscribe pulled Sleeeve away, “Let’s go.”

Buggy’s house.

Detective Bebo, Buggy and Nailbone were hovering over Mon Cherie as she came too. “What, what is going on? I don’t understand this.”

“Honey I have called Sheila, you are going to have the best defense. You couldn’t be more wrong about this Bebo.” Buggy asserted.

“Yes Bebo, Mon Cherie may have had some problems in the past, but she is no killer. I would think you should know that. My God, what are you thinking? Nailbone demanded angrily.

Bebo pulled herself up confidently, “The evidence speaks for itself. I don't have to explain this to you. Mon Cherie, let’s go.”

Mon Cherie dragged her feet, “But I am innocent! I swear I am. I didn’t kill my Mother!” Mon Cherie was near hysterics.

Bebo snorted, “That’s what they all say."

Survivorerist’s Bar

I AM He looked at Moonbaby, “Why shouldn’t I ask Mon Cherie out? She is a nice girl and we always get along. The two of you are great friends, has she said anything bad about me? Is there something I don't know?”

“No that’s not it. It’s just, don’t you think it’s too soon after her mother’s death?” moonbaby pleaded.

I AM He took a swig of his beer, “Actually, I think it’s a perfect time. She needs all the friends she can get.”

Crimsyn ran through the door, breathless. “Oh my God guys, you aren’t going to believe this. I have to sit down. Oh my God.”

“What is it?” I AM HE and Moonbaby said in unison.

“Mon Cherie was arrested. I think for her mother’s murder.”

They looked shocked, “WHAT???”

Crimsyn took a deep breath as GeorgiaBelle came over, “What’s going on?” GeorgiaBelle asked.

Moonbaby said in a shocked voice, “We think Mon was arrested for her Mother’s murder.”

GeorgiaBelle shook her head, “No way, didn’t happen. You guys know that she couldn’t do it.”

Crimsyn continued, “All I know was that I was driving by Buggy’s and the police were there and she was in handcuffs. She was screaming I didn’t kill my Mother. They were putting her in the cruiser. I can’t believe this, I am shocked by this.

“Shocked by what?” Sleeeve asked.

The Police Station

“Has she been fingerprinted?” Bebo asked?”

Canada Girl nodded, “Yes and she is in a holding cell.”

Buggy came rushing in, “Where is she?”

“She is in a holding cell Buggy. You can have a few minutes with her, but that’s all.”

Buggy thanked Bebo and followed Canada Girl to Mon Cherie’s cell, “Mon Cherie, everything will be ok.”

Mon Cherie looked up, her cheeks tear stained. “I didn’t do it Buggy.”

Buggy reached through the bars and smoothed back Mon’s hair, “I know you didn’t. Sheila and Nightscribe are going to be your attorneys. We all believe in you.”

“Has Sami been called.”

“Nailbone stayed with the kids and he was going to try to find her.”

Mon Cherie smiled, “Ok. When can I get out?”

Sheila walked into the holding cell area, “Hi Mon Cherie. How are you?”

“I want to go home.”

“Unfortunately, not tonight. I talked to Bebo, and right now it doesn’t look good. You have access to a lot of money and may be considered a flight risk. You have to be prepared for that.” Sheila stated

Buggy interrupted, “But she won’t go anywhere. ANd I control that money, she won't go anywhere.”

“It doesn’t matter. I am just stating the facts. We don’t know what evidence they have but we will find out soon. But Mon, we will fight this. Now I am going to leave you while I go talk to Bebo. But remember, I am here for you.”

Mon Cherie smiled weakly, “Ok Sheila, thanks.”

Buggy’s phone rang at that moment, “Hey sweetie” Superman’s voice came over the line.

Buggy tried to keep her calm, “Yes?”

“I need to see you.”

The DoubleWide

“Hey Mandy, you sure you don’t know those people?” Jizzy asked.

Mandy hugged him from behind. “I am sure honey. I have never seen them before in my life. Northernlights is down for her nap.”

Jizzy leered at her. “Yeah?”

“She’ll be asleep for a while.”

“Baby, I knew I loved you from the moment we met.”

The No tell motel

“It’s about time you got here Sherps. I thought I was going to have to call your wife or something.” Sami said.

“I wasn’t sure if I could get away. But Sheila got called away.” Sherps said, taking his jacket off and looking around nervously.

“Don’t worry, there are no cameras this time. Can I get you a drink?”

“Yes I need one.”

“Sherps honey, I don’t want us to be enemies, just friends. Of course friends with benefits. And you know what a good friend I can be.” Sami unbuttoned her blouse and walked closer to him, “You know how good it can be. Come on, touch me.”

Sherps knew what he had to do. He took her in his arms and started caressing her. Sami reached up and kissed him deeply, Sherps responded. He couldn’t help himself. He picked her up and laid her out on the bed, kissing her passionately when her phone rang...

Katem’s apartment

Buggy knocked on Katem’s penthouse door. “Katem, I am looking for Superman.”

“Hello Buggy, you know why can’t you be nice to me?”

“Shut up. Where is he?”

Katem called out, “Oh brother dearest! You have a guest.”

Superman came to the door, “Come in Buggy. I need to speak to you alone Buggy, lets go in my bedroom.”

Buggy followed, suspicious of what he wanted. He closed the door behind her. “You are looking luscious tonight.” He told her.

Buggy put on an air of nonchalance, “What can I do for you Superman?”

He smiled and stepped closer, “Well, I haven’t been with you in so long, we could do that.”

“No way. What do you want.”

“I hear my daughter has been arrested. What’s going on?”

“What do you care.”

“I care, ok. Tell me.”

Buggy sat down on the bed and told her all that had happened. She concluded by saying, “How did you know about this anyway?”

“I have my sources. And I am happy you control my daughter's money. You are the prefect choice for that."

Buggy looked at him, "Ok, what do you mean by that?"

"Well, in case I need some extra funds, I know you can help me out."

"I will not!"

"Hey, how's Jedi doing?" Before Buggy knew what was happening, Superman leaned over and kissed her passionetly.

Buggy pulled back and jumped up, “What are you doing?”

“Kissing you. Oh Buggy, I have missed you.” Superman looked deep into her eyes, “And I can see you missed me too.”

Buggy opened the door to his room and went to the front door. “In your dreams Superman, in your dreams.” Buggy left fast, her heart pounding away. His kiss affected her more than she wished to admit. She drove home quickly and was greeted at the door by nailbone.

“Hey hon, how is she?” Nailbone, concerned, asked.

“Oh nailbone, it’s a mess, the whole thing is a mess. Please take me upstairs and make love to me.” Buggy pleaded.

Nailbone kissed her and led her up the stairs.

The Police Station

“Mon, I just heard.” Sleeeve came rushing to her cell

“Oh Sleeeve, what are you doing here?”

Sleeeve reached his hands through the bars and grabbed her hands, “Mon, I know you are innocent. I had to come see you.”

“Thanks sleeeve.”

“How are you holding up.”

“I am as well as I could be. I just don’t understand what they could have against me, what kind of evidence they might have. I am racking my brain. But I don’t have an alibi.” Mon said, squeezing his hands.

“Where were you?”

“In the park. Remember, that’s when I first saw you, but I had been there for at least an hour alone and I didn’t see anyone.”

Sleeeve pulled her closer to the bars. “I will help you in anyway that I can.”

Mon Cherie smiled, “But sleeeve, why?”

Sleeeve placed his hands on the sides of her face and leaned close, kissing her sweetly. “That’s why.”

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